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Start and Grown your Online Business with Digital Markting techniques from Avinash Chandra

How can you drive 10X traffic to your Business ONLINE?

If you’re like me, you probably get annoyed at all the “fairy tale” business growth articles out there. These articles claim that it is easy to start and grow a business online. As if having a Business idea and building an online business with customer engagement & traffic is a child’s play.

It usually goes something like this:

  • “I had a Business idea.”
  • “So then I built it online!”
  • “Presto! Customers just thronged my website!”
  • “I earned millions of Dollars Online!”

And the author ALWAYS skips over all the hard parts to make business ideas succeed online. Supposedly it helps them look smarter than they are.

But that’s not the truth.

Getting online results is hard, earning money online is much more challenging. It’s like putting together a 100 piece puzzle! And you are not even given all the parts!

In my many years as a business leader and digital marketer, I’ve spoken with hundreds of people just like you to help them build a business or sometimes just an audience.

As a result, I’ve gotten to know your struggles intimately. I know the hurdles you’re going to face before you face them.

I know what’s challenging you right now and what you struggle with.

If we decide to work together, I will help you overcome the struggles you’re having.

How to Build Traffic Online?

Learn How to Grow a Business Online by getting 10X Traffic

Why You Need 10X Traffic

Why you need traffic to your website. What you should do with the traffic once you get it. Yes, after working with me you will get the ideas.

Monitor yous Traffic Stats regularly for Business Growth

Check Your Traffic Stats

Learn how to check you traffic stats regularly. Make it a habit and monitor what is working for you and what is not.

Drive Business Growth with Content marketing strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

Learn about why you need a first rate content marketing strategy. Learn how the pro’s do it.

Grow your Business with Free & Paid Tools For Content

Free & Paid Tools For Content

What image creation tools do the pro’s use? Where do you get free images? Can you use images from other sites? What about licenses?

Attract Customers by Creating Popular Content for Growing Business

Create Popular Content

Find what people in your niche want to read. TIP: Its a science not guesswork! Read people’s minds and write content that gets shared!

Business Growth Mantra for Getting Better CTR

Get Better CTR

How to find content that people want to read. How to write compelling head lines. Learn how the pro’s do it.

From tiny startups to massive companies, all are leveraging these steps!

Learn to Grow Business fast with White Hat SEO Techniques

White Hat SEO Techniques

Learn about multiple White Hat SEO techniques that can land your online business on page one of Google search results.

Grow your Business with Internal & External Linking

Internal & External Linking

Should you reference to competitive authority sites? How to reference authority content? All about internal & external link building.

Learn How to Grow a Business by Enhancing its domain authority

Domain Authority

What is domain authority? What is page authority of your online Business? What you can do to improve your domain & page authority.

Measure your social impact to Grow your Online Business

Measure your social impact.

Tools to measure social impact of your online business. What tools do the pro’s use. Free & Paid tools that you can use.

Learn How to Grow your Business by increasing Social Engagement

Increase Social Engagement

How to share content the right way on social media. Find the best times to share your content for your niche. Find the best social media platform. The pros and cons of all popular platforms.

Grow your Online Business with Page Speed Optimization

Page Speed Optimization

A slow site will rank poorly and infuriate users. Google rates user experience highly. Page performance speed is key for the success of your online business!