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Personal Branding to Build your career or Get your dream job


If you’re like me, you probably get annoyed at all the “work hard and get promoted” or “work hard and succeed” advises out there.

They make it sound so easy.

As if hard work is the panacea for all the challenges, you have on the job or business. Aren’t we working hard already?

If you are in a job, you will be told to finish your job on time and to do more than what you are required to do as a way to get your dream job or promotion.

Like it is a child’s play.

If you are a fresher and hunting for a job (in your dream company), you might be told that you will get your dream job if you study hard and go to a Top Institute.

  • “I am passionate about _________.”
  • “I had a dream job.”
  • “So I studied hard and went to the top B-School!”
  • “Voila! I just got my high paying dream job!”

Is it really that simple?

Let me set it straight.

All the “work hard” recipes are out there to get a desired, manageable and a normal behavior from you.

Organizations just want a minimum desired behaviour from you. All the talk of company culture etc. is to ensure that you fall in line.

If you are out there – to fall in line by – working hard, believe me, you are just trying to be at the front of a very looong line.

Others are doing the same.

So what are your chances that you will be the winner at the end of the day?

All the hard work recipes for a promotion or to get the dream job does not help you explore and realize your full potential. These methods are built to help an organisation get its job done.

So here is the truth.

Getting your dream job is hard. It’s like putting together a 100 piece puzzle! And you are not even given all the parts!

Why is Personal Branding

the Ultimate Career Building Technique today?

In my many corporate years as a marketing and business leader, I’ve spoken with hundreds of people just like you. People are trying to get promoted. People are trying to find their dream career by working hard.

Most people I know have worked hard. And most of them have not yet found the position or remuneration they were looking for.

As a result, in my many years, I’ve gotten to know your struggles intimately. I know the hurdles you’re going to face before you face them.

I know what’s challenging you right now and what you struggle with your career.

My personal branding techniques are the ultimate Career Building steps. This is my response to the struggles you’re having, and I hope it helps you in Branding Yourself.

By Branding yourself and creating a vision for your future you can:

  • Get a better job (New or a Promotion)
  • New leads and contracts for your business
  • Introduction and recognition in the Industry and much more………

How to do Personal Branding?
My Career Building Personal Branding Technique!

Build personal brand with Online personal branding course

Clarify your Purpose

You are much more then what you think you are and do for living. After following my steps you will get this straight.

build your presence with personal branding course

Build Your Presence

You need to be out there on social networks and with your website. Learn how the pro’s do it.

Be a thought leader with personal branding course

Be a Though leader

Learn how to express yourself and speak your mind. Make it a habit and monitor what is working for you and what is not.

Get 10X friends with personal branding course

Why You Need 10X friends

In this world, you need friends. You need people whom you can talk to and share your thoughts. Yes, after following my steps you will get them.

check traffic stats personal branding course

Check Your Influence Regularly

Learn how to check you Influence regularly. Make it a habit and monitor what is working for you and what is not.

Learn to drive thought leadership with online personal branding course

Driving Thought Leadership

Learn why you need to have an opinion on things that has an impact on your world. Learn how the pro’s do it.

Learn to communicare with visuals with personal branding course

Communicate with Visuals

Images speak much more then what words can. Learn how Pro’s do it with free tools.

Learn to share your opinion with online personal branding course

Share your opinion freely

Share your opinions in lucid formats by understanding what people in your niche wants to read. TIP: Its a science not guesswork! Read people’s minds and write your opinion content that gets shared!

Get better views online with personal branding course

Get Better Views

Identify the true friends, who really value your thoughts. Write the right content that people want to read. Learn how the pro’s do it.

From Sales & marketing guys to to CEO’s, CFO’s, all are using these steps.

Feature on page 1 of Google with personal branding course

Feature on page 1 of Google

Learn about multiple White Hat SEO techniques that can land you on page one of Google search results.

Be in the company of greats with personal branding course

Be in the company of greats

Build comraderie with other influencers of your industry. Connect with them freely and stay in touch to build a better place.

Build Authority of your website with personal branding course

Build Authority of your website

The authority of your blog or website is a certificate of your strength in the world. Learn how to build it up without sacrifising your peace of mind.

Measure your social impact with online personal branding course

Measure your social impact

Tools to measure your social impact. What tools do the pro’s use. Free & Paid tools that you can use.

Increase Social Engagement with personal branding course

Increase Social Engagement

Learn to share your thoughts on social media to build engagement with your target audience. Find the best social media platform to build your profile.

Delight your audience with personal branding course

Delight your Audience

Learn to speed up your website and delight your audience. Something which will be rewarded by Google.

Why Personal Branding Must be your Focus

Your professional world is hyper-competitive today. To stand out in this competition is quite difficult.

Over decades many businesses have used this strategy to stand out from the crowd. The approach they have used is Branding.

Individuals have started using that method today, and several of them are quite successful in using Personal Branding as a way to stand out from the crowd.

Want to know the best part:

Personal branding is the key that could help you get your dream job. It does not matter if you are looking for your first-time job or seeking a promotion.

But here’s the kicker:

Like it or not you are a personal brand. It exists all the time, irrespective of what you do; want it or not. Your Personal Brand is essentially what you do and how you do it. As an individual, if you can decide to magnify it and reap its benefits.

So what is Personal Branding?

Personal Branding is a method of establishing yourself in the eye of your peers, supervisors and clients by following marketing & promotion strategies. It is all about establishing yourself as a thought leader.

Well, it used to be difficult to do that in yesteryears as traditional marketing (in newspaper, TV, etc.) used to be an expensive affair.
Several Business leaders, medical practitioners, Politicians, Actors and unknown individuals have built their personal brands. Their personal branding strategy used to be primarily driven by Word of Mouth. They used to establish themselves as thought leaders, and people use to follow them.

The organisations associated with them have reaped significant benefits due to the power of their personal brand.

Why do you need Digital Marketing Strategy for Personal Branding

You must be wondering:

You are already there on most of the social networks, and occasionally you also publish on Linkedin. So why the hell you need to learn digital marketing strategy for personal branding.

Here’s the deal:

Personal Branding is not a one time, ad-hoc exercise. To build your thought leadership and credibility in the ever connected world today you need to do much more. Just writing a blog or two is not sufficient. Being on social media is undoubtedly not enough to qualify you as a personal brand.

So What do you need to do now?

Identify Your niche.

Here is the first question you need to answer. I can help you learn digital marketing. But I am certainly not the go to person if you want to build thought leadership in Rural Supply Chain or Indirect Taxes or GST or Naturopathy.

Well, please read between the lines above, you got to choose a niche. You can’t just be a thought leader in Finance as that is a too broad field.

Genuinely help others

Becoming a thought leader is a great objective to have, however. It is easier said than done. You need to help others by anticipating what help they need and provide them on time before others do that. If you take care of this will start building your personal brand franchise.

Here’s the deal:

Your Manager HR and CEO will love you for your personal branding as you will be much more efficient as a brand ambassador for the organisation.

Personal Branding: A Requirement to get your next Dream Job

Increasingly companies are looking for their business builders online.

They are no longer restricted to just look at the CV or take an Interview.

Now they are doing research online and trying to form a viewpoint by what they see online.

If you are working round the clock to get your dream job or looking for a promotion, you have a better chance if you build your thought leadership online.

Is this crazy:

Why companies are checking online presence

Employees who are digitally connected tend to be more supportive of the organisation vision and growth objectives. These employees who invest in personal branding:

  • Are 27% more likely to feel optimistic about their company’s future.
  • 20% more likely to stay with their businesses.
  • and 40% more likely to believe that their business is competitive leading to better performance.

How Employee’s personal branding supports an organisation

Employees personal Brand is stronger than the organisational Brand itself:

  • The brand message shared by an employee on social media gets 561% extra reach compared to brand’s social media account.
  • Message on Social media by an employee gets re-shared 24 times more frequently than the brand’s social media channels.
  • Content shared by employees receives eight times more engagement than content shared by brand channels.
  • Leads generated through employee’s social media activities are seven times more productive.
  • Socially active sales personnel outsell 78 percent of their peers.

Now you know why Personal Branding must be your focus!

From Sales & marketing guys to to CEO’s, CFO’s, all are using these steps.

FAQ’s on Personal Branding

Personal Branding is a method of establishing yourself in the eye of your peers, supervisors and clients by following marketing & promotion strategies. It is all about establishing yourself as a thought leader.

Personal Branding is a method of establishing yourself in the eye of your peers, supervisors and clients by following marketing & promotion strategies. It is all about establishing yourself as a thought leader.

Consider the steps above or get in touch with me for personalised plan.

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