Multiplication Bundle – Organic Traffic Multiplier Model

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  • Organic Traffic Multiplier Model +
  • BONUS 1: Self Audit Course
  • BONUS 2: Competition Audit Course
  • BONUS 3: Stealing Competition Traffic Course
  • BONUS 4: Keyword Research Course
  • BONUS 5: Content Creation Mastery Course
  • BONUS 6: On-Page Search Optimisation Course
  • BONUS 7: Domain Authority Building Course
  • BONUS 8: Customer Trust Building Course
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Multiplication Bundle - Organic Traffic Multiplier Model 99,999.00 Original price was: ₹99,999.00.9,999.00Current price is: ₹9,999.00. inc. GST

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Multiply & Grow Your Business Without Spending Any Money on Online Ads?

“How to 10X Your Organic Traffic AND Increase Your Reach, Impact, and Influence to Grow your Business Online.”

As The Founder Of BrandLoom, I Was Able To Look Behind The Scenes Of:

Hundreds of websites & their analytics data…

Here’s What I’ve Learned (New Research):

The Single Biggest Secrets To Sustainable, Profitable, and Long lasting Business is Organic Traffic To Your Website
…You Get it without paying ANYTHING!

From: Avinash Chandra

There is a big difference between having a website

and having a website that has organic traffic and is actually making money (wouldn’t you agree?).

As the Founder and CEO of BrandLoom, I have a rare opportunity to see behind the scenes of hundreds of websites, see what’s working, and what’s not working.

Recently we analyzed over 5000+ content websites, and 1000+ ecommerce websites run by our customers…

Trying to find a pattern of what made some websites successful, while others flopped.

As you can imagine, this was NOT a quick or easy process.

We drew a lot of connections, but a lot of them ended up leading us into some big “dead ends…”

But then something cool happened…

As I Kept Digging and Analyzing and Discussing,

A Set Of Patterns Emerged…

And what we found shocked us! We found that it had almost NOTHING to do with:

  • What type of product you are selling…
  • ​What did your website design looked like…
  • Or even what you were selling!

But instead, it had everything to do with your ability to:

  • Understand what your visitor is looking for……
  • Create content that meets visitors’ information need…
  • Communicate with the people who visited your website…
  • ​Understand how to tell your brand’s story… (mastering “story selling”)
  • ​How well you can use the fundamentals of persuasion to build rapport with your website visitors…
  • ​Change your company from a “transactional” business into a “transformational” movement!

They Had Mastered The Art Of Being An Expert (Or Guide) To Their Dream Customers…

And Then Helping Them To Achieve The Results That Their Business Promised…

Many people get nervous when they hear me say the word “Expert…” because they don’t consider themselves an Expert.

For those who are thinking that I want to remind you that your website is your way of communicating your expertise.

By positioning yourself as an expert and learning how to tell your story in a way that gets people to move, you are able to guide people through your funnels, giving them the results they are looking for.

Think About Every Article That I have Written on My Websites… I Am Always Your Guide Walking You Through Each Step:

Think about almost every client of mine, and then go and look at their websites.

  • What do you see on their sites?
  • ​Who greets you on their pages?
  • ​Who makes the content that explains you, why should you purchase the products or services they sell?

YES! In every case, it is the “Expert” or guide who has mastered how to communicate with people who enter into their funnels!

I believe that your business is a calling.

You’ve been called to serve a group of people with the products, services, and offers that you’ve created.

People come to your site looking for a solution to their problems.

By positioning yourself as an expert and learning how to tell your story in a way that gets people to move, you are able to guide people through your content, giving them the results they are looking for.

This is how you change the lives of your customers, and this is how you grow your company.

Most people who put their products up for sale don’t understand that their expertise is the key to actually selling the product.

Your story, why you created this offer, and why you started your movement are what initially get people to convert and then continue to stay with you over time.

I spent seven years taking everything I have learned studying these sites and the movements on Google SERP, and broke down what I found into 9 courses that will help you to turn your online visitors into lifelong customers!

Learn about SEO and understand how it all works

SEO Training strategies used by Londons Leading SEO agency

How to see all the keywords your competitors are targeting

How to build high quality SEO backlinks that move the needle

Find out how I used internal links to rank on page 1 for a MASSIVE keyword

Learn how to structure and optimise your website to rank on page 1

How to find the best keywords to target for your website

How to find 100s of content ideas for your blog

Master technical SEO and outsmart your competitors

How to deal with a negative SEO attack

What else you’ll learn

The how and why of self-sustaining profitable online businesses: You’ll gain a deep perspective on what makes a self-sustaining and profitable online business. How and why all such businesses are driven by organic traffic. Content Optimisation for search engines based on user needs works wonders for businesses. You will build an understanding of everything from the drivers of user-centric content to creating amazing website content to taking advantage of the powerful ways in which you can optimize your website for search engines.

Mastering the technical stuff: I’ll help you with all the technical setup and know-how required to hit page 1 of Google like a professional marketer, including an in-depth understanding of tools, search engine optimization, customer psychology,

Setting up your website, show notes, and more: I’ll teach you how to get your content optimized, including developing FAQs, finding a website or blog for your backlinks, and submitting your pages to the Google search console.

How to launch your online platform to generate credibility in the market: Learn how to effectively promote and market your platform on social media, guest on other sites in similar niches, write amazing blog posts that draw in readers when your write one, and maintain your content brilliance for years to come.

Organic Traffic Accelerator Curriculum

Launch Orientation Video (9:32)
How The MindLitt Organic Traffic Multiplier Really Works (12:26)
MindLitt Organic Traffic Multiplier Model (17:13)
Website Traffic Sources - Introduction (33:36)
Website Traffic Sources - Choosing Organic Traffic Objectives (6:49)
MindSet & Skills - 4 Skills To Master (18:04)
MindSet & Skills - Self Discovery Process: Audit Own & Competition Traffic (4:21)
MindSet & Skills - Self Discovery Process: Audit Own Traffic (10:30)
MindSet & Skills - Self Discovery Process: Audit Competition Traffic (10:24)
MindSet & Skills - Analyse Customers Expectations (12:50)
Setting up Traffic Goals (6:03)

How To Setup for Long Term Success (32:30)
How To Identify Your Topics & What to Communicate with Keyword Research (17:25)
How to create winning content (16:35)
How To Build Website Authority (24:29)
How to Optimise website content (17:15)

Elements Of A Top Website Generating Organic Traffic Online (6:15)
Top Recommended Tools To Build Sites with Large Organic Traffic (12:47)
What You Can Expect On This Journey (13:38)

Now With Live Q&A Sessions and Professional Support

With the MindLitt Organic Traffic Multiplier, we combine our best-selling course with live, direct support from Team MindLitt every week.

Working through an online course can be a lonely experience, which is why we’ve created this guided experience. Each week, the MindLitt Team will lead you through the curriculum as well as host two live sessions to support your journey to traffic and authority.

We’ll help you stay on track to finish the course while also offering you live support through expert question and answer sessions and more.

You’ll get to connect with your fellow students as you collaborate in your own MindLitt discussion forum. You will ask questions, share your progress, support each other through roadblocks, celebrate wins, and get to the finish line.

Here’s what you get in the MindLitt Organic Traffic Multiplier

Tested Course Content

Lifetime access to the MindLitt Organic Traffic Multiplier® course (a ₹ 99,990 value).

Many have taken the course, and the content is regularly updated as the SEO landscape changes. It’s always there in case you have a question.

A Zero-to-Launch Plan

All you need is a will to learn and a commitment to do the work.

From zero to thousands of visitors, we’ll take you step-by-step in your journey.

Live Instruction

Weekly live sessions help you stay motivated and make consistent progress.

We have working sessions, Q&A, and networking built in, so that you’ll get to know your fellow students and build friendships that endure long after the course ends.

MindLitt Community

Our interactive forum helps you stay on track between sessions.

Ask our instructors questions, get feedback on your ideas, and offer encouragement to your classmates. After the course ends, you have ongoing access to the MindLitt community forum, and the weekly sessions.

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What equipment/tools will I need to complete the program?

At the beginning of the course, you will only need a computer and an email account. We will walk you through your options of various free and paid tools to complete the course.

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    May 22, 2023
    Avinash Chandra's Multiplication Bundle - Organic Traffic Multiplier Model Course is a must-have for internet entrepreneurs. The course delivers extensive insights on how to expand your internet business sustainably, with precise tactics for growing organic traffic.

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