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The pandemic has us all scrambling for activities to be occupied with. Here are the best entrepreneur movies to watch, for those binging on Netflix or obsessed with streaming platforms. Get motivated with these films while your business awaits a resurrection post-COVID19. Here’s a serving of inspiration to keep you focussed during these tough times.

Our pick of Top Entrepreneur Movies

We dug into some of the classics that go back ages to the modern-day cinemas that tell stories of success and perseverance. Are you ready for some quality movie time? Let’s go!

Actually, there are plenty. It’s time to Netflix and on Chill on some of the best picks of movies that speak to entrepreneurs. These have a slice of inspiration served with a hint of drama and dark humour.

#20- Dolemite is My Name


An unconventional movie, this one is based on the life of the performer Dolemite. He is considered to be a rap pioneer and the maker of Blaxploitation films. Eddie Murphy plays Rudy Raym Moore, a hustler trying to make it big in the show biz.

Like The Full Monty, this film deals with many controversial topics. But most of all, it is a positive story about people struggling to make something of their lives. The movie is one of the best performances of Eddie Murphy. Murphy dips into character with his charm and grit and makes it his own.

The movie shows that, if you have the right team and enthusiasm on your side, you can achieve your dreams. The film was nominated for Best Motion Picture in Musical or Comedy category and Best Actor( for Murphy) at the 77th Golden Globe Awards. Catch this one on Netflix original today.

#19- Glengarry Glen Ross

2 Glengarry Glen Ross top entrepreneur movies

Considered a cult classic, this film shows how cut-throat competitiveness within a business often turns out to be detrimental to everyone. Starring Al Pacino and Jack Lemmon, the film swirls into the dark side of corporate competition. It portrays two days in the lives of four salesmen at corporate training. They are told that in a week, only two of the best will keep their job.

What ensues after is a cautionary tale about how not to manage your team. Glengarry Glen Ross has lessons aplenty for business owners.

#18- The Aviator

18 The Aviator inspiring movies for entrepreneurs

One of the most memorable movies, starring the legend Leonardo di Caprio is full of glitz and glamour alongside tinsel town drama. The movie is based on Charles Higham’s book Howard Hughes: The Secret Life. The film sways between the life of Howard Hughes, who is an aviation legend as well as a flourishing filmmaker. But all doesn’t go well as his obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) gets the best of him.

The story of the remarkable life of entrepreneur Howard Hughes is an exploration of the idea of genius and madness. However, it is also a story of passion that drives a man to explore new frontiers, which entrepreneurs can
relate to.

The epic was directed by Martin Scorsese and featured the gorgeous Cate Blanchett and Kate Beckinsale alongside DiCaprio. It is truly one among the best entrepreneur movies you can watch.

#17- Rocket Singh Salesman of The Year

17- Rocket Singh Salesman of The Year entrepreneur movies on netflix

This humble Indian movie too makes a statement entry into this list. This Ranvir Kapoor starrer is a great movie about resourcefulness and the importance of people who actually make a business. The film is a comedy-drama; a perfect blend to portray a tough topic without boring the audience.

The movie exerts the concept of customer satisfaction for long term achievements in business. The film narrates the story of Harpreet Singh Bedi, an average graduate who joined a large corporate who wants to do things right.

Things take a wrong turn when he doesn’t play by the ruthless games of big businesses. The man goes to build his own company, the Rocket Sales Corporation. He makes business about principle and transparency and not overnight success.

The story is heartwarming, light-hearted and will put a smile on the face as you finish. It shows how important it is to serve your customers instead of just running a business. The movie has an important lesson in sustainable growth.

#16- Office Space

#16- Office Space movies entrepreneurs must watch

If you thought your office drama was the height of it, Office Space will have you thinking otherwise. A dark comedy, the movie captures the soul-sucking monotony of the corporate world like no other. In the end, Peter, the protagonist leaves the drudgery behind to start his own business. This is something that most entrepreneurs can relate to.

The movie features all the frustrations and the unusual ways in which corporate sometimes work. The film even has a rap score which makes it a laugh riot at times. It’s a movie most corporate workers can relate to and is also an inspiration to entrepreneurs.

#15- The Devil Wears Prada

#15- The Devil Wears Prada netflix entrepreneur movies

A great take on the world of fashion, it is a movie about pursuing your dream and ultimately identifying what matters in life. It is a gentle takedown of the superficial nature of glamour- while being memorable and light-hearted. Featuring the legendary combo Anne Hathaway and Merryl Streep, this movie never gets old. The movie is about a young girl who tries to make it big in the highly competitive and exhausting fashion world.

The movie is glamourous, sweet and has a happy ending. It prioritizes building value instead of chasing the bright lights. It’s the perfect balance of ambition, the initial struggle and final triumph that we all are too familiar with.

#14- Manthan

#14- Manthan best entrepreneur movies in hindi

Who can forget the incredible story of Amul? Manthan is one of the best entrepreneur movies from India. Directed by Shyam Benegal, Manthan literally translates to “churning”. This 1976 Hindi movie is based on the milk cooperative movement pioneered by Verghese Kurien. It takes us back to the period of the white revolution in India.

The movie shows us how a small co-operative was set up; and how it grew up to be one of India’s most beloved brands. If you ever need the inspiration to build something- watch Manthan.

The film is also a great showcase of crowdfunding with 500,000 farmers donating Rs.2 to the making of the movie.

The title song of the movie (“Mero Gaam Katha Parey”) was later the soundtrack for an Amul commercial. The film won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi and National Film Award for Best Screenplay in 1977.

#13- Erin Brockovich

#13- Erin Brockovich best hollywood movies for entrepreneurs

It is a movie Based on a true story starring Julia Roberts as Erin Brockovich. This movie talks about the importance of building a sustainable business. The story is the fight of Erin Brockovich against a large energy corporation, the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E).

It champions the cause of ethics and the environment but also talks about why it is important to back your team members in the face of challenges. It will especially resonate with women, who often face many issues and are expected to be “nice” instead of ambitious.

The film is one of Julia Roberts’ finest performances. It won her the Academy Award, BAFTA, Golden Globe Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, and various critics awards for Best Actress. No one can forget the image of Julia Roberts with a kid on her hip from the movie poster.

#12- Guru

#12- Guru entrepreneur biography movies

Inspired by the story of Dhirubhai Ambani, Guru shows how passion, street-smarts and eagle-eyed focus can help you build a business. It is also a story of commitment to stakeholders, which is almost never talked about.

Aside from the phenomenal story, it has an ensemble cast of Abhishek Bachan and Aishwarya Rai, and directed by the favourite, Mani Ratnam. The music is also in a league of its own with phenomenal music by ‎A. R. Rahman.

#11- The Founder

#11- The Founder best movies entrepreneurs should watch

This is the story of McDonald’s, the world-famous fast-food giant. Michael Keaton stars as Ray Croc, who ruthlessly took over the business from the original founders. It is a grim look at the reality of the world of business, but it is captivating and acts as a warning for naïve entrepreneurs.

This 2016 biographical comedy-drama portrays a glittering performance by Micheal Keaton who nailed the role of one of America’s most influential businessmen. This is one of the best entrepreneur movies for those who want to make it big in the industry.

Top 10 entrepreneur movies

Now to the crème de la crème. Don’t miss these!

#10- Jerry Maguire

#10- Jerry Maguire hollywood movies for entrepreneurs

No one likes it when you try to change the system. Jerry Maguire is a portrait of this ideology and how one man decides to change it all. Based on a real-life sports agent, this movie is about the passion for entrepreneurship and how to build up your dream from scratch. Jerry strikes out as an independent sports agent and represents a client deemed too risky and unpredictable.

The protagonist Jerry Maguire is played to the T by Tom Cruise. It stars Cuba Gooding Jr. and Renée Zellweger in lead roles as well. It is a fairy tale story and contains some of the most memorable movie lines of all time.

“Cuba Gooding Jr.’s “Show me the money” is one of them.

The movie is a heartwarmer and transcends ages. You could still watch it today and feel so relatable.

#9- Band Baaja Baaraat

#9- Band Baaja Baaraat top inspirational movies for entrepreneurs

Indian weddings are one big fat fad, and many leading movies and TV shows have made it their premise. It all started with Band Baaja Baaraat starring Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma.

Two street-smart people start a wedding planning business in Delhi. The story shows that if you can identify a demand gap in the market and take smart decisions. And there, you can achieve your dreams.

It also talks about the passion for creating something and knowing your customers. Small business owners can relate to it. One cannot forget the catchy song “Ainvayi Ainvayi” that resounds in our mind even after the movie.

#8- Baby Boom

#8- Baby Boom top ten entrepreneur movies

This was the girlboss movie before “Girlboss”. Baby boom is a 1987 film. The lead JC breaks away from her unsupportive boyfriend and boss to start her own business and is immensely successful. In the end, she refuses to sell her business and instead, continues to lead it. At the same time, it shatters the stereotype that women “cannot have it all”. JC gets a good boyfriend and is happy with her adopted daughter while being a successful entrepreneur.

Working women and mothers who want to strike out on their own will find it especially inspiring. Starring Diane Keaton, the movie was nominated for two Golden Globe Awards.

It’s also a very entertaining watch, and Diane Keaton has done an exceptional job in displaying every shade of emotion the character feels.

#7- The Full Monty

#7- The Full Monty top 5 movies for entrepreneurs

We are not surprised that most of the corporate genre movies are comedy based. How else can one sell the monotony? Adding to this list is the 1997 British classic, The Full Monty.

When a steel plant closes down, the laid-off workers start a male strip teasing business. While the topic is unconventional, it looks at many aspects of business- entrepreneurship, respectability, knowing your target audience
and providing customer service.

It’s a classic movie, and a must-watch for everyone.

#6- Chef

#6- Chef motivational movies for entrepreneurs

Jon Favreau stars as the titular chef who quits his job at a restaurant to start his own food truck business. Moving away from the usual corporate set up, it is an inspiring story about following your dream, which many small business owners can relate to. Jon Favreau went back to his roots with this film after his stint with many big-budget movies.

This film is refreshing and brings out the power of social media marketing like never before. If you are feeling low and de-spirited, this movie will get you right back on your feet. It is one of the best entrepreneur movies.

Top 5 Movies for Entrepreneurs

#5- The Wolf of Wall Street

#5- The Wolf of Wall Street must watch movies for entrepreneurs

One of the most anticipated movies of 2013, this one as everything, inspiration, entertainment and DiCaprio and lots of him. Leonardo DiCaprio brings to life Jordan Belfort, the Wall-Street darling turned scammer turned motivational speaker.

It is a wild story of Belfort’s rise and fall that is expertly captured in the film. For entrepreneurs, it acts as a morality tale about the dangers of indiscriminate ambitions. This biography is a wild adventure ride and got as many critics as fans.

It was nominated for several awards, including five nominations at the 86th Academy Awards ceremony. DiCaprio won Best Actor in Musical or Comedy category at the 71st Golden Globe Awards for the Wolf of Wall Street.

#4- The Pursuit of Happyness

#4- The Pursuit of Happyness top 5 movies for entrepreneurs

Guns and thunder dialogues took a break when Will Smith turned a struggling father in The Pursuit of Happyness. This is the rags to riches story of Chris Gardner, who founded his own brokerage firm in 1987. It is a story of grit and perseverance, and also a beautiful portrait of a father determined to give his son a better life.

Will Smith and son Jaden Smith’s classic combo bring to life this very real-life story. This story of Chris Gardner, a homeless salesman and his struggle will definitely strike chords with you.

The film serves as an inspiration for everyone who wants to build something and provide for their families. Smith’s son Jaden Smith costars with him. The movie is inspirational with its raw and realness. It is the whole package. Impeccable writing, spot-on direction and stellar performance makes it an A-list watch.

#3- Moneyball

#3- Moneyball entrepreneur movies in hindi dubbed

Brad Pitt stars as former baseball player Billy Beane who applies statistical analysis to evaluate players. It is a lesson in the importance of taking data-backed decisions, which should be a habit for any business

This movie shows you that money isn’t the end of the game. it shows that intelligence and perseverance can beat the odds.

A film that could have easily slid to a boring one, was made phenomena by Aaron Sorkin and Steve Zaillian’s out of the world scripting. The dialogues are sharp, full of life and sets the screen on fire. Be prepared for some LOL moments and some tear-jerking scenes through the two-hour movie run.

#2- Wall Street

#2- Wall Street movie

“Greed is Good”, Michael Douglas’ Gordon Gekko famously uttered this immortal line in Wall Street. Charlie Sheen plays Bud Fox, the newbie first dazzled by money and then wracked by guilt after he becomes an accessory to Gekko’s insider trading venture.

The movie is a cautionary tale against unfettered greed and is routinely cited as one of the must-see films
on business. The movie won the Oscar for Michael Douglas for Best Actor in a Leading Role. This movie is one of the most real films and will have you going back to it over and over again.

#1- The Social Network: One of the best entrepreneur movies of All times

#1- The Social Network movie

David Fincher and Alan Sorkin tell the story of Mark Zuckerberg and the making of Facebook, the social networking site that took the world by storm. At the same time, it takes a hard look at the questionable side of the Facebook story.

This is a must-watch for entrepreneurs. It is inspirational and acts as a reality check at the same time. The movie dips into a controversial twist when he was sued by the twins who claimed that he stole their idea.

The Social Network is well thought out, intelligent and a thrilling modern biopic. Who doesn’t like a good drama?

Do they have the best entrepreneur movies on Netflix?

Actually, there are plenty. It’s time to Netflix and on Chill on some of the best picks of movies that speak to entrepreneurs. These have a slice of inspiration served with a hint of drama and dark humour.

  • The Pursuit of Happyness: Will Smith and son Jaden Smith’s classic combo bring to life this very real-life story. This story of Chris Gardner, a homeless salesman and his struggle will definitely strike chords with you.
  • Yes Man: Jim Carrie is sure to tickle your funny bone as he says Yes to everything in life. Join him on this fun ride.
  • Steve Jobs: Who wouldn’t want to take a ride through the mind of the Apple genius?

Best entrepreneur movies that are Biographies

Nothing inspires like a real-life story, and we have just the right picks for you. Nosedive into some of the best biopics this season

  • The Wolf of Wall Street: Jordan Belfort and his famous “Sell me this pen” line is unforgettable. This one will take you through a wacky ride through the rise and fall of this Wall Street Mogul.
  • The Pursuit of Happiness: Making the list again, this adorable movie cannot be missed. Based on the real-life story of Chris Gardner, we recommend you watch it ASAP.
  • The Aviator: Di Caprio lights up the screen with a stellar performance in this epic picture. Get ready to ride back to the 80s glam.
  • The Social Network: Mark Zuckerberg has been in the limelight since the advent of Facebook. The biopic brings out the dirty secrets that are polished off under all the glamour.
  • American Gangster: In the midst of gangsters and drug deals, one has to appreciate the shrewdness of businessman Frank Lucas. The movie is one of the best gangster movies of all time, and Denzel Washington’s performance is worth the watch.

We feel like you are already setting up your playlist on Netflix or Amazon Prime for these movies. Which movie spoke to you the most? Which one represented your struggle and success as an entrepreneur? Let us know in the comments; we are eager to know.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some best entrepreneur movies that are motivational?

These are some of the best entrepreneur movies which will motivate you to get started on work with ambition.
1.The Godfather
. Wall Street
. Something Ventured
. Jerry McGuire
. Manthan

List some of the best Hollywood movies for entrepreneurs.

Hollywood has given us some very good movies to resonate with your entrepreneurial spirit. Here’s the watchlist.
The Social Network, Glengarry Glen Ros, Pirates of Silicon Valley, The Pursuit of Happyness and Moneyball.

What are some must-watch movies for entrepreneurs?

Out top picks for you are Moneyball, The Pursuit of Happyness, Office Space, Wall Street, Jerry Maguire and The Wolf of Wall Street.

How many Leonardo DiCaprio entrepreneur movie are there?

Leonardo DiCaprio has set quite the record for himself in being a man for biopics. Here are some of his best entrepreneur movies:
The Aviator
The Wolf of Wall Street
The Basketball Diaries
Blood Diamond

Google Search Console is a platform that can be used by any website to monitor its performance on Google’s search engine result pages (SERP’s). It includes a set of tools that help you understand what your organically (non-paid) performing pages are, mobile site quality, highest-traffic queries and an overall idea about your site pages.

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site’s presence in Google Search results. You don’t have to sign up for Search Console to be included in Google Search results, but the Search Console helps you understand and improve how Google sees your site.

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How to use Google search console?

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What is the search console login procedure?

Logging in is the simplest part. Just sign in using your Google account. If you already have a Google account, simply login to your search console using your Google account username and password information. Well at this juncture you will not have any website listed there. But you can add any website owned by you for tracking its search engine result page visibility by following the guidelines given by Google.

How to add your site to Google Search Console?

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How to submit URL in Google Search Console?

To add a site to Search Console, log into your Search Console account. Go to the box next to a red button called “Add Property.” Input the URL of your site and click “Add Property.” You have completed the first part.

How to verify your ownership in Google search console?

Now we move on to the verification. There are different ways to do it. The method can be chosen depending on your expertise in HTML.

1 Verification by adding an HTML tag

Use this method if you are a user or site owners with experience in HTML coding. Go to Google Search Console dashboard and select “Manage Property,”. Click “Verify this property.”. You can click on either “Recommended method,” or “Alternate methods” tab to select “HTML tag.” Here you can find the HTML code for verification.

Copy this code and open the code using HTML editor for your site’s homepage. Now you can paste the code in the <Head> section of the page’s HTML code. In case your site doesn’t have the <Head> section, create one just for verifying the site. Once your code is added to your homepage, go to the Search Console and click on “Verify.” Then Google will check your site for the verification code. If found right, it means your site is verified.

2 Verification by HTML file method

You can also use this method to verify through the site’s root directory. As you select this method, you will download an HTML file. Upload it to the specified location. After uploading the HTML file, on the Search Console click “Verify.” If everything is done properly, it will show a page that tells you the site has been verified.

3 Verification by Domain name provider

The domain name provider is the company from where bought the domain that hosts your website. By verifying your domain name provider, it proves that you’re the owner of the domain as well as the subdomains and subdirectories in your domain. Large websites can verify it this way.

To do this, go to Search Console dashboard and select “Verify this site.” You will find the “Domain name provider” option under “Recommended method.”

Then you will choose your domain name provider. Verification can also be done by adding the Google Analytics code and by using Google Tag Manager. These types of verification can be employed if you are already using these services beforehand.

How to use Google Search Console?

Google Search Console helps monitor your site’s performance in detail. Here are the main pointers that you can draw from search console results.

  • Search Analytic – This helps you analyze your performance. Here you will see the clicks, impression and CTR of your website. You may compare your results over time for a more useful evaluation on Google Search Console.
  • Find Links to Your page – This shows were most of your site links are coming from. You can get individual excel sheets for your page by clicking on your page’s URL. This gives a deeper understanding.
  • The number of Internal Links – You can monitor the number of internal links on your website. If they are not visible, you will find them in on the search box.
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How to filter data in search console dashboard?

Google Search Console or the webmaster search console works similar to Google search results in filtering content. There are different ways to view and manage your data. These filters are very useful for comparing and narrowing down your data.

Filtering by Search type

There are three types available: web, image, and video. It helps you see the traffic generated through each sphere. Like if you usually get more traffic via website keyword search, you may want to narrow down your data by using the web option. But if you get a majority of visits from image video search, you can use the filter accordingly.

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Filtering by Date range

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Filtering by Queries, page, country, device and search appearance

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What are the Search Console reports and why do you need them?

Google Search Console mainly consist of reports and tools that help you monitor the health and performance of your page. Let us discuss some of them.

The Overview page

This is the Google search console home page and shows the vitals of your page. It can include manual actions taken or security issues that hinder your site. The search console home has a graphical representation of total clicks along with error/valid status of indexed pages. It tips you on where you can improve your site. These include mobile-friendly URLs, AMP pages and the structured data on your webpage.
You can periodically keep an eye on manual actions or security issues through Google Search Console. You can also monitor spikes in coverage or enhancement errors. If you see them, you can open the report to troubleshoot.

Performance report

This one lets you look at where you showed up in search. You can see how many people saw your page and clicked on it in Google Search results. It will also show what queries showed your site in a search and your average position. Businesses owners, especially those running online businesses, must keep a strict eye on these stats to monitor your site’s performance.

One needs to periodically review this report for spikes or dips in your page’s clicks or impressions. Take a look at the query strings for which your site shows up, if it’s different from your target, this may cause a dip in your site traffic.

URL Inspection tool

Here you get the details that Google index has regarding the specific URL on your site. The information covers a lot of topics including page HTML code and its errors, AMP/mobile usability code and errors, JavaScript output and errors when rendering the page. You can use this tool by entering a URL in the bar that’s at the top of the Google Search Console.This report is used to troubleshoot Google search console crawling errors that Google found on your site. This tool is also used to fix and retest a page as you before resubmitting the page for indexing.

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You can check the AMP report if you notice an unprecedented spike in errors or a drop in the number of indexed AMP pages.

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This report takes into account which rich results Google could or couldn’t not crawl. You can make use of this report occasionally to scan for errors and further debug the problems. You can also see how many rich results of a certain type Google can process.

Manual Actions report

As talked about earlier, you can look into this report to see if there are any manual actions against your site.
If you encounter a manual action on your page(which is also visible on the overview page), open the report, and you can know more about it. You will also find possible fixes and how to file a reconsideration request after you have resolved your issue.

Security Issues report

This one takes into account the security issues found by Google for your site. You can find it on your overview page also. This issue may cause your site is showing browser alerts for dangerous content. In that case, open the security issues report and learn its details and get to know how to fix the issue. Here too you may have to file a reconsideration request once the issue is fixed.

Links report – As the title suggest, this gives an account of the sites linked to yours. It shows you what the link text is, and also an account of the internal link targets within your own page. This is ideal to know if your site is connected to the right websites and not linked to or by spammy or useless sites. These are used by SEO specialists and developers to better your site.

There are also a couple of Google Search Console webmaster tools that help troubleshoot the issue that we saw in the reports above. They are the AMP Test tool, Mobile-Friendly Test Tool, Change of address tool and the Removals Tool.


Google Search Console is a free service that helps you analyse your website and its organic search performance. It would be a great idea or even essential to have your site hooked up to the Google Search Console to monitor its performance. Small changes in the sites settings based on the GSC reports can do wonders to get your site its required recognition. Google Search Console also has a Google Search Console beta version available to all users. It helps simplify the process of webpage optimization. Google Search Console gives you specific reports and many tools that make it easy pinpoint and troubleshoot errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is google search console used for?

    Google Search Console is used to track your site's performance in organic Google search results. This is a free webmaster service offered by Google. With Google search console you can monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site's presence in Google Search results.

    Google Search Console is the bible for SEO practitioner.

  2. What does Google search console crawl do?

    Google search console crawler (also known as Googlebot) discovers new and updated pages on your site. Once it discovers these new pages it may add it to Google's page index. Consider Googlebot like a librarian, when you ask a query on Google it brings you a listing from its index, just like what a librarian does.

  3. what is search console?

    Search Console is the free webmaster service offered by Google that helps you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site's presence in Google Search results.

You have seen him, you love him but he also makes you cringe through the laugh. We are talking about one of the top YouTubers in India Bhuvan Bam. Bhuvan is one of India’s favourite Youtube comedian and content creator. He is the young Indian sensation who runs his insanely famous Youtube channel ‘BB Ki vines’. His videos are marked by sarcastic and relatable comedy that resounds with the young Indian crowd.

His famous characters’ Bancho,’ ‘Hola’ and ‘Titu Mama’, gained him over 2.4 billion views (as on 8th May 2020) and even more hearts. Bhuvan Bam YouTube subscribers number currently stands at 17.1 million (as on 8th May 2020) with average view count standing at a blaring 16.45 million. His videos have made waves with the young minds both due to his characters and hilarious Hindi lingo.

Who is Bhuvan Bam?

Bhuvan Bam, age 26 is a singer/ composer/ songwriter, stage performer and most importantly a Youtube star from New Delhi. He became popular after a video that he made mocking a reporter.

Bam has watched a news reporter on TV covering the Kashmir floods. The reporter was asking a mother who lost her child in the flood outrageous and silly questions. This jolted his instinct and he knew he had to do something about it. He made a homemade satirical video which went viral overnight, especially in Pakistan. This was the beginning of BB ki vines on Youtube on June 2015.

Failure to Success Overnight

But this isn’t the first video he uploaded though. “The Chakhna Issue” was his first but it didn’t gather much momentum with just 10 to 15 views. Ever since he has done about 160 videos on his channel alone. In 2018, Bam was the first Indian YouTube content creator to cross the 10 million subscriber mark. He is currently the Director of BB Ki Vines Private Limited and a partner at AMB Youthiapa LLP. AMB Youthiapa produces his channel merchandise.

Early life and signs of a comic

A Maharastrian, Bam was born in Gujarat, and later his family moved to Delhi where he studied at Green Fields School, New Delhi. He got his bachelor’s degree from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College. During his college days, he loved to entertain crowds doing comedy in school and making random videos during his college life. He was also into singing and had performed at various bars in Delhi.

Once he debuted on Youtube, his whole career took a massive turn. His satirical and incredibly relatable videos were a hot favourite among teenagers in India. Bhuvan Bam subscribers are mostly post-teenagers. He also had fans across Bangladesh and Pakistan in the same age group. When his first hit video released, a majority of the viewers were from Pakistan. It took a while before the Indian audience latched on to his content,

Bam had once said “My initial audience was from our neighbouring countries. My videos went viral in Bangladesh and Pakistan. My fans thought I’m from Karachi. After 7-8 months, I started getting viewers from India,”. (source)

What makes him click?

The ingredients that made his videos a massive crowd-pleaser were its originality and casual yet striking scripts. His sketches are very close to real-life experience encountered by an average person. They are sprinkled with his comical elements and characteristic satirical tone.

When asked about his venture, Bam said in an interview “BB Ki Vines truly changed my life. I was totally confused on what to do in life. I was doing music. BB Ki Vines was in my mind since school days. I loved making people laugh by cracking jokes and I was the entertainer in my class. BB Ki Vines started unexpectedly.”

What makes Bhuvan Bam a Success story on YouTube

My team runs one of the largest influencer marketing platform and they have been researching this for more than a month. We came up with 2 factors behind Bhuvan Bam’s success.

Factor 1: Bhuvan Bam is Viral Video Making Machine

The first factor that I want to highlight is how Bhuvan Bam has turned himself into a viral video making machine. For most YouTubers, Viral Videos are like a dream.

Most Youtubers get one viral hit and then spend weeks/months before another viral hit comes in. Bhuvan Bam has perfected the viral video formula.

His understanding allows him to make videos after videos that get onto the youtube trending video page and get tons of views. So, what is his secret?

YouTube Viral Video categories

Most viral videos are based around a central theme. The viral videos can be classified into 5 categories:
1 Money related Viral videos
2 Reaction based Viral videos
3 Challenge-based viral videos
4 Pranks
5 Drama

What Bhuvan Bam does very cleverly is that he uses multiple viral themes in a video. Take for example this video “Angry Masterji”. This video like other videos by Bhuvan Bam is a Drama video with pranks. On top of its reaction in the video by Bhuvan Bam is a class in itself.

Bhuvan is a master at combining various viral video types in one video. The result in this case 18 million views in just 3 weeks.

Factor 2: Bhuvan Bam know how to beat YouTube Algorithm

Not every video goes viral. Several amazing videos that could have gone viral fail to attract even one view. Therefore, making a viral video or getting a video go viral are two different things. How to make sure that your video goes viral is something Bhuvan Bam has perfected. He does this by beating YouTube algorithm.

Today YouTube cares only for two things more than anything else:
1 Click-through rate
2 Watch Time

Click-through rate is the number of people who click on your thumbnail when they see your video thumbnail and watch time is the amount of time people spend watching your video after they click on it. For YouTube, these two matrices are most important today. Based on this YouTube takes a call to show or not show your video to other people.

You see a lot of people try to overcomplicate things when it comes to beating YouTube algorithm. Bhuvan Bam keeps it simple and focuses on making people click and stay on a video.

In terms of CTR, it is all about your tile and thumbnails. These things Bhuvan Bam absolutely dominates. His titles are short and snappy and there is always a shock value. I can not tell you how many times I have seen Bhuvan’s videos just out of curiosity it generates.

Bhuvan bam’s YouTube Thumbnails

His thumbnails seem overly simplistic and at times even poorly made in 5 minutes. These thumbnails perfectly suit the types of videos that he makes. His thumbnails seem to be amateur by design. Things that go viral on the internet. People do not like seeing polished things like a viral video. Most of his thumbnails show some kind of reaction.

Another thing is that over 50% of traffic on Youtube comes from mobile. Bhuvan knows that to grab attention and be click-worthy on small screens, he needs to keep his thumbnail readable and simple.


How he keeps viewers glued to his videos

Well, being click-worthy is one thing, however here is how Bhuvan generates hours after hours of watch time. he does three things:

  1. Intro Hook: He gets straight to the point as the video start. He explains what to expect in the very first 10 seconds of video what to expect. This is the hook point.
  2. Perfect Video Length: The second thing is very obvious. His videos are not too long. It is not possible to hold a drama for a very long time. He keeps his video within 2 to 8 minutes time duration. Enough to hold a viewers attention.
  3. Bhuvan uses a lot of retention strategies to stay on the journey and not click off. He keeps the suspense till the end so most viewers stay till the end to see the final point. He also has moments of up and down during the video. So Bhuvan is a great storyteller and keeps you emotionally involved in the journey.

This is what makes Bhuvan Bam one of the fastest-growing YouTubers in history.

The story of BB Ki Vines

After the overnight success, Bam knew this was his path forward. BB Ki Vines features videos that are 2–8 minutes long with stories revolving around the life of an urban teenager. They are usually whimsical conversations with his friends and family, all played by Bam himself. He also fiddles with repeating characters like Bancho, Sameer Fuddi, Titu Mama, and Hola. The characters have evolved into household names among the youth. Currently, he has a huge fan following who inspires him to keep making his content.

The man has 17 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is literally a one-man army. He does everything from scripting, performing and shooting his videos all by himself using the front camera on his phone. Initially, he used to upload his videos on Facebook, and later shifted to YouTube.

BB Ki Vines Stats

  • Joined YouTube on: June 2015
  • Subscriber Count: 17.1MM
  • Average Video Views: 16.3 million
  • Total Views: 2.42 Billion
  • Videos Made: 161

Although his content is widely popular, it has also received a lot of criticism too. His videos have been branded by many commentators for its overtly sexual content and abusive language. But his sturdy fan following always came to support him. His supporters justify this by saying that his conversation style is exactly how the youth talk today and their no shame in accepting that reality.

Bhuvan Bam songs

Bam is also a passionate singer. He had released a music video “Sang Hoon Tere”. in January 2018. “Teri Meri Kahani”, “Safar” and “Rahguzaar” were also his creations that followed.

Bhuvan Bam and shortfilms

Bam has also been part of the short film Plus Minus.
“I first met Bhuvan during the promotions of Haraamkhor. We hit it off and became friends. One day over lunch we pitched him the story of Plus Minus. It was magic to see his eyes light up. We decided to produce it together,” says Guneet Monga, founder of Sikhya Entertainment. (source)

The short film was a total hit and became the fastest growing video on the internet in 2018. It also won the 2019 Filmfare Award for Best Short Film.

By December 2018, he was such a celebrated YouTuber that when he started his new digital series on YouTube called Titu Talks, it featured Shah Rukh Khan as the first guest. Bhuvan also performed a live set of ‘Titu Talks’ with filmmaker Karan Johar at the YouTube FanFest in Mumbai.

Not without critics

Although his content is widely popular, it has also received a lot of criticism too. His videos have been branded by many commentators for its overtly sexual content and abusive language. But his sturdy fan following always came to support him. His supporters justify this by saying that his conversation style is exactly how the youth talk today and their no shame in accepting that reality.

Characters in BB Ki Vines

Talking about Bhuvan Bam, he is a brilliant storyteller. His videos are made more intriguing with the fictional characters he has created to tell his stories. These characters have different personality, traits, style and accents and have a striking similarity to the common man.

If you haven’t watched his videos yet, here’s are the usual characters. Bhuvan Bam, nicknamed BB is the protagonist. The lead character is Banchordas Chhatriwala or Bancho. Sameer Fuddi(Bancho’s cousin) is a main character who is always unsure of what he says. Mr. Hola,Mrs. Verma, Babloo Ji, BB’s mother, and Dr. Sehgal are also usual characters in his videos. The videos are conversations with each other, Bam dressed as each of them, throwing slapsticks mid-conversation that will guarantee uninterrupted laughter.

The best of BB Ki Vines videos to watch:

  • Titu Mama
  • Angry Masterji Part-10
  • Group Study
  • Ghaplebaaz ko pakdo

The ‘Bhuvan Bam net worth’ question.

Let’s talk money. Bam’s videos are massive hits and amass a growing number of subscribers. The man has managed to keep his content fresh and exciting over the years. So how much does he earn and how does he do that? Initially, he earned most of his bucks through live musical performances and his original songs.

Once YouTube took over, and his popularity propelled, his earnings now come from advertisements on his YouTube channel and “YouTube Partners” campaigns.

BB Ki Vines today has uploaded 160 videos, has over 17.1 million subscribers and over 2.5 billion total views.

BB is one of the top 10 highest paid YouTubers in India

There is no exact figure to quote his net worth, but we can sure approximate from the stats.

Let’s look at Bhuvan Bam monthly earning from YouTube. It is estimated that he earns approximately RS 1 Crores per month from the ‘BB ki Vines’ channel. This brings his annual income is around Rs 12 Crores.

Being a huge internet sensation, especially among the youngsters, he is also a frequent face at events, stage shows, college fests which earns him revenue.

He operates on a very low production budget

His profits are also on the higher side because his videos have a meagre production cost. The man shoots his videos on his own phone camera, plays his own characters and he doesn’t use a fancy set. Therefore he spends little to none to produce his videos. Talk about savings! When you have talent like his, it is true that it pays on its own.

The numbers

Bhuvan Bam Net Worth has been recorded to be growing at a rate of 1400% for the past two years. This, in turn, suggests that Bam’s monthly income and Net Worth may grow at an exaggerated rate of 500% by the month.

Estimated Earnings from Youtube

Monthly Income from YouTube: Rs 1 Crore Approximately

Bhuvan bam net worth: The net worth of Bhuvan bam based on his channels earning potential during the next 5 years would be Approximately Rs 60 Crore.

BB Ki Vines award

  • As fame climbed, many awards also came for the talented star. Bhuvan Bam was the winner of the Most Popular Channel on Youtube at the WebTVAsia Awards 2016 held in Seoul, South Korea. He was nominated alongside big guns in the industry like All India Bakchod, The Viral Fever, Being Indian, and East India Company.
  • He was felicitated at the first edition of Game Changer Awards by the Hindustan Times.
  • Bam was nominated as the most influential social media personality, two years in a row at the IWMBuzz Awards.
  • India won the YouTube Creator Summit golf competition In 2017 and BB Ki Vines was a main contributor to it.
  • In recent years, he collaborated with “The Viral Fever” in “TVF Bhootiyapa Bachelors vs. Ghost”. he was invited by Jeeji of Jeeji Veerji(a YouTube channel).
  • Bam also spoke at TEDxIIITD held at IIIT Delhi. he also spoke at TEDxJUIT at Jaypee University of Information Technology in 2016, inspiring many of a young audience.
  • He also made it to the red carpet in Cannes in 2019. He made his debut for the first-ever World Blogger Awards here. The awards were held on 24th May in Cannes at Hotel Martinez. Here Bhuvan was the ‘Global Entertainer Of The Year 2019’ award for his excellent contribution to digital entertainment.

His huge popularity among the young on the digital scene got tons of recognition from national and international institutes. His talent at being a far-reaching influencer and a stunning social media personality has paid off very well.

Talking about his success when he was among the several YouTubers invited to the World Economic Forum recently, Bam says, “With the kind of creators emerging in India, the future of content creation is bright. At times I feel there are more creators than viewers. The digital medium has provided a platform to budding artists to voice their opinion, for free,”

In the limelight

Beside his youtube stints, Bhuvan bam is also known for raising his voice for some fo the political issues. The comedian’s tweet went viral after he spoke about how Bollywood celebrities had remained quiet when the JNU issue was raging. People lauded his honesty and bravery in speaking up as an influencer and an individual about a political topic that most would have safely stayed away from.

The comedian also made his sympathy and response to the issue clear on social media. The comedian also said that he was warranted threats for his tweets.

Bhuvan Bam contributes generously to the PM Cares Fund

In more recent times, his philanthropy did make it to the headlines. With the outbreak of the coronavirus sending the nation in a spiral and with financial assistance an immediate need, Bhuvan Bam went out of his way to donate his one month’s earning to the PM Cares fund.
He had distributed the sum of Rs 10 lakh among the PM-CARES Fund, the CM Relief Fund, and the Feeding India initiative.

Commenting on the gesture Bam said, “Usually I prefer to not talk about these things but our country needs us right now, this is important and we need to go out of our way to help everyone,”. (source)

“This is my way of showing my support to pledge contributions to the PM CARES fund, CM relief fund and Feeding India. I am grateful for all the people who are putting their lives at risk for our country and this is my way of giving back,” he concluded.

Bhuvan Bam also collaborated with YouTube Impact Lab Initiative to create awareness about young girls’ education. He was also an attendee at the latest edition of the World Economic Forum (WEF) held in Davis this year.


BB Ki Vines has taken the Indian Youtube scene by storm. Bhuvan Bam was simply exploring the possibilities of his new camera and witty humour when he started. It was persistence and understanding the platforms and its audience that drove him to an instant success. It’s also a joy to watch Bam’s growth through the years and his indulgence in philanthropy. So when it comes to social media, the mantra is to know your audience and reflect your genuine self in all you do.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Bhuvan bam income from youtube?

    Bhuvan Bam income per month from YouTube is approximately US$140k in May 2020. Apart from this BB ki vines income come from several other media assignments and influencer marketing contracts. As per BrandLoom's estimate, bb ki vines monthly income from other contracts is approximately US$ 500k/month. Therefore Bhuvan bam monthly income is pretty sizable. The total monthly income of Bhuvan bam would be approximately US$600k to US$700k/month.

  2. Who is bhuvan bam?

    Bhuvan Bam, age 26 is a singer/ composer/ songwriter, stage performer and most importantly a Youtube star from New Delhi. He became popular after a video that he made mocking a reporter.

  3. How much does Bhuvan bam earn?

    Bhuvan bam earnings are approximately US$600 to US$700/month. BB ki vines earning per month are primarily from his YouTube channel and rest from other media/brand promotion contracts.

  4. What is bhuvan bam age?

    The age of Bhuvan bam is 26 years in 2020. Bam was born on 21 January 1994 in his birthplace Baroda, Gujarat.

  5. What is Bhuvan bam real name?

    The real name of the famous singer, comedian, musician, songwriter, Actor, Youtuber Bhuvan Bam is Bhuvaneshver Bam.

  6. Which was Bhuvan bam first video?

    Bhuvan bam's first video was “The Chakhna Issue” but it didn’t gather much momentum with just 10 to 15 views.

Off page SEO is a technique that helps your website appear higher in search rankings. Off-page SEO is a type of search engine optimization that comprises of the myriad of techniques that SEO encompasses.

SEO is divided mainly to two: on-page and off-page SEO.  We have already talked about on-page SEO earlier, so let’s look at what off-page SEO does.

While on-page SEO optimises your site and its contents, off-page activities of SEO uses tactics off of your website to enhance your website’s authority. Off-page SEO is also known as “off-site SEO”.

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What is Off-page SEO

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Difference between On-Page and Off-Page SEO

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Off-Page SEO Activities

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What are the benefits of doing SEO Off-Page Activities?

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Best Off-Page SEO Techniques List [2020]

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1 Link building

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12 Watch out for Unnatural Links

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Off-page SEO is as important as on-page SEO. For successful SEO, you have to employ both SEO techniques. When link building, don’t take the easy way, but try to get links from hard-to-get and reputed pages. The more difficult it is to get a link, the more valuable it is.

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  1. What is the off-page SEO?

    Off-page SEO in simple terms tell search engines about the value and relevance of your website. It uses backlinks and reputation building techniques to achieve this. By doing off-page SEO, your page can rank higher in Google search results. Off-page SEO achieves reputation and trustworthiness outside the boundaries of your website.

  2. What is the difference between on-page SEO and off-page SEO?

    On-page SEO deals with the optimisation of your content. This means that you have to make the changes on your webpage itself so that you rise through the search engine results. After this, it is time for off-page SEO services. They entail establishing the presence of your webpage on other relevant platforms on the internet to boost your reputation and trustworthiness.

  3. What are some of the latest off-page SEO techniques?

    Google is always changing its search ranking strategy, so the best off-page SEO technique is to set up a high quality website and content and acquire links purely from valuable and reputed websites. Google today values user experience above all so make sure to optimise for user-friendliness.

  4. How to employ off-page SEO techniques for an e-commerce website?

    Ecommerce platforms can get backlinks from reputed and trusted sources to boost their trustworthiness. You can also get in touch with influencers to promote your content for off-page SEO. You have to ensure that you don't end up with inferior-quality backlinks which can hamper your search engine ranking.

  5. How can I make an off-page SEO plan?

    Once your on-page SEO is done, start with internal linking of all your pages. At the same time, associate with good brands, relevant webpages and highly reputed sites and you can ask them to promote your webpage Guest blogging can follow to get genuine backlinks. Once you have covered the basics, you can go into the detailed link building techniques for enhanced results. There are also off-page SEO tools available to guide you in optimizing your website.

If there ever was a cure for boredom, it has to be YouTube. We look at the top YouTubers in India to find out why they click.

YouTube, the free video streaming platform, has held its head high through the years. It has even stood tall when many other giant competitors entered the landscape ferociously. YouTube’s easy user interface and the plethora of free content makes it a bit hard to top. The platform has also spawned an era of aggressive content creation, and employment opportunity. It is perfect for those who love the limelight.

Top 10 YouTubers in India with Most Subscribers

Let us look at some of the famous YouTubers in India. Is it comedy or tech or motivational content that steals the heart of the country? Read and find out below the list of top YouTubers in India and their earnings.

1 Amit Bhadana: The Top 10 YouTuber in India 2020

comedy youtubers india ASHISH BHADANA

Amit Bhandana is the king of comedy sketches. He is famed for content that revolves around simple, daily life situations. His keen observation and stark representation of the lower/middle-class living makes his videos a sure-fire hit. One of his best videos on YouTube examines the various characters encountered on a bus journey. Sprinkled with quirk and mischief, his YouTube channel has over 19 million subscribers.

Amit is originally a law graduate. He started his channel lowkey. His parents got to know about his venture after two years when he got famous. He is a one-man show. Amit himself, scripts, directs and edits all his content.

His popularity gained him the Best YouTuber Award at the Dada Saheb Phalke International Film Festival in Mumbai. Amit joined YouTube in 2012 and has a currently standing 19.1 million subscribers with the total views on his channel surpassing 1.46 billion. He is, therefore, the most subscribed YouTubers of India.

Amit Bandana YouTube Statistics as on 5th May 2020

  • Joined YouTube on: 2012-10-24
  • Subscribers: 19.2M
  • Total Views: 1.47B
  • Average Video Views: 27.68M
  • Total Videos: 69
  • Monthly Views Run rate: 30M
  • Estimated YouTube Earnings: US$60k/month
  • Estimated Earnings along with Influencer Program: US$240k/month

2 Ashish Chanchlani: One of the most famous YouTubers in India

india's top 10 youtubers 2019 ashish chanchlani vines

One cannot talk about YouTube celebrities in India without mentioning Ashish Chanchlani. He owns one of the biggest YouTube channels in India> it goes by the name “Ashish Chanchlani Vines”. The man has over 17 million subscribers to date. His total view count stands at 1.9 billion.

Ashish is originally a Civil Engineering graduate who had a yearning for acting. This spilt over to his videos, where he portrayed unique and exciting content. His videos were relatable to a particularly young audience which fuelled his climb to the top.

Ashish made his YouTube debut in 2009 and made it to the television screens in 2016. Well executed vines and YouTube content made him an instant celebrity. His characteristic style of acting and accent makes him interesting to binge on.

Ashish Chanchalani YouTube Statistics as on 5th May 2020

  • Joined YouTube on: 2009-07-06
  • Subscribers: 17.6MM
  • Total Views: 1.91B
  • Average Video Views: 27.83M
  • Total Videos: 135
  • Monthly Views Run rate: 69.4M
  • Estimated YouTube Earnings: US$120k/month
  • Estimated Earnings along with Influencer Program: US$480k/month

3 Bhuvan Bam: One of the best known and top YouTubers of India

top richest youtubers in india BB KI VINES

Youtube’s singer/stand-up/rockstar, Bhuvan Bam is well known for his YouTube channel “BB ki Vines“. The cult Indian YouTube star has a reach of 17 million subscribers. His view count spills over 2.4 billion.

Bam was a singer who started out by performing at bars in Delhi. As he shifted to YouTube performances, his fame rose. In fact, one of his best songs on YouTube was “Jeena Jeena”, got much appreciation for its composition. Along with music, his tryst with comedy was a hit. The content is known for its crass humour and originality.

He does get a lot of criticism, but he has a trusted fan base who stand by him. His sketches are famous for its fictional characters like Bancho, Fuddi and Bablu. They are all relatable and very amusing. He works the platform with a well-panned out script, witty oneliners and convincing stage performance.

Many accolades have been showered on him, including the “Most Popular YouTube Channel.” He is also a recipient of the “Global Entertainer of the Year” for the year 2019. Relatability, sarcasm and bouts of humour are what make Bhuvan Bam outshine all.

BB KI Vines YouTube Statistics as on 5th May 2020

  • Joined YouTube on: 2015-06-20
  • Subscribers: 17.1MM
  • Total Views: 2.42B
  • Average Video Views: 16.4M
  • Total Videos: 161
  • Monthly Views Run rate: 66.5M
  • Estimated YouTube Earnings: US$120k/month
  • Estimated Earnings along with Influencer Program: US$480k/month

4 Technical Guruji

top 10 richest youtubers in india 2019 TECHNICAL GURUJI

We have to admit to being tech junkies when Technical Guruji has such a mass following. The tech review channel owned by Gaurav Chaudhary has a subscriber count of 16 million. Its views go over 1.73 billion.

Chaudhary joined YouTube in 2015 and is professionally known as Technical Guruji. He is an Indian YouTube icon based in Dubai. Although the platform has many tech reviewers, Chaudhary stands out as a YouTube tech videos producer in Hindi. He does product reviews, unboxing, gadget speculations and occasionally delves into his passion for cars. He also does giveaways often, which makes him hugely popular. The man was also featured in 30 under 30 Forbes list.

Chaudhary’s early life was spent in Ajmer, Rajasthan and shifted to Dubai in 2012. He got his degree in microelectronics from BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus. His YouTube channel kicked off while he was working for the Dubai police. His channel Technical Guruji was born in October 2015 and grew rapidly.

In September 2018, Technical Guruji ranked 9th as the most subscribed tech channel on YouTube.

Technical Guruji YouTube Statistics as on 5th May 2020

  • Joined YouTube on: 2015-10-18
  • Subscribers: 16MM
  • Total Views: 1.74B
  • Average Video Views: 577k
  • Total Videos: 2.99k
  • Monthly Views Run rate: 47.3M
  • Estimated YouTube Earnings: US$100k/month
  • Estimated Earnings along with Influencer Program: US$400k/month

5 Sandeep Maheshwari

top 5 youtubers in india 2019 sandeep maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari is a jack of all trades. He is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, a photographer and even owned a company, Maheshwari started his freelance photographer career in 2000. He was super passionate about it. It won him many awards and even secured him a Limca record for photography. After photography, he joined a marketing firm. It is from here that his motivational speaker career took off.

After tasting success, he wanted to share his story with the world. And boy, did he win at that! His speeches talk about his journey from being a clueless middle-class guy to a successful businessman. He shares about what he did right to be successful. He speaks about success and failure as two sides of a coin. His talks gathered a huge following when he started actively posting on YouTube.

The YouTube guru joined the platform in 2012 and now has over 14.5 million subscribers. His channel hits above 831.17 million views. He asks his followers to shed the thought that “Life is tough”. The new mantra of “Aasaan hai” will have to rule! He does seminars and classes on YouTube to help motivate youths.

Sandeep Maheshwari YouTube Statistics as on 5th May 2020

  • Joined YouTube on: 2012-02-13
  • Subscribers: 14.6M
  • Total Views: 835M
  • Average Video Views: 1.73M
  • Total Videos: 272
  • Monthly Views Run rate: 1.6M
  • Estimated YouTube Earnings: US$20k/month
  • Estimated Earnings along with Influencer Program: US$80k/month

6 Dr Vivek Bindra

top youtubers in india 2019 Vivek Bindra

The Indian YouTube community has yet another feather with Dr Vivek Bindra. This powerful motivational speaker has 12 million subscribers. His videos have over 713 million views. He also has an exaggerated viewer count on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Dr Vivek Bindra is one of the most popular motivational speakers in India. His inspirational speeches resonate with the hoards of viewers who watch him religiously.

Born in Delhi in 1978, Bindra owned a company named Global ACT. It was later renamed as Bada Business in 2019 and offered corporate training. He served as a trainer, for more than 1500 companies in 25 countries. Dr Vivek says his motivational speeches are heavily inspired by the Bhagvat Gita. He says, “Bhagavadgita is not a book to bow only but is a book to be brought down in life.”

Apart from social media, he is also a writer and does seminars for corporates. Vivek Bindra’s YouTube career started in 2013. His videos are defined by inspirational speeches and stories that incite awe in the audience.

He has won the Maruthi Suzuki award for a YouTuber in India who is the Best Corporate Trainer. Dr Vivek Bindra was honoured as the best motivational in India by the International Association of Lions Club.

Dr Vivek Bindra YouTube Statistics as on 5th May 2020

  • Joined YouTube on: 2013-12-06
  • Subscribers: 12.1M
  • Total Views: 717M
  • Average Video Views: 1.19M
  • Total Videos: 456
  • Monthly Views Run rate:30.6M
  • Estimated YouTube Earnings: US$60k/month
  • Estimated Earnings along with Influencer Program: US$240k/month

7 Nisha Madhulika

top 20 youtubers in india 2019 Nisha Madhulika

Nisha Madhulika is yet another YouTube phenomenon for the Indian audience. She has to be the most famous YouTubers in India for her recipes. This boss lady started her Youtube channel at the age of 52 and shot up to fame instantly. Her story started in 2007 with her cookery blog, which became a big hit. This encouraged her to try the video medium. Initially helped by her husband with filming and editing, she now has a crew of five to orchestrate her videos.

Her clarity in explanation and how simple she makes even complicated dishes sound is lauded. Madhulika is one of India’s top 10 YouTubers in the food recipe video category. She flaunts more than 3.6 million subscribers. She keeps a strict schedule for her week.  The lady churns out three recipes a week for her growing patrons. In a week, two days are for shoots and four days for research, audience interaction, and emails. Quite the influencer, isn’t she?

Nisha Madhulika YouTube Statistics as on 5th May 2020

  • Joined YouTube on: 2009-08-02
  • Subscribers: 8.95M
  • Total Views: 1.67B
  • Average Video Views: 259k
  • Total Videos: 1.55k
  • Monthly Views Run rate: 81M
  • Estimated YouTube Earnings: US$80k/month
  • Estimated Earnings along with Influencer Program: US$320k/month

8 Sanjay Thumma: One of the Top Ten YouTubers in India 2018

most popular youtubers in india vahchef

Sanjay Thumma is the guy behind the very popular cookery channel Vahrevah. Thumma is known as the ‘Vah’ chef due to his mouth-watering recipes. His story begins with him selling his restaurants in the USA. He returned home to restart his life. Soon after, many friends started ringing him and asking for recipes. He responded by putting up a YouTube video. It seems like it was a great idea than explaining over the phone. The video became a surefire hit. He received a lot of positive feedback from all over.

Thumma’s humour and light conversational tone struck the audience. It was a change from the usual instructional and formal cooking videos. His videos don’t seem scripted, and there is a natural flow to it. He is one of the most popular YouTubers in India. In 2019, the channel had 1.74 million subscribers and views peaking at 400 million.

Sanjay Thumma YouTube Statistics as on 5th May 2020

  • Joined YouTube on: 2006-07-06
  • Subscribers: 1.94M
  • Total Views: 648M
  • Average Video Views: 316k
  • Total Videos: 2.05k
  • Monthly Views Run rate: 24.8M
  • Estimated YouTube Earnings: US$50k/month
  • Estimated Earnings along with Influencer Program: US$200k/month

9 Ajey Nagar: Top 10 YouTubers in India 2019

top 10 youtubers in india 2018 carryminati

Ajey Nagar is the name behind the YouYube channel CarryMinati. He is popularly called ‘CarryMinati’, or just ‘Carry’. Carry wears many hats. He is a comedian, gamer, rapper and a YouTube personality.

He posted his first video when he was just 10. Initially, his content revolved around gaming commentary and comedy. He then shifted to satirical parodies, diss songs, and comedy while he still indulges in live gaming. Nagar stands out due to one-of-a-kind and electric commentary in Hindi. He is right one among the top 10 comedy YouTubers in India.

His popularity is such that the man has interviewed Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill. He takes huge pride in being an Indian. It is evident from his response to a video by PewDiePie. PewDiePie had posted a video where he insulted an Indian man for speaking broken English. Getting back at him, Nagar posted “Bye PewDiePie’ a parody of the same, setting things straight. His channel now has a subscribership of a staggering 10.8 million. Nagar also won the coveted Silver and Gold YouTube play buttons.

Carryminati YouTube Statistics as on 5th May 2020

  • Joined YouTube on: 2014-10-30
  • Subscribers: 10.8M
  • Total Views: 1.02B
  • Average Video Views: 12.63M
  • Total Videos: 167
  • Monthly Views Run rate: 41.9M
  • Estimated YouTube Earnings: US$80k/month
  • Estimated Earnings along with Influencer Program: US$320k/month

10 Neha Kakkar: One of the top 10 YouTubers of India 2019

top youtubers of india 2017 neha kakkar
top youtubers of india 2017 neha kakkar

Neha Kakkar is an Indian singer. She began performing at religious events at the age of four and participated in the second season of the singing reality show, Indian Idol, in which she was eliminated early. After several struggles, she made her Bollywood debut as a chorus singer in the film Meerabai Not Out.

Neha Kakkar YouTube Statistics as on 5th May 2020

  • Joined YouTube on: 2012-10-22
  • Subscribers: 9.15M
  • Total Views: 794M
  • Average Video Views: 16.73M
  • Total Videos: 89
  • Monthly Views Run rate: 10.2M
  • Estimated YouTube Earnings: US$20k/month
  • Estimated Earnings along with Influencer Program: US$80k/month

How much YouTubers earn in India

YouTube is much more than comic pranks and sharing recipes. There is huge money involved if you can leverage your videos right. In the digital market, YouTube is one of the most lucrative places to make money. In fact, some of the highest-paid online influencers are YouTubers. You will also see that the top highest-paid YouTubers are the ones having a large fan base.

The celebrity culture has shifted from TV screen and movies to social platforms. With constant exposure to the audience than movie stars, influencers have become the beacon of trust and entertainment for the global audience.

Many celebrities are also finding their places in the social media spaces.  This is because here’s where all the buzz ergo, money is. And they don’t just do it for the fanbase and flair. A massive fan following and viral videos can earn you a pretty big paycheck through advertisements and sponsorships.

Earning of YouTubers in India

The earnings of the top YouTube income in India may surprise you. Some of the YouTubers that we discussed above like Bhuvan Bam earn millions just off their YouTube channel. His BB ki Vines has been such a hit that Bhuvan Bam rose to fame swiftly. He is now one of the most subscribed and most-watched channels on the platform in India. His two to eight minutes long videos make him around Rs 3-4 lakh per video. You weren’t expecting that, were you? With about 87 videos uploaded by Bam till date, you can extrapolate the figures. He is one of the highest-earning YouTubers in India.

Tanmay Bhat, the famed stand-up comedian and Co-founder of All India Bakchod (AIB), commented on this a while back. He said Bam is, probably, the only one “making a killing” on YouTube. He cites the reason as no investment required since Bam doesn’t have much of expenditure because he shoots his videos on his own camera phone.

It’s not the only comedy that keeps the bucks flowing. Nisha Madhulika, the food blogger, turned around her fate with YouTube in 2011. Her simple presentation and tasty North Indian food recipe videos are grabbing hit on the platforms irrespective of age group and gender. With her rising popularity, YouTube offered a proposal to monetise on it. Her first cheque was just for a sum of Rs 16,000. With a growing fan base and view counts hitting the roof, she now earns six-figure sums off the platform.

How YouTube pays money to YouTubers in India?

We admit it, making money on YouTube isn’t easy. But with good content and a dash of luck, you can turn it around easily. There are many ways to milk the YouTube money machine. The best way is to sign up Google AdSense. Signing up gives you 55 per cent from the advertising revenue on your video. The rates also change depending on the number of subscribers, viewers and where your audience is from.

Advertisers follow two cost models. One is the cost per click model, where they pay only when viewers click on the ad. In cost per view model, the viewers have to watch at least half the duration of the ad or 30 seconds for longer ads. So how much money do YouTubers make in India? Typically in India, the average RPM, which is the rate per mille or the cost per thousand, is $6-7 on Youtube.

Creators also make money through sponsored videos. These can be done by brand integrations in your videos. The trick is to make the brands visible yet not to look too sales-y and take away from the video content. Some influencers use a combination of all these to generate revenue. The catch is that only those very popular celebrities who have millions of views per videos can earn a significant income via AdSense. Influencers say that it takes time and patience to establish oneself, gain subscribers and therefore get paid enough by the platform.

Richest YouTubers in India

The richest on the platform are positively those with a huge subscriber list, and view counts. Bhuvan Bham of BB Vines takes the cake here, making him one of the richest of Indian influencers on YouTube. He is on par with Amit Bhadana, the self-titled YouTuber who is well-loved for his comedy sketches.

On the tech realm, Technical Guruji is the most popular tech-review channel from India. He is also one of the top-earning YouTubers in India. On the honour roll for the highest-paid Indian influencer on YouTube is also Ashish Chanchlani of Ashish Chanchlani Vines.


YouTube is a lucrative platform for money-making if you can garner a massive following, and your videos can get top view counts. It isn’t easy, but the mantra is to do what you enjoy, to be honest, and outrageous with your identity. You don’t need a production house or a team of 20 to get ace YouTube videos; it is the connection with the audience that truly pays-off(pun intended).

On-page SEO helps your page’s position by placing it in a higher ranking in the search engine results page; thereby, your website has more visibility to targeted visitors. They will eventually convert visitors into paying customers. 

What is On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the method of optimising your web page content to show up better on search engines and thereby to the users. It is also called “on-site SEO”. The common on-page SEO tricks used are optimising your content, title tag, internal links and URLs. In this article, I am going to share some awesome On-Page SEO techniques that really work.

Why On-Page SEO is Important?

1 Helps you rank better on SERP

On-page SEO is important, particularly for new websites. This particular technique of SEO convert content on your page to a language understandable to the search engine. It, therefore, convinces search engines as to why you deserve a good ranking. Search engines can understand codes and HTML language so our content must also have elements to make it clear for the search engine to read.

2 It is not about keyword stuffing anymore

Search engines are becoming smarter by the day, it crawls your page for keywords to know the quality and relevance of your page.
In fact, if you search for a competitive keyword, you’ll find that all top-ranking pages use almost the exact primary keywords in the title tag. But cramming keywords into your page in the name of SEO alone won’t do the trick. You also need to optimise your content for factors like user experience, page loading speed etc.

3 Helps search algorithm make sense of a page

By performing on-page SEO, you translate your content to help search engines understand them. This forms the basis of content marketing. These can be done using elements like the structure of a page, URL, headlines and content optimisation as discussed earlier. The more elements you include, the higher are your chances of getting better page ranking and feature at the top of the list.

4 User friendly

On-Page SEO gives user satisfaction. Every user who comes to your page must have a great experience to come back again. Off-Page SEO does the job of bringing them to your page but it is up to on-page SEO to make it user-friendly.
You are missing out on a great opportunity to publicise your good content if you do not do your SEO well. On-page SEO has a lot of possibilities to enhance usability and hiking traffic to your website.

Difference between on-page SEO and off-page SEO

To understand the difference, you need to know what is on-page and off-page SEO.

  • On-page SEO: It deals with what your site is about and is mainly focused on the content.
  • Off-page SEO, on the other hand, looks at the popularity and how authoritative your site’s presence is.

In simple words, on-page SEO account for what you rank for, while off-page SEO decide how high you rank. SEO encompasses a combination of both on-page/off-page SEO to rank your website higher in search results 

On-page SEO Techniques

For your webpage to get its maximum performance on search engines, you need to optimise on-page SEO. Let us see what are the on-page SEO factors that you must pay attention to:

On-Page SEO checklist

Now, what are the ways in which we can effectively do on-page SEO? Let’s find out.

1 Use the target keyword at the beginning

Google puts more emphasis on words that appear earlier in the content. Therefore topping the on-page SEO techniques is to mention your target keyword in the first 100 words of your blog. Also including long-tail keywords that are relevant to your product or service can boost the chance of ranking your page higher in your nice search category. Therefore, your product will show up to the right audience that you have targeted.

2 Publish high-quality content

Originality scores in terms of content. Be it text, images, videos or infographics, authentic and exclusive content perform well. Include text elements to accompany your non-text content like descriptions for videos that you post on your website. Long-form articles that are well-researched rank better than shorter ones.

3 Optimise page content

How to do on-page SEO on the content that goes on your page? Let us elaborate.

  • Before you write your blog, do your keyword research.
  • Decide on your target keywords, create a list of related keywords and even long-tail keywords. These have to be used in your titles, descriptions, headings and page content.

  • Take your cues from Google suggest. These are the suggestions that pop up when you start typing your query in Google search. Another place to look is the “People also ask” section that appears as prompts when you search. These make for great your sub-headings. Don’t forget the Related Searches section at the bottom of the search results on Google. Try to include them in your content.
  • (often called Schema) is an exclusive vocabulary of tags or rather microdata which can be added to your webpage it creates an enhanced description also called rich snippet. Schema markups improve the way your page is represented in search results. Schema gives the search engines a context for your data. For example, if you mentioned ‘Intel’ “in your blog, Google won’t know if it is the company Intel or the generic term. Schema lets you mark up this data and tells Google that you are referring to the company. Thus Google can show your page for the correct search terms related to the company. It also helps you get into the revered “featured snippet” box.

4 Headings and content formatting

  • Follow the hierarchy with headings and don’t jumble headings and subheadings. The first heading tag should be <h1> followed by <h2> and then <h3>, <h4> etc.
  • Each page should have only a single H1 tag. Do not use single word headings. You can make your headings exciting and informational for users who like to skim through rather than read the whole article.
  • You can place related keywords in your subheadings. For the content, make sure it has the right font size, and don’t shy away from employing underline, bold, or italics to highlight important points.

5 Optimise page titles and meta descriptions

This is very important for SEO. Each of your pages must have a unique title that will be picked up by search engines. Remember to add keywords at the beginning of your page title. Keep titles short(Just below 60 characters is optimal) and descriptive.

Meta descriptions and meta tags provide a brief of what your page is about. These are often displayed underneath the title of the page in the search engine result page(SERPs). Although Google claims that meta descriptions don’t help boost rankings, optimizing your meta description well can improve your Click-through rate (CTR)and the perceived quality of the result.

6 SEO Images and other multimedia elements

Images make the blog look more attractive. Optimise your images by using original pictures whenever possible. The ALT tag can be used to describe the image. Alt text strengthens the context of your articles for search engines and thereby improves user accessibility of your page. Alt texts are used for any image on your site to describe what’s on it. This will help search engines understand what the image is about and thereby can display it in the image results too.

7 Anchor Text

Anchor text is the visible characters that are displayed on hyperlinks when linked to another document or web page. These are commonly marked in the blue underlined text but can be easily changed to your wish on the back-end. Anchor text functions as contextual information to both search engines and users about the content in your page. Readers may want to explore on a certain topic in your blog and can click on the anchor text to be redirected to more details.

8 Internal links And External links

Linking your page within your website and from outside is essential for SEO. What are its advantages?

8.1 Internal Links

Imagine reading a long blog post, and you wanted to navigate to the conclusion part of it. Would you enjoy scrolling all the way to the bottom? No. That is why link building through internal links are essential. You can also link pages within your website. It lets search engines know your other pages. It also pinpoints which your most important pages.

All websites have pages of varying importance. Internal links will tell search engines what the most important pages are because they have more internal links and it also reduces bounce rate as users spend more time on site.

When it discovers a page, the search engines crawl your website and then follows the links on that page. With no links, it just browses and goes. When there are links, however, it will go through them as well and take them into account when considering your content.

If a user is reading your post and it has links in it, there is a higher chance of him clicking it and go on to read more about another topic on your other page. This increases the time spend on your website, decrease the bounce rate and boosts the number of pages per visit.

How to employ internal linking:

  • Don’t stick to keywords alone for your internal links
  • Do not overdo it, only add internal links when they are useful.
  • Try to add links in the content of your webpage which has a higher chance of being liked.
  • Limit them to a maximum of 12 per page
8.2 External Links

Linking your webpage to other high-quality websites will you increase the trustworthiness of your content which reflects in SEO.
Google will also use external links to understand the context of your text and know more about your content.

9 URL Optimisation

Once your content is optimised, we need to move towards optimising the URLs for maximising SEO. The first step is the URL optimisation and then URL structure. An SEO friendly URL has to be short yet descriptive and should positively include your target keyword. Good URLs have below 255 characters and use hyphens to separate the elements of the title. A slug or a permanent link will be the unique URL of each page.

Some great URLs look like this:
Here are some bad URLs to stray away from:

10 URL Structure

The URL structure should be similar to the actual structure of the website.
How do you optimise your URL structure?

• Categorise – Divide your pages into categories so that users and search engines are able to find what they search for faster. Uncategorized items make it difficult to track and make for lousy user experience too.

• Including sub-categories can also help with SEO. At the end your URL structure should look something like Homepage > insights > Social media > Article

• To enhance it further, you can add breadcrumbs that help in allowing users to navigate your website in an organised manner by providing information about where they are keeping the home page as a guide.

11 Page loading speed and Mobile-friendliness

It is said that when page loading time increases from one to five seconds, the bounce rate probability peaks to 90%. You definitely don’t want that. Since 60% of searches on Google now come from mobile devices, its common sense to optimise your webpages for mobile to get good traffic coming in.

A lot of effort is put to make the web faster. You must have seen the search speed displayed in seconds at every word you search. In this effort, Search engines now want web sites to take speeding up their accounts seriously. It has also now officially become a known page ranking factor. Having faster websites work best not only for SEO but for customers too. They don’t want to wait around for the webpage to load and therefore faster pages can lead to better conversions.

12 Mobile Friendliness

Almost 60% of the searches in Google are now coming from mobile devices. This means that if your website is not mobile-friendly, you are already losing half of the potential traffic.

Checking for mobile-friendliness is easy. You can check your website for shortcomings with Google’s mobile-friendly test tool and correct it accordingly.

Go ahead and try out your website on your mobile, and make corrections so that everything is displaying exactly to the comfort to of the user.

13 Watch your Results

Setup Google Search Console to monitor your SEO. It is a live dashboard from where you can get data on how your site is performing in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Backlinko explains on-page SEO is crucial in ranking sites better on search engine platforms. By using the search console you can gauge how each of the steps of SEO are paying off for your website.

There are 3 major reports to look out for regularly.

  • Performance: This report shows you how many people click on your page in search results. It shows the exact keywords used by people to find your page along with your rank. It is recommended to monitor impressions and clicks over a period of time to watch the trend.
  • Coverage: By watching the coverage report, you know which of your pages are indexed. You can troubleshoot them if you see “errors”.
  • Enhancements: This report lets you gauge your pages “Mobile Usability” as Google is keen on the mobile user experience. Thus, it’s important to make sure that your site is mobile friendly.

14 On page Comments Optimisation

In the end, its what users enjoy that matter. Precisely why comments are still an important factor that shows that people benefit and relate to your content. Many people browse comments on your page posting a new comment. This is also more time to spend on your website.

Remember the following for comments:

  • Moderate comments before it go on your page
  • Avoid generic comments and don’t keep them for the sake of the number of comments displayed. It looks spammy.
  • Censor comments that are irrelevant to the page.
  • Monitor the user name and prefer ones with real names.
  • Make it a point to reply to comments as this will keep your community growing.

On-Page SEO for Small businesses

How to do on-page optimization in SEO for small businesses? It turns out that on-page SEO might be the only optimisation required for smaller or niche businesses, or if you are looking for a local audience. These are the things that you can never forgo for your website.

  • Optimise your homepage so that Google understands your location clearly along with the details of your business. Have an eye out for your page title tag, header tag and meta description.
  • Write good meta descriptions and pay attention to your metadata. Although it doesn’t directly affect ranking, metadata makes a huge difference to potential visitors to your page. Thus it ha more to do with user-friendliness than ranking, bot of which are important for you.
  • Another tip when organizing your website is to create a page for each of your products, services and locations that you are active in. This is required to ensure schema mark up for your product which requires separate webpages for each. Then you can apply the local business schema or even a structured data markup on your pages for local SEO.
  • On the content side, don’t forgo reviews as the last bit of the page. Especially when you are a product or service, people trust good and honest reviews rather than airbrushed product shoots and a glossy webpage. Make sure to keep the review section active and you can even pull out a review from Google and Facebook or wherever your community is.

Winding up, you should note that once you complete the on-page SEO steps, then you can start to think of how to promote your website by going to off-site optimisation.


It is obvious that if your website isn’t giving you the results you seek, you need to tweak its content and on-page SEO. So, in essence, what is on-page SEO? On-page SEO is the first step to optimising your website for visibility and higher ranking on search engine result pages(SERPs). Along with it, constantly updating your blogs with relevant information and acquiring backlinks from trusted and high ranking sites is crucial to maintain your score on search engine ranking.

If you are looking for on-page SEO services or information, you may want to check out our website at Find out more about SEO  on our blog at Brandloom and our on-page SEO tutorial on YouTube. Curious about the world of digital? Watch our website for exciting articles that give you a good idea of how digital marketing works and also business in general. 


.How to do SEO on WordPress website?

WordPress makes it easier for you to perform SEO in your blog.
• The first step is to choose a good webhost.
• On the blog, make sure to change the default permalinks.
• Do not include useless links in your post,
• Discourage spam comments.
• Make sure to use a caching plugin so that your site loads faster.

How to improve SEO score on WordPress?

Start by setting the focus keyword on Yoast SEO. Monitor your SEO performance as you write on the Yoast SEO’s meta box. Here you can find the status of your Meta description length, amount of Keyphrases in subheading, if Image alt attributes are added etc. The red pointers show problematic zones, orange, those that need improvement and green, the optimal ones.

What are common interview questions on SEO with answers for freshers?

Some of the common interview questions are:
What is a keyword?
Ans. Keywords refer to words or phrases in the content on a webpage which makes it convenient for people to find your site on search engines.
What is Page Rank?
Ans. Google uses PageRank to score each webpage based on its relevance and quality on google search results.
What is the difference between on-page and off-page SEO?
Ans. On-page optimization uses page coding to improve the site’s performance, while off-page optimization helps sites get more visibility by linking to other sites.
What are backlinks?
Ans. Backlinks are any incoming links to a web page or blog. By using high-quality backlinks, you can rank better search engines results.
What is outbound link?
Ans. Outbound links are links on a website that are linked to another web page or site. Outbound links are used to show the relevancy and authority of the site.

What is the definition of on page SEO?

On-page SEO or optimisation are the set of techniques used directly on the website to improve its rank in the search engine results. On page optimization steps include improving meta description, metatitle and title tags.

Is on page SEO important for a blog?

If you need your blog to reach the right audience and show up when somebody searches for the topic that you wrote it about, it is quintessential to conduct on-page SEO. Make sure to do on-page SEO first before you proceed to off-page SEO. Some simple changes can really boost the chances of your blog being visible to a larger audience.

What is the difference between on page and off page SEO?

On-page SEO tells the search engine what your page is about. It makes use of keywords and phrases to tell the search engine that your blog has to be displayed when certain queries are typed into the search engine. On the other hand, off-page SEO tells search engines about the quality and reputation of your blog depending on the sites you are linked to and your overall presence on the web.

Can i learn SEO on my own?

SEO is an interesting topic to learn. You can find a lot of information on the web on SEO techniques. You can read our blog to get an understanding of SEO and its importance. You can also find online courses available on the subject.

Is on site SEO same as on-page SEO?

On site SEO is another name for on page SEO and deals with the steps to be followed to ensure that your webpage has a good rank in the SERPs. It is named so because on page SEO changes are done on the page itself and not beyond the boundaries of the webpage.

The pandemic of the century, COVID19 has taken the world by storm. A majority of the workforce shift to work from home. It is a global state of emergency that occurred so suddenly that it left us all gasping. We are still trying to come to terms with the uncertainty. While tech industries and business giants have been coping with it, small businesses are the ones who have had to bear the brunt. Remote work may be the answer to keep small businesses and fresh entrepreneurs working effectively today.

Why work from home?

Business and global markets have taken a tremendous hit at the onset of this viral attack. Many small businesses have had to shut down temporarily as the lockdown period extends over a long period. Small business owners, especially need to seriously consider remote teams at work with the onset of COVID19. A bit of innovation and creative thinking can help you keep afloat even when the times look grim.

Innovate: Even if you had to close your office doors, you can always do your work with your employees safe at home. Work from home enables your employees to connect with each other and develop new ideas to steer your business in the right direction.

Inform: Working from home may be a bit different if you are making the transition for the first time. Make sure to communicate this to your clients or customers immediately. This way they know you are on board with them during the current situation. Tell them that work is going on as usual(if it is) and inform them of changes in contact numbers, meeting schedules and other important things.

Let them know that work will resume in full strength once the lockdown is lifted. Also let them know that you are open to feedback and suggestions from them.

Try new platforms: If you are in the food or essentials business, consider associating with delivery apps. This way you can keep up with topping up your products for your clientele. This is also a revenue source for you. If you are in the pharmaceutical or cosmetology departments, do send a heads up message to your customers and give them contact numbers to approach you for medication or treatment updates.

Who took the hit?

One may think that many non-essential businesses like restaurants, bars and small retail shops are the only ones coming to a complete standstill.

While they are, Nicole Morgan of Resolute PR says “The businesses I see struggling are those who have never put remote working practices into place. Perhaps they have their own antiquated servers, don’t allow to share files on the cloud or have never had a flexible work from home policy. They struggle with employee/employer trust, client communication and the overall logistics of maintaining operations off-site.”

This is an eye-opener to businesses who haven’t explored the work from home option. During a contingency like this, a sudden shift can be overwhelming for the employees and the employers might find it difficult to both trust employees with work and to manage projects.

Who is thriving with remote work?

On the other end of the spectrum, we see a thriving business for another sector that supports the remote working industry.

Jordan Brannon on remote work from home
Jordan Brannon

Jordan Brannon, President at Coalition technologies showed us an interesting observation. According to him, “Not all of the effects are negative. IT firms are working overtime to support the workforces of companies that have moved to remote operations. Providers of security equipment and services have seen an increase in leads. Sales of Cannabis and CBD Products have seen a spike.”

Redirect Business

Even those businesses like bakeries, gyms, startups and beauty salons who need a physical store can use this time to grow their brand otherwise. Running promotional campaigns and online classes can be a great way to publicize your brand so that people remember you when they need your service the next time.

Tips for small businesses doing remote work

It is a change of realm for businesses who have never gone remote, and even if it had earlier, a mass shift of the whole office staff to their homes would have never happened. Times like these call for no other options but to resort to work from home. But on the bright side, we have a couple of tips to keep the workspace motivated and functioning smoothly even in the time of uncertainty.

Leaders, Take the lead

The manager has to take the first step to keep the staff motivated. He has to be the first person to tell everyone that everything is okay and that we can do this together. You need to inspire your team to stick together so that your boat reaches shore safe once the pandemic is done with.

Shiyang Gong on virtual design team
Shiyang Gong

Shiyang Gong of AiLaw vouches for this leadership role. She says, “In order to keep your employees motivated, the owner will always have to lead the way with being motivated themselves first. Then they can provide incentives for performance.

For example, if employees show up to work on time and being the best performer for 5 consecutive days in a row, maybe they will win an extra week of vacation. Or maybe, they will get an award in the form of a trophy that says – best performer of the year.

Being creative with this will help not only motivate them to stay positive in this situation, but it will also encourage them to take a more positive perspective on life.”

Dress like you are going to the office

Be it a small or a big business, it is about the work ethics of the employees. Working from home may have once been a luxury that got us all excited, but at present, it has become an obligation thrust upon us day in and day out.

Sticking to your routine is crucial as it helps keep the work on schedule. Yes, you will have more time to relax and refresh. But it is important to get up on time, get ready for work(wear your formals, it helps create the feeling of going to work than working in your pyjamas) and set up the workspace from where you can work comfortably and ergonomically.

Tyler Brooks of JAM Paper and Envelope adds to this by saying, “Put on some music or a podcast, whatever you normally listen to while at work at the office. This is also a really great method of getting into the headspace to complete your daily work tasks as normal. Turning on the TV can be a big distraction.”

Have a List

Schedule your day. Ask your employees to plan out their tasks for the day and set deadlines for themselves. When you work from home, you are your own manager and managing productivity is important, especially if you are managing other people too.

Oliver Dale on what is remote work
Oliver Dale

Oliver Dale, founder at has a similar opinion to make it easier on employees during the lockdown, He says,” It’s important for team members to try and establish some kind of schedule for the day, which means starting work at the same time each day, taking
regular breaks and making sure they enjoy a proper lunch break. We also recommend setting up a separate area of their home to work from so they can shut the door at the end of the day and maintain a work-life balance.”

Stay in touch

Technology has been a lifesaver in times like these allowing us to close the door of our office yet keep our businesses running. Working remotely has been a great boon. But sometimes it can get lonely as you might miss the faces and the water cooler banter, which was a great refresher during the day at the office.

Deborah Sweeney on work remotely meaning
Deborah Sweeney

Deborah Sweeney, CEO of, endorses this and says” Communication is key. Many workers that are currently working remote are new to the experience and may struggle with the transition. I would advise all department managers to communicate with their team members and keep in touch. Encourage them to ask questions or simply to talk about what’s going on together. Stay connected and updated about each team member’s circumstance.”

Technology again has the answer to this with team collaboration apps like Slack and Zoom / Microsoft Teams that allow video calls and conferences, a great way to spark some fun in the monotony of work from home.

Define your Workspace

With the looming threat of the deadly CoVid virus and the gloom that encompasses staying at home all day, it can be a challenge to work full time. You may be torn between working, and household chores, which is why defining a workspace at home is vital. You need to incorporate a dedicated space where you can sink in without distraction to get your work done.

Jennifer Willy on virtual team meaning
Jennifer Willy

This is precisely what Jennifer Willy, Editor at Etia.Com, has something to say to the workforce at home, “Building a permanent workspace is very important. This could be an empty or spare bedroom that you convert to a home office. It is very vital to establish an area of your home where you will work and commit to working in this space every day.

There is a need to invest in office furniture. Depending on the amount of space available, consider purchasing a large desk, bookshelves, and a comfortable office chair. Other tips include setting work hours, using a planner, assessing productivity peak, avoid working in front of your TV.”

Workaround Distractions

One cannot deny or fight off the fact that working from home can be a strain on your nerves sometimes. With distractions aplenty like the doorbell, grocery shopping, washing, tending to the kids, managing your partner and of course, the TV. Accept them, just stick to your schedule and indulge during your break time.

Stay Fit when working remotely

Since you are at home and have more time to yourself, make the best of it. Do a morning jog, get your Surya Namaskar done(if that’s your thing) before you start your workday. You have waited all your life for this time to work out, do it, feel refreshed and revitalized as you begin tackling your work schedule.

What are the work collaboration tools that are available?

You may have coordinated work for the day through morning meetings and heads-ups throughout the day at the office. However, things are slightly different with work from home. It is best to use online collaboration tools to get work assignments across to employees as well as to communicate ideas. There are plenty of tools available in the market with collaborative features to facilitate communication between teams and even individuals to mimic the office environment. Some of the top collaboration tools and work from home apps are discussed below.

Project Management tools

Work collab tools have been the basis of companies that have been doing remote work for long. Companies where the staff travel, work from home or work flexibly, have been making use of online project collaboration tools like Trello, Slack and Zoom to keep the team constantly in touch through instant messaging or calls.

Trello Collaboration Tool

Tali Mandelzweig, COO & Co-Founder of MeetFox, a fully web-based tool for seamless video meetings says “Great morale and positivity will help keep employees motivated plus there is an abundance of tools that can help with productivity as Slack, MeetFox, Trello, Google Drive etc., All these tools can be used remotely and help keep each employee accountable.”

Gantt charts are the basis of all work collaboration.  What is it? It is a visual assembly of the tasks scheduled overtime. Gantt charts are extensively used in project planning. It helps plan out projects of all sizes. They also show you what work is scheduled to be done on a given day. Some of the best project collaboration tools use Gantt charts to represent and monitor workflow.

Project management software like Trello makes use of Gantt charts to communicate and assign work for individual employees. You can also share your work as google doc links on the platform for easier reference. Many document collaboration tools for businesses are also available that allow file sharing between team members.

Jacob, CEO at Stasher shared insights on how their young and thriving company makes the best of people’s productivity by giving them the opportunity to work from where they feel comfortable. He says” Much of our team frequently travel, which has meant that telework tools have always been essential. We use Trello to assign tasks and stay organized, and then Slack is our day to day go-to for all internal conversations.

Currently, all face to face meetings are cancelled, both internally and externally, meaning that video call/conferencing tools like Google Hangouts are essential in helping us feel like we are still all together. We already used Zoom and Hangouts daily, but at the moment, we fully rely on them.”

Social collaboration tools

Communication tools are essential for the smooth running of any project when working remotely. Not all conversations can be conveyed through phone calls. Instant messaging, video and audio calls and group chats are the preferred modes of communication. Google Hangouts, Slack and WhatsApp make great contestants for instant messaging. They also have the advantage of being available as mobile apps. Video calling is a great way to boost the morale of coworkers. Platforms like Zoom and Skype have been a lifesaver in this regard.

Best team collaboration tools

Working continuously, that too from the confines of the home can be dry at times. While there was creativity boosting conversations and enriching interactions at the office, the lack of these at home can make work seem more daunting than usual. Getting the team on entertaining platforms to have a laugh in the middle of work can be great. Try to get the serotonin flowing and revitalize work.

Spark a little fun with agile team collaboration tools

Will Gray, Founder of Hidden Door Experiences seem to have a very hip solution for remote workplaces to come together. He talks about his app, which helps lighten up the workspace. He says,” Remote Lip Sync Battle enables teams to choose a pop song and create your own original lip-sync music video. The experience is designed to encourage teams to work on a project with a clear and measurable outcome. Whilst it’s fun and helps build mental health and wellbeing for employees, Remote Lip Sync Battle enables remote teams to develop a new pattern of workflow and productivity.”

Managers can kickstart entertaining conversations and have the team play together in their break time. This will help keep the team working together and relax as a community. This can reflect in work too as people get more willing to collaborate after an exhilarating experience together.

So what can small businesses do to tide over these trying times?

Enhance Communication with virtual team software

Communication is important in any workspace. But when working with remote teams, you may have to push it a little further. Teams can make use of apps like Google Hangouts and Slack for day to day communication. These collaboration tools for businesses can also help teams engage in audio and video calls for more enriching discussions.

Ollie Smith on cast is a collaboration tool
Ollie Smith

Ollie Smith of Card Accounts says, “In my experience, it is important to over-communicate with your team, especially when separated by distance. It can be difficult enough to relay messages effectively when everyone is in the same room, so you need to work even harder in a remote situation.

By ensuring you maintain regular team communication sessions and have everyone’s contact information to hand is a good start! It is also vital that you *clarify what you expect *from your team beforehand. Discussing expected hours of work, metrics and daily priorities can help prevent confusion or conflict from occurring.”

The virtual team

Small businesses should implement cloud-based management systems and ensure frequent communication with remote-workers. Various communication tools are available that help share information and engage in conversations between team members. Social media and online collaboration tools help build stronger bonds between team members workwise and personally.

Use Social media promotions

We understand that not all small businesses can’t be run as usual through online media. For example, restaurants, gyms, beauty salons, artisanal crafts store whose products are sold through brick and mortar stores may not be able to do the ‘business as usual’. Well, even then, you don’t have to idle during these times. You can do your own share of innovation to make the best out of the situation.

Arvin Khamesh on working remotely meaning
Arvin Khamesh

Arvin Khamseh of Contractor Riches says getting on social media to publicize your brand is the best way for these stores. He recommends a radical way of thinking for these brands.

He says,” Companies like travel agencies can significantly cut expenses and create content online that will be remembered after lockdown is over. Restaurants can use services including Doordash, Skipthedishes, Ubereats and others alike to focus on the delivery side of the business. Gyms can offer virtual classes over Zoom. Beauty salons can create courses to teach others how to do certain treatments like Microblading.”

Benefits of working remotely

Remote work is the future. The prospects of remote work have been stirring for a couple of years now. Now, it has been adopted by many organization, either completely or partially. But, why work remotely?
For employers, there are many advantages – 

  • It is definitely cheaper.
  • One doesn’t have to spend a fair share of money on real estate, rent or other charges that come with a physical office. This is especially relevant for digital companies who do not have the requirement of a real office. But this may not be the case for stores like a bakery, florist or perfumery. However, they can find a way of working around it.
  • Also, you no longer have to restrict your hiring due to location.
  • With remote work, you can have the best talent from all over the world working for you.
  • For the employees, remote work translates to a greater work-life balance. You can spend your time with your family and indulge in hobbies as you have more time on your hands.
  • You save on time and energy. Since none of them is wasted in commute, therefore, can perform even better at work.
  • Greater flexibility with working hours as you can keep deadlines by working at your own pace.


To conclude, we must say that managers must think about shifting to work from home as we go forward. We at Brandloom have a major workforce working remote, full time from all over the country. There are a lot of advantages to this strategy- both for the employers and the employees. It took CoVid 19 to truly nail this point.


  1. What are some compelling reasons to work from home?

    Work from offer many advantages for both employers and the employees.
    Employers can save on rent, electricity, commutation costs etc. They can also have a large pool of talent working for them irrespective of their geographical location.
    For employees, this means a better work-life balance, more time to spend with family and flexibility in working hours.

  2. Do a lot of companies work remotely from India?

    Although we are a bit resistant to the idea of work from home for the whole office staff, there are some companies like ourselves who rely on talent across the country through full time remote work to get the job done. Many IT and service sector companies are also offering work from home especially in the current scenario.

  3. What are the best project collaboration tools?

    There are many project collaboration tools available in the market like Trello, Office 365, Asana and SLack. the basis of any project collaboration app is the ability to assign, monitor progress and work out plans for projects on a single platform. You can chose the right platform for you depending on the size of your team, whether you have large or small projects, and the ease of use for the team.

  4. How do you manage a virtual team?

    Managing a virtual team is different from how you would at a physical office space. Collaboration tools are great to keep track of projects and deadlines. A dedicated communication channel like Slack or Google Hangouts is vital for seamless conversation between team members. You can also have weekly Zoom meetings with the whole team so as to address any issues and discuss further steps more personally.

  5. Is work from home the future of working?

    The pandemic has definitively taught us that remote work is the way to work as we move forward. If not for all sectors, a majority of industries, including the IT industry, the service industries and financial industries can easily make the shift. this will be a great way to increase productivity and help employees spend more time with their family.

In SEO, a slug is a part of the page url that helps you identify an unique page. If you can optimize your slugs, they can definitely help you with improved SEO and get you more traffic for your website. So, let us learn, what is a slug, and about ways to optimize them.

What is a slug?

Look at the top of the address bar on your web browser. The web address you are seeing is the “url” or Uniform Resource Locator. The part that comes after the first single backslash or “/” is the slug.

A slug is that part of the url that identifies the page in an easy way and specifies what the page is all about. A slug helps both the reader and the search engine identify what the page’s content topic is.

For example, if you search for “coronavirus” on the NHS UK site, you will get the link
Here, the slug is “coronavirus/”.

Why is a slug important for SEO?

When you upload a post on your website, you can edit the slug in the permalink. If your slug is easy to read and understand, it makes your url more searchable by Google.

Slugs with meaningful Words are better than slugs full of random alpha-numeric characters.

For example, if your page url is it gives you no idea what the page is about.

But, if the url is – it tells you exactly what the page is about. This helps the search engine index your page easily, and return it as a search result when someone searches for “digital marketing services.”

It also helps readers understand what your page content is about. They are more likely to click on those search results whose slugs they can clearly read.

How to optimize your slugs?

So how can you write the right slug for your url? Here are a few tips to help you out:

  1. Include keywords in your slugs. Slugs including keyphrases make it clear what your page is about. This makes your page more searchable.
  2. Stay focused. When writing a slug, get rid of unnecessary words like “a” “and” “the”. Your slug should be functional. Choose only the words that you need. For example, if your auto-generated slug is “how-to-bake-a-tasty-chocolate-cake”, you can whittle it down to “bake-chocolate-cake.”
  3. Be short and descriptive. If you follow point 1 & 2, automatically your slug will be short, descriptive and functional.
  4. Pay attention to slugs for pages with similar content. Remember, you can use a slug only once. So, if you have multiple pages on similar or related topics, make sure each of them is different. For eg- if you have two pages; one about jean the material, the other about jeans the piece of clothing. You can’t use “jean” for both. So, the first slug can be “fabric-jean”, the second can be “pants-jeans”.

Writing a good slug- think about your audience Ultimately, your slug should tell your readers what content they are going to get if they click on your link. So, think like your audience. Make slugs that are easy to read and that concisely describe your content topic.

If you want to know more about SEO, stay tuned. I will share more information on SEO here.

If you want to extract maximum benefit from your SEO efforts, you must know about the meta description. Wondering, what is a meta description and why should you pay attention to it?

Let me tell you, a good meta description is essential if you want your web page to consistently rank high on the search engine result pages.

What is a meta description

Meta description is something which could help you beat Google’s search algorithm. So let us understand what a meta description is and how to write an effective one.

What is a meta description in SEO? When you input a search query in Google, you see many website links turn up. Each link comes with a short page description displayed just under it. That is the meta description for it.

Meta description length for SEO

A meta description is a snippet of around 160 characters which gives a summary of the content on a page. It is actually an HTML tag- and if relevant search keywords are included in the meta description, people are more likely to click on your link.

For example, if you post a recipe for white pasta sauce, and your meta description says that this page will give you the best home-made white pasta sauce recipe- your target audience will be more inclined to click on it. If you leave that description part blank, your audience may not understand what your page is all about, and may simply move to the next one.

seo meta description length for seo

Why is a meta description important for SEO?

Writing a good meta description is a must if you want to do search engine optimization. Keep in mind, there is no direct way in which a meta description can help you rank higher.

However, when you write a good meta description, it grabs people’s attention. Then, they are more likely to click on it.

When you have a good click-through rate, Google identifies your page as good content for the relevant search queries. Once that happens, it pushes your page up and you rank higher on the search engine results page.

How to write a good meta description?

If you want to write a good meta description for your page, here are a few pointers:

  1. Keep your description under 160 characters
  2. Be specific in your description- don’t use generic or vague description of the content you have.
  3. Write in an active voice and include a call to action
  4. Make sure it has the focus keywords
  5. Make sure it gives a succinct and attractive summary of the content that follows
  6. Don’t use duplicate meta description. For each page, you must have a separate meta description which should be unique.
  7. Don’t use alpha-numeric characters like quotes. Google cuts off descriptions the moment it reaches quotation marks.

When writing a good meta description- think more about the audience As I said earlier, writing a good meta description may not directly influence your search rankings. But, you can use it to hook in your target audience.

So when you write a meta description, think about your reader. Write eye-catching, interesting copy which will grab eyeballs and compel them to click on your page. After all, your content is for your readers, and not just for algorithms.

Want to know more about SEO? If you want to know more about SEO or get pointers on how to rank your page higher on Google, stay tuned.


What is google meta description character limit?

The google meta description character limit is 160. Please note that Google may or may not show the meta description provided by you. It may show a part of your content to fulfil users information needs.

We know you must be reading this as you shift between tabs of work as you are about to complete/completed a month of working from home. COVID19 has us all doing remote work at our homes today since we rushed on the last day at the office, scuffling for the laptop, charger and essentials. The month-long lockdown has made many companies rely heavily on a full time, work from home. Even institutions who couldn’t even conceive the idea of work from home had to make the shift, lest they close down their offices.

So, is it possible that remote work becomes a norm in the future? Let us look at it in detail.

Remote work

Remote work, in its essence, means working from home or working outside the traditional office space. It can be at a place and time zone convenient for the employee. This may be for a day or can span over several days a week and even from multiple locations. Remote work can have both full time and part-time employees. It depends on the working hours stipulated by the company. These can also include freelancers, co-working-space crowd, and digital nomads.

What are the advantages of remote work?

One cannot ignore the many advantages of remote teams that make it the next revolution in work culture. There are pros for both the employer and the employees.


Productivity has to top the list. Working from home gives employees the time to relax and plan out their day to their own comfort. Employees can choose the right environment for them to be at their productive best. The remote workforce has a more relaxed work environment. The employers too benefit massively from shifting work out of the traditional office space.

Luka Arezina on remote working jobs in India
Luka Arezina

Luka Arezina, the co-founder of DataProt, thinks that “People tend to be more productive when they work remotely because there are fewer distractions. Furthermore, remote work decreases commuting time, sick leave abuse, and enables employees to have more excellent work-life balance, which can reduce retention and overall work satisfaction.”

Flexible remote work

Flexibility in work hours comes next. Not all people are at their productive best during office hours. Especially taking long commutes in crowded buses and through the morning traffic can be a bummer. This can be difficult especially when you are trying to concentrate on a new project. Minus this, full time, work from home allows you to start work at your pace. Morning bird or late owl, you just need to get your job done before the deadline.

Syed Ali Hasan on best remote companies to work for
Syed Ali Hasan

Syed Ali Hasan, Digital Content Head at Film Jackets, conveys his personal satisfaction at remote work by saying, “You get to do work on flexible hours. Which means not getting up early or working late nights. Also, there are no rules of dress code, and no narcissistic manager will ever yell on you for wearing headphones while working.”

Commuting vs Telecommuting

An estimate shows that in the US, an average person spends at least 4.35 hours a week in commute. The figures are no better in India. Congested roads and constant traffic jams only worsen the number.

Chris Kaiser on find remote work
Chris Kaiser

Chris Kaiser, CEO & Founder of Click A Tree, says, “It makes the entire company a lot more flexible. You save money for office rent. And you can profit from a global pool of talent instead of limiting yourself to your geographical area – not just are there loads of highly-skilled people out there, but often you even save on salary, since a freelancer e.g. working from Thailand has lower living costs.”

The right person for the job

Companies today face talent shortage due to the inability to find the right person who is ready to commute to the office every day. In the digital age, it doesn’t make sense. These are especially relevant for digital, advertising and IT companies. They can conveniently shift to remote teams working together.

Also, the pollution levels due to transportation and congested living spaces are not helping to create a productive or healthy environment. If employers fail to realize the importance of health and good mental space for employees, they will have to pay the price in the long run.

David Leonhardt on find remote work
David Leonhardt

David Leonhardt, President, THGM Writers quotes this by saying, “Remote work reduces commuting costs and time for the employee. And it reduces pollution from transportation to and from the workplace. A further advantage for both employer and employee is that neither is tied to geography.”

Remote working jobs – 

Remote jobs sounds great and like its everyone’s cup of tea. Realistically it may be more adaptable to companies in specific industries and challenging for others.

Many industries, especially the IT sector have been performing remote work for a long time. Even then, the number of companies that entirely rely on remote work are few. Working from home is best for institutions that offer services that do not require direct interaction with customers. Even businesses that don’t need customer need to be present for the transaction physically can shift to remote work without much hassle.

Remote work for programmers

Leonard Ang CMO of enKo Products says “Remote working may be possible for some businesses which don’t need a lot of physical interaction with their consumers. These businesses are those who can offer their services or products online. Remote working is possible for businesses who could perform their tasks away from each other. Here, only communication within coworkers and consumers via video conference or call is needed. An example of such businesses could be online selling, project-based like a virtual designer, an IT expert, online marketing services, and more. These mostly communicate with their consumers via email or any form of messaging.”

Remote work marketing

On the other hand, some businesses require physical customer services like at restaurants, salons or the gym. Here, people have to be at the store to avail the service. This does not mean that they cannot adopt remote work at all. Some of the staff who work at the backend or in marketing businesses can definitely work from home. A simple example of being a salon that runs online classes. It can employ the digital guy to work from home or freelance easily than having him on site.

Reflecting on this sentiment, Kevin Eikenberry, co-founder of The Remote Leadership Institute, says,” Many customer-facing businesses simply cannot provide their services remotely. Restaurants, hairdressers and the like have to be face to face with the people they serve. That doesn’t mean they can’t employ remote workers in the back end part of their business, however.

Accountants, assistants and other support personnel could be transitioned to working remotely. Any kind of office work or project work can use remote staff. We also must allow for the evolution of how different industries adapt remote technologies. Twenty years ago, we would have never dreamed of telemedicine, yet it’s a reality today and becoming more common.”

Finding working remotely tips

Jeff Campbell on remote work book
Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell, a blogger at Middle Class Dad, gives us an interesting insight. He tells us that, “Some businesses you would think find it difficult to go remote are also doing it, I’m seeing a wide variety of businesses switching to a virtual format. Gyms , martial arts schools, yoga studios, personal trainers, and much more.

I’ve even seen chefs develop online menu planning for clients unable to eat at restaurants. I think a remote/virtual model can work for a lot of business models; virtually anything where information is being exchanged for a fee rather than a physical product.”

Remote team working tools

Working from home sounds like a charm but it does come with baggage. Unlike the office, there are some hurdles that will make it a bit of a challenge to get by. These include difficulty in coordination, lack of dedicated communication and file sharing. While in the coworking spaces, you could nudge the person next to you for updates, remotely it may need extra effort. This is why you require online job boards, work collaboration tools and dedicated communication platforms. We all know how we hate to take the phone and dial-up, somebody.

Project Management Tools

Apps like Trello and Microsoft Teams help schedule and monitor projects through Gantt chart method. It’s organised and easy to use representation of work makes it easier to assign and keep track of project progress.

Communication Management Tools

WhatsApp and Slack are some of the communication collaboration tools that are widely used in the industry. Whatsapp comes very handy as most people already use it for personal transactions. The group option is very useful to have team conversations. Slack is also a great platform for work communications. It is easy to access, user-friendly and you can shift between direct messaging and group messaging with ease.

Google Hangouts and Microsoft teams are other great platforms for interaction between team members. Small businesses can especially benefit from the G-Suite and hangouts. The app is also preinstalled in most phones making it convenient to communicate.

Team Meeting Tools

Skype has been the video conferencing platform for ages. It is still one of the most preferred mediums for video and audio calls. Zoom meetings are also big today. It’s convenience and option to add a larger group into the conversation makes it a staple for most companies.

Jacob, CEO at Stasher says, “With regard to remote meetings. We already used Zoom and Hangouts daily,
but at the moment we fully rely on them. Without both Slack and Google Hangouts / Zoom, we would really struggle to continue to work as a team in the current climate. I think these technologies are great at keeping things efficient – sticking to quick agenda points and fast-paced decision making.”

Remote work from home

It all comes down to the question, “What after the pandemic?”. Work from home has been making its way into the work culture. COVID 19 just gave it the much-needed push. Many industrial giants have like Amazon and Dell have a dedicated remote working force. If we can forgo the traditional aspect of work that happens only in the office, we can expect to see more remote companies.

Working remotely today

People have different styles of working. Each person tends to perform best when they are in their zone. This may be at home, crouched on the bed, at a favourite coffee shop, while travelling. It can even be in an office environment for some. With the advent of technologies that have given us superfast internet connectivity and options to talk face to face via video calls, the office space concept is slowly dwindling.

Shiyang Gong on remote work from India
Shiyang Gong

Shiyang Gong, CEO at AILaw.Inc opines that “As online communication rapidly richens, remote working has been rapidly evolved and become the dominant way of working for knowledge workers. Already the well-established businesses like Jibble, Atlassian, Dell, Humana, Transcom, Amazon, and countless others highly trust the remote working.

Even in the current situation of the world with Covid-19, a remote job is considered as the most practical and proficient source of work. So, the future surely belongs to companies that don’t tie their searches for employees to just one point on the map.”

Flexible remote work policy

We believe that work-life is going to be more flexible in the future. Many companies will realize that working remotely is feasible both financially and work-wise. The contest is if a small company like ourselves have been functioning smoothly working from home, so can bigger companies.

Jon Torres on remote work quotes
Jon Torres

Even if it doesn’t translate to whole companies going remote, the future shows companies employing remote workforces. They will be more inclined towards flexibility and comfort.  Jon Torres, Founder of, quotes “I think this recent virus has proven that many businesses that thought they could not be remote have found a way to make it work. I think employees benefit from flexibility and are going to start demanding more and more remote positions moving forward.”

Managing remote employees

Remote jobs aren’t easy on employers and managers all the time. They need to trust their remote employees. Employers also need to monitor for efficiency during the transition. Only then can remote jobs be considered a viable future choice for a company.

Leonard Ang, CMO of EnKo Products says “I believe that there is a possibility remote work will be common in the future because this would actually save both the employer and employees money from other expenses. If the employees of certain businesses do well and are productive during this period of remote work, I think their employers will definitely consider this to be a long term thing. This is not only happening because of the CoVid-19 pandemic since there are already other businesses who embraces the work from home set up and it works for them. It’s just a matter of determining how efficient it is for your company.”

Hurdles in working remotely

Working from home may be daunting to manage in the beginning. Employees will need to familiarize with new apps and communication tools. This may delay the speed initially but can be caught up within a few weeks.

For people who enjoy the fun and frolic of the office space, remote work may be a bummer. One can also feel solitary and discouraged through the course of extensive work from home schedules.

Gregory Golinski, Head of Digital Marketing at looks at the other end of the straw and says, “On the other hand, other workers miss their social life in the office. They also find that spending the whole day at home is becoming increasingly boring. There will always be people who love working from home and other people who prefer working with colleagues in an office. Remote work will become more widespread, but it sure won’t be the norm for everybody.”


Work from home is definitely going to be on the rise post the lockdown. The COVID 19 pandemic have had us rethinking our choices and lifestyle, especially with regard to work. Post the scenario, we expect to see more companies open to flexibility and to the welfare of employees. What is your take on the work from home lifestyle? Would you be open to adopting it at your firm and to what degree? Comment below and let us know.


Q.1 What is remote work? Is working remotely possible in today’s world?

Remote work is doing jobs away from the office. Employees can choose where they want to work from depending on their convenience. Some companies even allow employees flexible working hours. It is the work style of the future as it gives a better work-life balance.

Q.2 Going by the definition of remote work, working remotely sounds interesting. Mention some benefits of working remotely.

There are many advantages to remote work for the employees.

  • More time to spend with family.
  • Don’t have to spend precious time commuting back and forth.
  • They can work at their own time and convenient location.
  • Flexible work hours.

Q.3 Can product managers work remotely?

Surely product managers can work remotely. Today major companies have their teams distributed all over the world. With communication tools like video calls, project collaboration apps etc., it is convenient to keep track of work progress. Proper management is the crux of remote working.

Q. 4 What are the pros and cons of working remotely?


  • A great work-life balance
  • Productive work environment
  • Flexible working hours
  • No hassle of travel and relocation


  • Affects social bonds with coworkers
  • Communication becomes tricky 
  • Keeping track of work progress may be difficult.


Q.5 What is the biggest hurdle in working remotely?

The biggest hurdle is the mindset that some jobs cannot be performed virtually. Although some service institutions (restaurants, salons, and hospitals) may find it difficult to work remotely, if not all, some of the jobs can be performed remotely. With collaboration and communication tools aplenty to support remote work, it shouldn’t hold companies back from implementing work from home.

Q.6 Please name some tips and tools which would make working remotely easier?

Some of the best communication tools for remote work are Slack, WhatsApp and Google Hangouts. They are easy to use and even available on the phone as Apps. Work collaboration tools like Trello and Microsoft Teams are excellent for assigning and monitoring the progress of projects. Remote communication tools like Zoom meetings and Skype make face to face conversations a breeze.

The emergence of social media has drastically influenced the way people live. Take a look around and you will find at least five people clicking photos and shooting videos hoping their posts would go viral. Most of these people want to be an influencer. Wondering what is an influencer, read on.

Out in a fancy restaurant for dinner? Snap some pictures, give them an elegant filter, post it on Instagram and see those “likes” shooting up. This is exactly what an influencer does and gets paid for it. In this article, I will share who is an influencer and what sets them apart from regular social media users?

What Is An Influencer?

In plain and simple terms an influencer is just that – an influencer. But let us dig in deeper.

An influencer is a person who is well-known to have authority and knowledge in a given segment and can manipulate or “influence” purchasing decisions of consumers. Well, this is the influencer meaning in English.

In the digital age, you will find influencers across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and several other such social networking sites. An influencer has a strong following on these sites and actively engages with his or her audience, building a relationship with the followers.

What is a brand influencer

A brand influencer is a digital or social media users or bloggers who leverage their digital footprint to engage and connect a brand with its target audience.

These influencers work closely with brands to create authoritative and relevant content. The content creation and distribution is generally a paid promotion. 

The target audience of an influencer is very niche. Say, for example, a fitness vlogger regularly uploads videos on exercises and healthy eating. So, the health brands will approach him to endorse their products. If the brand’s message aligns with the influencer, he or she will review those products or market in such a way that the followers will trust and shop from that brand. This is known as an influencer marketing strategy.

However, it is imperative to understand that influencers working with a brand are not simply marketing tools. For any brand, influencers can play a role of relationship building with their audience in a bid to reach their marketing objectives.

Why Brands need social media influencer

In this digital age, brands have the option of going beyond traditional techniques of marketing and utilize bloggers and influencers given their vast knowledge in that area and for building a steady base of an audience who follow them. Several brands are now turning towards influencers and teaming up with them to reach out to a maximum number of the target audience.

One example of this is YouTuber Lilly Singh who goes by the name iiSuperwomanii on YouTube. Lilly, who is of Indo-Canadian ethnicity, tied up with shampoo brand Pantene for their new product launch. While Lilly is famous for her funny videos and skits, she is also hugely popular among women for her long, thick and black hair.

Thus, Pantene used this opportunity and signed Lilly up for endorsements. One can find her posting pictures of the brand on Instagram and send across the brand’s message. Like her, there are several influencers who have very niche base and endorse the brands that align with their audience.

Celebrity vs Influencer

Now one may ask don’t celebrities do the same? Haven’t popular celebrities with a mass following been advertising products for decades? While this is true, the difference between celebrity endorsements and influencer endorsements is that the latter has the expertise and direct accessibility to their target audience. Influencers come up with different ideas for their social media posts, where they bring in the brands who sponsor them Thus, creating a sponsored post.

key opinion leader vs influencer

Types of Influencers

There are several types of influencers and the most popular ones are social media influencers. As the terminology suggests, these influencers mainly work on social media. In the digital marketing world, social media influencers play a huge role as they have a great impact on people’s psyche. In social media, there are five types of influencer based on number of followers.

The standard influencer types are as follows:

  • Nano-influencers: 1,000 – 10,000 followers
  • Micro-influencers: 10,000 – 50,000 followers
  • Mid-tier influencers: 50,000 – 500,000 followers
  • Macro-influencers: 500,000 – 1,000,000 followers
  • Mega-influencers: 1,000,000+ followers

Please note that to be influencers you need to have a high level of engagement. for example, Macro-influencers are the one who’s following on social media sites such as Instagram and YouTube are less than 1 million and each post rakes up to 10% engagement. On the other hand, micro-influencers are those who have a minimum of 500 followers and each post has more than 25% engagement.

Both these types of influencers concentrate on building proper engagement with the brand and have a sort of personal relationship with their followers. This becomes extremely important for a brand to work on the kind of sponsored content to be made with the influencers

Influencer Advertising Today

The advent of the internet and social media has influenced all aspects of our lives. This has made the world smaller and now we get blown up version of people’s lives.

While privacy may be an issue with some, but a large section of people who are in need to find a quick way to popular don’t really bother about that. Here, it is to be noted that not all influencers who have gathered mass following actually began with an ambition of becoming an influencer.

Over the years they’ve been steadily engaged with their audience built up the fan following that the brands began taking notice of them and reach out to them.

An article in New Yorker magazine explains the word influence in an articulate manner. The magazine states that influence triggered worry before the digital age ushered. This particular buzzword had a place in one of William Shakespeare’s plays. Initially, the emotion “influence” evoked was that of rarely happy or dignified, according to New Yorker. However, over the years the word has sought a new meaning.

“The algorithms that dictate which videos are recommended by YouTube, or the hidden engines that prioritize certain social-media posts over others, are the digital equivalents of Shakespeare’s remote, “skyey” influences. Their agendas are unknowable and changeable; even social-media influencers are subject to the whims of the algorithms as if they were serving capricious deities,” explains the New Yorker in a poetic way.

Did Influencer Marketing Existed Before

Come to think of it, are influencers a 21st-century thing or have they existed for decades. If we research further, we come to know that the image of a portly old man in the red suit and long white beard, handing out gifts to children on Christmas was a creation of Coca-Cola. Yes, that image is of Santa Claus.

It is not far-fetched to say the current and popular image of Santa Claus was an influencer created by the soft-drink company. The colour red dominates the logo of Coca-Cola and hence, the brand’s marketing agencies thought to give the regular image of Santa Claus a spin and make him theirs. This marketing strategy proved so successful that Santa Claus’ image is to date used across the world. Pretty interesting to think, Santa Claus as an influencer, huh?


Do you also want to become an influencer? Then you have to be different. Understand that you are no Santa Claus to get a massive fan following instantly. So, you have to different. Asses your skills well and once you know the skill in which you are great at, start working on it and begin posting it on social media. YouTube tutorials are a great way to begin and read to the maximum audience. Keep doing this diligently and regularly.


  1. what is a brand influencer?

    A brand influencer is a digital or social media users or bloggers who leverage their digital footprint to engage and connect a brand with its target audience. These influencers work closely with brands to create authoritative and relevant content. The content creation and distribution is generally a paid promotion. 

  2. Who is an Instagram influencer?

    An Instagram user with credibility and followership from a niche audience, who can persuade others to act in a certain manner due to their uniqueness on Instagram is an Instagram influencer. These users connect an audience with another organisation through the usage of content or hashtags.

  3. How much is instagram influencer earning?

    An Instagram influencer can earn anything between US$75 to US$3000 per post.

  4. What is a social media influencer meaning?

    A social media user with credibility and followership from a niche audience, who can persuade others to act in a certain manner due to their uniqueness on social media platforms is a social media influencer. These users connect an audience with another organisation through the usage of content or hashtags.

  5. What is fashion influencer meaning in Hindi?

    सोशल मीडिया उपयोगकर्ता जो नियमित रूप से फैशन उद्योग से जुड़ी तस्वीरें और वीडियो पोस्ट करते हैं, उन्हें फैशन इंफलुएंसेर के रूप में जाना जाता है। फैशन इंफलुएंसेर मुख्य रूप से इंस्टाग्राम के माध्यम से अपने दर्शकों को फ़ोटो और लघु वीडियो बनाते हैं जो नेविगेट करने और प्रभावित करने में आसान बनाते हैं। कई फैशन ब्रांड – यहां तक ​​कि उच्च-अंत वाले भी अपने उत्पादों को बढ़ावा देने के लिए इन फैशन प्रभावितों के पास आते हैं। फिर इंफलुएंसेर एक तरह से विभिन्न प्रकार की प्रमोशन सामग्री का निर्माण करते हैं जो ब्रांड चाहते हैं ताकि ब्रांड को अपने लक्षित दर्शकों तक पहुंचने में आसानी हो।

  6. What is the meaning of a fashion influencer?

    Social media users who regularly post photos and videos from the fashion industry are known as fashion influencers. One such fashion influencer is Chiara Ferragni. She is an Italian fashion influencer was ranked first on the Forbes “Top Fashion Influencers” list in September 2017.

    Fashion influencers mainly target their audience through Instagram by creating photos and short videos that easy to navigate and influenced. Several of fashion brands – even the high-end ones – come to these fashion influencers to promote their products. Then the influencers build different types of content in a way that brands want. This means that there is ease the way brand reach to their target audience.

    Being a fashion influencer is mostly sought after in all types of influencers because fashion brand provides them with clothes to wear and market on social media, and moreover, they also get paid to do that. Being a fashion influencer isn’t an easy job and required lot of patience.

  7. What is an Influencer?

    An influencer is a person who is well-known to have authority and knowledge in a given segment and can manipulate or “influence” purchasing decisions of consumers. In the digital age, you will find influencers across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and several other such social networking sites. An influencer has a strong following on these sites and actively engages with his or her audience, building a relationship with the followers.

  8. what is a travel influencer

    A travel Influencer focuses on creating content about travel and tourism on social media platforms or/and on their blogs. This kind of influencer form partnership with hotels, tours & travel companies, airlines etc.

  9. What is influencer outreach?

    Influencer outreach is the process of reaching out to relevant influencers to connect with users of your brand. It is an integral part of digital advertising today.

  10. How many followers make you an influencer?

    In a real sense, just the higher number of followers does not make you an influencer. There has to be a good mix of engagement and followership. However, below is the followership needed for various types of influencers:

    Nano-influencers: 1,000 – 10,000 followers
    Micro-influencers: 10,000 – 50,000 followers
    Mid-tier influencers: 50,000 – 500,000 followers
    Macro-influencers: 500,000 – 1,000,000 followers
    Mega-influencers: 1,000,000+ followers

    Please note that to be influencers you need to have a high level of engagement. for example, Macro-influencers are the one who’s following on social media sites such as Instagram and YouTube are less than 1 million and each post rakes up to 10% engagement. On the other hand, micro-influencers are those who have a minimum of 500 followers and each post has more than 25% engagement.

  11. What is the micro-influencer definition?

    Micro-influencers are those who have a minimum of 500 followers and each post has more than 25% engagement.

“Don’t speak about your brand yourself; Let good people speak good about it to make the world believe the good in it.”

Mark Zuckerberg once said, “People influence people.” This seems to be true enough when it comes to marketing. We see many advertisements on various channels but rarely do we rush to buy a new product or service. But if the same product is recommended by a close friend or relative, we are most likely to buy it.

Such is the power of influencer marketing!

Based on the foundation of word-of-mouth and recommendations, influencer marketing has long been in existence. While earlier celebrities were approached to endorse brands, individuals with a dedicated social existence are also considered as “influencers” by most brands today.

Before we dig deeper into the topic, let us understand the fundamentals of Influencer Marketing.

What is Influencer Marketing?   

Influencer marketing is all about influencing or motivating the audience to buy products and services on social media channels. Brands reach out to influential people to increase traffic and sales for their services or products.

This type of marketing works really well for brands because it is based on the trust and bond between the influencers and their audience.

In return, the influencers are paid a handsome amount (or other things that add value) by the marketers. You would be amazed to know that Selena Gomez earns about $550,000 for one sponsored Instagram post, while Cristiano Ronaldo makes about $400,000 a post.

Influencers are like content machines pumping out pieces of content that engage a large number of people over the internet. They create high-quality content that is used to build unrivalled brand awareness. Since consumers are more likely to trust the recommendations of their favourite personality than the brand itself, it is easier for the brands to build their success over it.

So, how can brands use influencer marketing to meet their business goals?

Leveraging Influencer Marketing

Undoubtedly, influencer marketing has made decision-making interesting and marketing easier for the audience and brands, respectively. The fact that influencer marketing has won the trust of nearly 89% of marketers for generating better ROI than any other marketing channel says it all about this marketing technique.

However, just like every other marketing tactic, influencer marketing also demands deliberate planning. Sending free things to the audience won’t help you find strategic success in the real world.

So, how can this be achieved?

1 Hunting the right influencer for your brand

Working with influencers is way cheaper than paid advertising, only if, you have the right influencer standing by you. The first criterion to find the perfect influencer for your brand is their REACH. A social influencer with 1000 followers may be able to generate some results, but an influencer with 100,000 followers can do some real wonders for your brand. This is simple – The larger the following, the better the reach.

However, here’s a catch!

Not every social media user with a huge following on their channel can be considered as an ideal influencer. All thanks to paid marketing that has aided users to buy followers for their social channels. To overcome this challenge, you should take into consideration past engagement records of the influencers. This will help you understand if their words really matter to their audience.

2 Approaching the Influencer for Partnership

Reputation plays a crucial role in influencer marketing both for the brand and the influencer. How? No influencer would put their reputation at stake for supporting a brand that fails to offer them a pleasing value. Therefore, it is important that you approach the influencers in the right way stating what’s in it for them.

Firstly, the way you approach speaks a lot about your brand. Don’t opt for cold calling as you might end up annoying the influencer. Instead, think about common interests you both have and bring them into the line with your motive behind approaching them. Whether or not you are an avid fan of their channel, you should be able to tell them how their work relates to the goals of your brand.  

Secondly, make a great offer that they find worth investing their time and efforts. Simply offering them a budget won’t work here. You can also include offering social shares from your own channel, the ability to get free products or making them your first-time user for every new product, etc. 

Remember, influencers to want to increase their reach and engagement. Make sure your influencer marketing campaign comes out to be a mutually benefitted arrangement.

3 Creating the Right Campaign

A goal without a proper plan is a failure. No matter how efficiently you might have accomplished the first two steps, failing to have a surefire campaign will take your brand to nowhere. Therefore, take into consideration two important aspects of your influencer marketing campaign – 1) Goal, 2) Message.

While it’s true that every brand aims to boost its brand awareness and sales, kicking off on your strategy by working on your brand current needs seems to be more effective. For instance, you may want to increase your customer base in a specific location or demographic, or build a customer base for your new product, or simply spread your brand values. For your campaign to succeed, you should be clear about your goals. Only then, you will be able to communicate properly your needs to the influencer.

Determining your goals will ultimately help you create your message. Remember, your influencer can help you reach a specific audience who is likely to be interested in your services or products. While it depends on an influencer’s ability to spread the message in a very creative way, it is important for you to create a message that sticks to your goals.

Why work with an Influencer Marketing Agency?

An influencer marketing agency makes sure that your influencer marketing campaign remains effective and delivers goal-oriented results. With our years of experience, we can help you find influencers that best fit your budget and goals. We believe that it’s not always about finding a big name to promote your brand but somebody who could make true and significant efforts to help you meet your business goals.

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