Best CSR Projects in India

Best CSR Projects in India

In today’s time, many companies are involved in doing a lot of social work as part of their CSR policies. If you want to know about some of the best CSR projects companies are doing in India, read on.

CSR projects

Being socially responsible, a company quickly strengthen its image and builds its brand. The New Companies act 2013 makes a mandatory provision for contributing 2% of its profits towards corporate social responsibility. This is to address the social issues as well as bring out the positive impact on the life of the poor and disadvantaged groups so that they can live a productive and dignified life.     

The provisions for aids as well as appliances for the differently able persons are covered under Schedule VII (i) under encouraging health care, including preventive health care. There are many companies present on the internet that offers different options to submit your CSR news. 

CSR projects in India

The CSR ambit is now getting more prominent. For the coming years, it is going to turn as a unique knowledge base for analyzing as well as achieving sustainability goals as among different large economies.

Therefore, India is a country which has assured by ruling CSR through its legislative action. Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013 states the companies having a net worth of rupees five hundred crores or turnover of one thousand crores in a financial year needs to spend 2% of the average profits of last three years. 

Here are some of the best CSR projects companies in India have undertaken in various fields.

Best CSR projects in India

Different companies funding education CSR projects in India

1 Reliance Industries Ltd

Promoting education and skill development have always been the cornerstones of a progressive society for Reliance. It has always provided quality education to students. 

In order to enhance the quality of living as well as livelihood, Reliance helps to provide quality education, skill enhancement and training. The main focus of the company is to promote primary & secondary education, encourage higher education, enhance vocation skills and also enable higher education through scholarships by setting up and aiding universities and skill development with the help of vocational training. 

  • Amount spent: INR 215 crore
  • Location: Across India
  • Implementation By: Reliance Foundation

1.1 Dhirubhai Ambani Scholarship Programme

This Dhirubhai Ambai Scholarship Programme has one single motive of fulfilling the vision of late Shri Dhirubhai Ambani of rendering opportunities to the youth and empowers them towards becoming the future leaders. 

1.2 Reliance Dhirubhai Ambai Protsaham Scheme

This scheme mainly supports the financially poor as well as meritorious students of class X pass-outs. 

1.3 Education for specially-abled children

It has set up its Early Intervention and Rehabilitation Centre in Andhra Pradesh to facilitate as well as improve the development process of children with hearing and speech impairment. 

Estimated Impact: To pursue higher studies, 687 meritorious students were provided with scholarships. Eighty-five thousand students received a quality education through six ‘Education for All’ NGOs. Therefore, students from marginalized communities were given the opportunity to access better education and skill development.

2 Wipro Limited 

  • Project details: Community and education
  • Amount spent: INR 108.13 Crore
  • Location: Across India

The Wipro Academy of Software Excellence program assists the science graduates to study for their master’s degree in Software Engineering that is running in collaboration with the Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani, India.

It is a unique program that blends meticulous academic exposure with practical professional learning at the workplace. With an MS degree in Software Engineering, Wipro has supported more than 25000 students from a graduate from WISTA and WASE programs. 

Mission10X is a not-for-profit initiative of Wipro Company that was started in the year 2007 on September 5, for enhancing the employability skills of engineering students by establishing the capacity of engineering education infrastructure. 

Therefore, Wipro has increased participation now reaches to 2,000 schools, 1,500 colleges, as well as 2,200 teachers in 45 districts across 21 states.

3 Bajaj Auto Limited

  • Project details: Gives financial support to educational institutes infrastructure
  • Amount Spent: INR 75.84 Crore
  • Location: Maharashtra

Bajaj auto has spent part of its CSR funds on the Up-gradation as well as construction building in the educational sector. Bajaj auto in the educational sector has conducted more than 20 activities. 

Few important activities are listed below:

  • Mechanical Engineering building Up-gradation.
  • Pune Public School building is expanded by eight classrooms now.
  • For Nagpur University constructed the administrative building.
  • The schools in PCMC area, Pune were upgraded.
  • At Aurangabad Police Public School, the building was constructed for school, research laboratory as well as Library. 

Therefore, Bajaj Auto has enhanced the condition as well as the infrastructure of educational institutes to a great extent. 

4 Samsung India Electronics Pvt Ltd

  • Project details: Smart class, digital academy, Samsung technical school
  • Amount spent: INR 50.51 Crore
  • Location: Smart class: Across India
  • Digital academy: IITs at Delhi, Hyderabad and Kanpur
  • Samsung Technical School: Industrial Training Institute at Jaipur, Patna and Cochin

Samsung India is at the spearhead of empowering India’s youth with education with the medium of modern technology. In Navodaya Vidyalaya, Samsung Smart Class consists of all the contemporary audio-visual tools such as Samsung Tablets, printer, interactive smartboard and other devices, while these classes are also occupied with learning apps for English, Science, Mathematics and Computer Science.

The presence of latest technology tools has helped the student to a great extent in learning difficult and complicated concepts with ease. Due to the contemporary as well as an interactive learning environment, Samsung Smart Class has helped teachers to retain the student’s attention. Samsung digital academy is helping in rendering the young students a skill development course which is based on the Tizen OS platform. 

Therefore, more than two lakh students have been introduced to innovative and modern learning due to this initiative. 

5 Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited

As a responsible corporate citizen, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited has practised the CSR model of Creating Shared Values by effectively reaching out to the stakeholders, community as well as society members who are directly or indirectly involved in its business operations. 

The company has particularly identified the main four focus areas for its CSR programs- Health Care, Skill development, Community development and also Childcare & education to make a difference in the lives of unprivileged ones.

The primary focus of HPCL’s CSR activities is to identify the gaps in the existing system of the delivery of society and intervening meaningfully with them as this is going to help in creating a long-term as well as sustainable impact instead of creating parallel systems.  

6 Infosys Ltd

  • Project details: Assisting hand to a distant school, building better and learned India and bringing up higher education. 
  • Amount spent: INR 43.6 Crore
  • Location: Across India

Infosys Foundation has renovated seven schools in Arunachal Pradesh as well as two schools in Assam, in the year 2015. Infosys Foundation has also partnered with many academic institutions across India n order to institute chair professorship. Therefore, Infosys has also launched a TFI fellowship for supporting higher education.

Thus, the renovation of the school has directly benefited around 3000 students and staff. The TFI fellowship program for the higher education of Infosys has helped more than thousands of students.

7 Tata Steel Ltd

  • Project details: Promotion of education along with special education
  • Amount spent: INR 29.93 Crore
  • Location: Odisha, West Bengal, Chattisgarh and Jharkhand

Various projects on CSR of Tata Steel have been implemented right from elementary school education to the high level with a single motive of equitable as well as quality education. 

Tata has granted two fellowships; the Jyoti Fellowship and Moodie Fellowship to more than 2,800 meritorious SC and ST students coming from economically challenged families in Odisha as well as Jharkhand. 

Almost 83 bright SC/ST students from low-income families realize their academic dreams with the help of Tata Steel Scholars initiative. 5,500 underprivileged school students in classes 8, 9 and 10 improved their skills in different subjects like English, Mathematics and Science with the assistance of Tata’s preparatory coaching initiative.

Through Bridge Courses, 1,960 children were brought back to schooling, and 4,547 children were brought back through direct enrolment.

8 Mahindra and Mahindra Limited

  • Project details: Promoting education
  • Amount spent: INR 33.41 Crore
  • Location: Across India

Mahindra and Mahindra have executed many CSR projects in the education sector such as Mahindra scholarship for UWC students, Research projects of the Indian Council on global relations and Mahindra Saarthi Abhiyaan.

The undergraduate engineering students get an excellent opportunity to avail a great platform in the form of a project which allows hands-on experience in all aspects of automobile engineering.

The company has been supporting twenty-eight English medium MCGM school right from KG to class 7th as well as providing quality education to the underprivileged children. 

Therefore, there has been a significant impact as it provided education to population right from economically as well as socially disadvantaged communities. Mahindra and Mahindra Limited have also offered different scholarship programs ranging from providing opportunities to low-income group families.

9 ITC Limited

  • Project details: Education
  • Amount spent: INR 23.25 Crore
  • Location: Across India

The primary education program of ITC’s addresses the lack of quality in primary education in rural communities. Its principal aim is to strengthen the government primary school’s vast network with the help of stemming drop-outs and expanding the enrolments as well as enhancing the learning outcomes. The program puts in place mutually fortifying interventions that are harmonized to support a move towards child-friendly schools. 

The education program rendered access to children from weaker sections with the centre of attention on retention as well as quality. This program is mainly focused on retention and enhancing the learning outcomes in government primary schools. 

Therefore, the primary schools are provided with complete infrastructure support which comprises boundary walls, sanitation units, furniture and also additional classrooms. 

The program was successful in covering 45,823 children and 164 government primary schools were offered with infrastructure support. Thus, the total number of children enveloped under this program is 4.60 lakhs, while a cumulative total of primary schools supported stands at one thousand three hundred twenty-two.

10 Jindal Steel and Power Limited

  • Project details: Community education
  • Amount spent: INR 12.01 Crore
  • Location: Angul, Barbil, Tensa, Raigarh, Patratu and Jeraldabaru

The company is involved in recognizing education as one of the building blocks of the nation and contemplates it as a preferred area for its CSR activities. Therefore, the main motive is to foster young minds as well as educate them so that they can be capable enough to contribute to the nation’s development. 

Therefore, these are some of the companies that are actively involved in CSR projects. If you want to know more about the best CSR projects and make your company CSR project best then you can take the assistance of various websites present on the internet involved in CSR work. 

The CSR projects in South Africa ensure that the companies conduct the business responsibly as well as ethically, which has a positive impact on the South African economy. Thus, CSR projects are also responsible for social welfare.

Being a socially responsible company can strengthen a company’s image to a great extent as well as build its brand. CSR activities can help in contributing to boost employee morale and also can lead to higher productivity in the workforce

The CSR initiatives take responsibility for the company’s effects on environmental as well as a social being. They help in creating one of the best environments for the workers as well as provide them with everything necessary to get the job done correctly. Therefore, the average net profits for CSR spend calculation is based upon the profit before tax. 

What is CSR funding?

Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the funding as well as grants processes under which the Non-Profit Organizations can easily get the financial and other support from the corporate sector easily. As per the Companies Act, the CSR provision is applicable only for the companies that have a net worth of rupees five crores or more than this during any financial year. 

The funds that are provided for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are mainly for the social development issues which help in making a positive impact on the living standards of economically poor as well as disadvantaged people of the society to assist them to live a productive and dignified life. 

Therefore, the programs of this Act are social welfare programs as well as activities such as encouragement of health, water, education, environment, child welfare, social empowerment, employment generation vocation skills for the youth and women as well as differently-abled people through the livelihood enhancement projects.

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