Grow your Online Business with affiliate marketing program

Grow your Business with Performance-Based Affiliate Marketing Programs

Are you looking for ways to grow your online business? Have you explored performance marketing or performance-based affiliate marketing programs? These performance led programs have been gaining popularity among brands and companies? Why? For an entrepreneur, the risk of using affiliate marketing to boost growth are extremely low, and the returns could be very high. […]

WhatsApp Business App - How Companies Can Profit from it

WhatsApp Business App – How Companies Can Profit from it

The WhatsApp Business App is here to let you engage better with your customers. Though it has been rolled out to big enterprises globally, if you are a small company you can extract even great benefits from it. Here’s why: 1.3 billion people use WhatsApp actively to communicate with their family and friends. So it […]

How facebook lite helps small business succed

How Facebook Lite Helps Small Businesses Succeed in the Mobile World

Facebook Lite, the stripped down version of Facebook mobile app has been gaining popularity the world over among users. This App works very well on 2G connections and low end devices. In Feb 2017, Mark Zukerberg shared that the Facebook Lite app has more then 200 million users. Same day their COO Sheryl Sandberg announced […]


High PR & Free Article Submission Sites List (Tried & Tested)

  Free Article Submission Sites List Web Page Domain Authority Page Authority Moz Rank 97.48 94.69 7.1 97.43 38.65 4.02 94.08 85.01 6.68 92.37 68.79 5.91 89.85 69.43 6.86 89.07 65.31 5.01 88.44 90.74 6.69 88.38 90.18 6.52 87.14 89.65 6.3 82.15 56.03 5.25 […]

Password for Aadhaar Card Download with Aadhaar Number

Password for Aadhaar Card Download with Aadhaar Number

So you are looking for password to open Aadhaar card in pdf format that you have downloaded from Aadhaar website. If you have not yet downloaded your PDF Aadhaar card copy, you can download it from the web-link here: . Once you have downloaded the E-Aadhaar PDF copy (this is the only format that […]

mobile apps - dead in the water

Mobile Apps – Dead in the Water

Mobile Apps are a dominant factor in people’s lives. But apparently only a select few. It seems that people are averse to downloading and trying out new apps. Media analytics firm comScore recently released its annual Mobile Apps Report which states that – A majority (51%) of all smartphone users report downloading a grand total […]

google attribution

Google Attribution: Mapping Life Moments in to a Sales Funnel

If John Wanamaker were alive today, he would have loved Google Attribution. The new attribution tool from Google would have made him happier. Do you know who John was and what is attribution meaning in marketing? John Wanamaker was a marketing pioneer, who famously said: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the […]

convergence of traditional and digital marketing

Convergence of Traditional & Digital Marketing: What is in it for the CMO’s

The focus of marketing is slowly shifting towards digital. I have heard people talking about how digital marketing is so much superior to traditional marketing. Some say digital marketing is going to eclipse traditional marketing, then some say both are going to coexist. Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing Difference between TV and the internet was […]

Subscription & Recurring Payment Gateway in India for Online Payment without OTP

Subscription & Recurring Payment Gateway in India for Online Payment without OTP

Customers from all walks of life look for ways to simplify their life by subscribing to services or goods that they need on a regular basis. Therefore subscriptions and recurring payments have become part and parcel of our busy lives. If you are looking for a recurring payment gateway to receive subscription payment from your […]

Building Strong Brands & How Branding helps you build your Business

How Brands & Branding help you build your Business in the Digital World?

In the digital world things are changing all the time. Technology has been the driving force for all these changes. During the past several decades brands and branding were the focus of Businesses to build market leadership. How about now? Like several other are you also wondering? If Brands & Branding can still help you […]

How Facebook Contests Can Help Grow your Business with Zero Budget

How Facebook Contests Can Help Grow your Business

CONTEST : Win a Copy of the NewYork Times BestSeller – THE 100$ STARTUP Do you love FREE stuff? I do. And my wife & my friends, even more than me. 🙂 People love free stuff. It leaves a lasting impression on their mind. Giveaways, free trials & samples have always been used by brands […]

What is the difference between brand essence and brand positioning?

Just like humans who have spirit and external appearance; Brands have Brand Essence and Brand Positioning. WHAT IS BRAND ESSENCE? Brand Essence is the spiritual centre of the Brand. Brand Essence is the core value(s) that defines the brand and permeates all other aspects of the brand. Therefore, Brand Essence is the central, timeless essence […]

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