The Lazy Blogging Formula- How to Write Blog Posts Faster & Better

The Lazy Blogging Formula- How to Write Blog Posts Faster & Better

Just write every day of your life. Read intensely. Then see what happens. Most of my friends who are put on that diet have very pleasant careers. Ray Bradbury If you are a blogger- you know how true these words are. But despite our best intentions, we often procrastinate with our writeups. And that’s because […]

Most viewed youtube videos

Most Viewed YouTube Videos of All-Time

YouTube has become one of the most surfed platforms with over 1.86 billion users worldwide and over 500 minutes of content being uploaded for viewers every minute ! But only a few content creators taste success with their videos. Well, today we look at the most viewed YouTube videos which have set the bar high […]

What is Gutenberg in Wordpress

What is Project Gutenberg in WordPress

If you have worked on WordPress, you must be familiar with its classic editor. However, if you want to build a website with good content, you must check out the Gutenberg Editor. Gutenberg editor will help your website to perform well, therefore you must master this new WordPress feature. The classic editor plugin will be […]

Types of Keywords in SEO & Google Ads

Types of Keywords in SEO & Google Ads

Who doesn’t dream of being featured on page 1 of Google? Here’s a secret- topping search rankings is a lot of smart work. If you use your keywords right- you can get up there as the top result. But do you know what keywords are good for YOU? Let us have a look at the […]

How to promote youtube channels or free

How to promote YouTube channel for free

Do you think the only way to promote your YouTube channel is through paid ads or through premium methods? Then, this one time, you are going to love to be wrong. If you are searching for “how to promote my youtube channel“- we have the answer to your problem. The fact is, you can go […]

what is the difference between blog and website

What is the Difference Between a Blog and a Website?

In order to understand the basic difference between a blog and a website let us first understand what the two are: What is a Blog? Blogs are logs on the web that are catered to by individuals, groups or organisations with regular entries in the scape of write-ups and visuals, commentaries, personal diaries, social and […] vs How to Choose the right platform vs – How to Choose the Right Platform

If you are looking for information on vs Then I am sure that you have decided on your business idea? Or maybe even your blogging niche? So now its time to bring your business idea to life. So there are two ways you can go to bring your business idea to life. I […]


SEO Content Writing Tips for Content Creators

For every content writer, the ultimate goal is to get good traffic on her blog and see her blog or website feature at the top of Google search rankings.  But in an increasingly populated blog-o-sphere, how does one beat out the competition? The answer is: by incorporating some SEO tactics. In this article, I am […]

Biggest SEO Mistakes that Small Businesses make.

Biggest SEO Mistakes that Small Businesses make

SEO Mistakes that small businesses make and how to avoid them: Biggest SEO Mistakes in Digital Content Production Content devoid of keywords: Understand you cannot market everything to everyone. Find out relevant keywords and optimize your content accordingly to get more hits for your website. Ignoring mobile optimization: More people are searching via mobile, so […]


What is Bitly URL Shortener?

Bitly URL Shortener is an online application which converts a regular URL into a shortened form. These applications come handy as URL’s tend to be pretty long and may consume a lot of space on your social or email messages. To use URL shortening services a user needs to enter the long-form URL they want […]

Google URL Shortener and other alternative link shortener tools

Google URL Shortener and other alternative link shortener tools

Are you looking to use the best url shortener and therefore exploring Google url shortener. Let us begin with the basics then. URL shortener is a trend that came in because of the new small space trend which was popularised by social media platforms like Twitter. What is a URL Shortener? URL shortening is a […]

How to create a website or blog

How to Create a Website / Blog with Bluehost

Start your Business or Blog. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create a website or blog with Bluehost. This post is part 4 of my “Be your Own Boss” series. Part 1: Business Ideas – Get inspired & choose. Part 2: How to start a Business with Low Investment.  Part 3: vs […]

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