CarryMinati and His Earning Secrets

CarryMinati and His Earning Secrets

YouTube’s YOUNGEST Indian sensation, Carry Minati aka Ajey Nagar, turned 21 last month. So, what’s so superior about him? Well, he is a real crowd-pleaser that over 23 MILLION subscribers across the world love to watch. He is the most successful YouTubers in India with an ever-increasing fan base. Also, he owns the most-sought after […]

What is Schema in SEO

What is Schema in SEO – The Best Kept SEO Secret to Rank on Google

Of the many evolutions in SEO, one of the most undervalued, perhaps under-used offerings is the Schema Markup. Despite the significance it has in boosting SEO, many website owners aren’t even aware of what Schema is. So, let us learn the concept of Schema markup and how you can use it to boost your website […]


What is Technical SEO and How to Audit with Checklist?

If you are reading this article, I am sure you are wondering what is Technical SEO. Well here is an analogy to help you understand it. Would you prefer living in a home with a beautiful building but a weak foundation or architecture? Definitely NOT! Because… such a house is sure to collapse one day. […]

Enhancing Page Experience with New Google Ranking Factor - Web Vitals

Rank #1 with New Google Ranking Factors – Core Web Vitals

I could have surfed 10 other websites in half the time this crap took to load! Your Anonymous Website Visitor If you’re tired of getting such slams from your visitors, probably this is because you haven’t considered your Page Experience seriously yet. But now you will HAVE TO! Google has finally arrived at making page […]


16 Amazing Keyword Rank Checker and Ranking Tool for SEO Success

You have set up your website, and now you want to start blogging. A Keyword rank checker is your key to writing effective blogs and website content. But there are so many rank checkers and keyword ranking tools. Which one to choose? Fret not. We have you covered. What is Keyword ranking? Keyword ranking is […]

Canonical Tag canonical URL and the Art of Using It Effectively for SEO

Canonical Tag / URL and the Art of Using It Effectively for SEO

Canonical URL and canonical tag are the elements that help define the most important page among similar or near-duplicate pages on a website. The word canonical has its origin in the Bible. Canonical means secular rules and laws, and a standard for judgement in the theological sense. It was later used to tag the work […]

Image Optimization and the Art of Making Images SEO Friendly

Image Optimization and the Art of Making Images SEO Friendly

Search engine optimisation is a fundamental step in a digital marketing initiative. There are many techniques to optimise your page, both on-page and off-page. But performing SEO on images is often forgotten or considered trivial. With Google changing its (search engine results page) SERPs ranking algorithm almost everyday, image optimisation has become a key area […]

Google Search Console & The Art of Turbocharging SEO for Free

Google Search Console & The Art of Turbocharging SEO for Free

Google Search Console is a platform that can be used by any website to monitor its performance on Google’s search engine result pages (SERP’s). It includes a set of tools that help you understand what your organically (non-paid) performing pages are, mobile site quality, highest-traffic queries and an overall idea about your site pages. What […]

Bhuvan Bam's BB ki vines Success Story & Learnings

Bhuvan Bam’s BB ki vines Success Story & Learnings

You have seen him, you love him but he also makes you cringe through the laugh. We are talking about one of the top YouTubers in India Bhuvan Bam. Bhuvan is one of India’s favourite Youtube comedian and content creator. He is the young Indian sensation who runs his insanely famous Youtube channel ‘BB Ki […]

Latest Off-Page SEO Techniques that work in 2020

Latest Off-Page SEO Techniques that work in 2020

Off page SEO is a technique that helps your website appear higher in search rankings. Off-page SEO is a type of search engine optimization that comprises of the myriad of techniques that SEO encompasses. SEO is divided mainly to two: on-page and off-page SEO.  We have already talked about on-page SEO earlier, so let’s look […]


Top YouTubers in India

If there ever was a cure for boredom, it has to be YouTube. We look at the top YouTubers in India to find out why they click. YouTube, the free video streaming platform, has held its head high through the years. It has even stood tall when many other giant competitors entered the landscape ferociously. […]

what is on page seo optimization blog

What is On-Page SEO Optimization that works in 2020?

On-page SEO helps your page’s position by placing it in a higher ranking in the search engine results page; thereby, your website has more visibility to targeted visitors. They will eventually convert visitors into paying customers.  What is On-Page SEO On-page SEO is the method of optimising your web page content to show up better […]

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