convergence of traditional and digital marketing

Convergence of Traditional & Digital Marketing: What is in it for the CMO’s

The focus of marketing is slowly shifting towards digital. I have heard people talking about how digital marketing is so much superior to traditional marketing. Some say digital marketing is going to eclipse traditional marketing, then some say both are going to coexist. Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing Difference between TV and the internet was […]

Building Strong Brands & How Branding helps you build your Business

How Brands & Branding help you build your Business in the Digital World?

In the digital world things are changing all the time. Technology has been the driving force for all these changes. During the past several decades brands and branding were the focus of Businesses to build market leadership. How about now? Like several other are you also wondering? If Brands & Branding can still help you […]

How Facebook Contests Can Help Grow your Business with Zero Budget

How Facebook Contests Can Help Grow your Business

CONTEST : Win a Copy of the NewYork Times BestSeller – THE 100$ STARTUP Do you love FREE stuff? I do. And my wife & my friends, even more than me. 🙂 People love free stuff. It leaves a lasting impression on their mind. Giveaways, free trials & samples have always been used by brands […]

What is the difference between brand essence and brand positioning?

Just like humans who have spirit and external appearance; Brands have Brand Essence and Brand Positioning. WHAT IS BRAND ESSENCE? Brand Essence is the spiritual centre of the Brand. Brand Essence is the core value(s) that defines the brand and permeates all other aspects of the brand. Therefore, Brand Essence is the central, timeless essence […]

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