Mahindra and Mahindra CSR Activities

Mahindra and Mahindra CSR Activities

The Mahindra group is a pioneer in the tractor and utility vehicles space. They are a US $17.8 billion worldwide organization. Celebrated for their tough and solid autos, the Mahindra group today stands as a diversified conglomerate with many businesses in various sectors. While all Mahindra companies are well known for their CSR activities in their respective fields, in 2014, Mahindra Group brought all its CSR activities under a single umbrella- Rise for Good.

So let us have a look at the various projects the Mahindra Group businesses have undertaken under the aegis of “Rise for Good”.

Mahindra & Mahindra CSR

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd is the car manufacturing arm of the group of companies. They are the world’s biggest tractor brand by volume, India’s biggest utility vehicle producer, and a few of their organizations appreciate administration positions in the ventures in which they work. They stay focused on putting resources into innovation, developing their worldwide nearness and keeping up their initiative position. They have been India’s No.1 UV and Tractor creators for quite a while now. 

Mahindra & Mahindra’s CSR chamber comprises high ranking members of their CSR committee. These members are responsible for assessing and affirming CSR (explicitly, altruistic) ventures that might be presented by NGOs and other not-revenue driven associations too.

A significant rule that this board follows is stressing on quality of work done over the amount and, thus, it always surveys the advancement of all CSR ventures. To do this, it has the power to coordinate the CSR office or an outsider free office to complete the necessary effect investigation. This chamber likewise administers the use of 1 per cent of the complete 2 per cent obligatory spend on CSR; the parity is overseen by different gathering organizations. 

A different manageability committee supports activities on the maintainability front, concentrating on condition, social and administration (ESG) parameters.

Tech Mahindra CSR

Tech Mahindra’s social exercises are done by Tech Mahindra Foundation (TMF)— its corporate social obligation (CSR) arm. The Foundation was set up in 2007, as a Section 25 Company (alluded to as a Section 8 Company in the Companies Act, 2013). From that point forward, it has worked eagerly towards the vision of ‘Engaging through Education’, building up itself as a foundation that implements CSR projects to form social associations with the smart cities. Their long – term projects are run in two modes — straightforwardly actualized through the Foundation and with accomplice associations. 

Areas of focus of the Tech Mahindra Foundation


Corporate volunteering is at the core of Tech Mahindra Foundation’s ethos. Representatives volunteer in different projects and add to driving positive change by taking part in exercises, for example, blood gift, tree ranch, Swachhata Hi Seva, bike rallies, paint the divider, card making, scratchpad gift alongside directing instructional meetings and activation drives for SMART understudies. 

In FY2019 alone, more than 91,000 employees have volunteered for various causes and at various organizations across India.

Helping the differently-abled

Tech Mahindra Foundation has faith in peaceful co-existence in a society where all people with physical disabilities operate at their maximum capacity. The Foundation cooperates with its partners to give training and chances to youngsters for developing their skills.

Providing Training 

Tech Mahindra Foundation’s general objective is ‘Empowerment through Education‘. The Foundation works with Government Primary Schools by supporting activities that lead to reasonable change. 

Increasing Employability among the youth

Tech Mahindra Foundation’s SMART, Skills for Market Training Program is the lead employability activity that trains youngsters and ladies to turn into India’s actual quality.

CSR Activities of Mahindra 

The following are the CSR activities carried by various Mahindra Group companies:

1 KC Mahindra Education Trust 

Each group company, including Mahindra & Mahindra, donates 0.5% of their PAT to the KC Mahindra Education Trust. The KC Mahindra Education Trust was established in 1953, with a dream to change the lives of individuals in India through instruction, by giving monetary help and acknowledging individuals across age groups and economic status. 

Throughout the years, KCMET has embraced various instruction activities, which has had any kind of effect on the lives of meriting and underprivileged girls. The Trust has given more than Rs 440 million as awards, grants, and advances. These grants and assistance is provided by the Trust’s venture portfolio, the primary contributor to which is the Mahindra group of organizations. 

Till date, over 29,500 students have received the KCMET scholarship.

2 Mahindra Pride Schools

As part of Mahindra Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility exercise, the KC Mahindra Education Trust has set up schools close to the production areas where the Mahindra Group have their production units. These schools are set up principally for providing education to the children of its staff members. At present, the Group has three schools that confer exclusive expectations of instruction – Mahindra Academy at Malad in Mumbai, Mahindra Academy in Zaheerabad and a school in Khopoli. 

Over 100,000 students attend the Mahindra Pride Schools. The founding of these schools has profited their representatives as well as the network around these schools. Instructors at these schools are qualified and experience normal preparing just as go to pertinent workshops. Their training strategies are always assessed and changed when necessary.

3 Nanhi Kali Project

Nanhi Kali is a program that supports instruction for the girl child and is being controlled by the KC Mahindra Education Trust (KCMET). The venture has offered assistance to more than 370,000 bright young girls. 

Nahi Kali is one of the most renowned programmes under Rise For Good initiative and has been cited as a model in the sector. 

4 Disaster Relief

The Mahindra Group aims to give restorative alleviation to poor people and the impoverished segments of the society. The establishment has helped patients experiencing disease, heart sicknesses just as consume exploited people. It has additionally been extremely dynamic during national catastrophes and natural disaster and has contributed and prepared assets for those in need.

The Mahindra Group has consistently been involved in providing relief during a natural calamity in India. Regardless of whether it’s been the torrent or the Gujarat quake, the Mahindra family has come together and consistently offered help – either by means of money-related assistance or by providing vehicles for transport, providing relief materials or manpower. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd has provided vehicles for the transport of aid, and for assisting people stuck in disaster zones in many instances. 

5 Rejuvenating 3 Municipal Gardens in Mumbai

With the aim to beautify urban spaces and to make India’s business capital greener, the Mahindra Group took upon rejuvenating three landmark civic gardens in Mumbai. The Shivaji Garden (close to Gateway of India) is respected for its excellent design and prospering plants and blossoms. Remodelled at an expense of Rs. 6 Lakhs, it presently has pathways for walkers, with new stretches covered by flowers.

The Shivaji Garden was earlier frequented by hostile anti-social elements. However, post-beautification, the part has been converged with the nursery, which has kept such anti-social elements at bay and made the area safer for all. Care has been taken to keep the nursery in a flawless condition and visiting hours are set up, encouraging support work. 

The Traffic Island Garden (near the Regal Cinema) has been redesigned by the Mahindra Group at the expense of Rs. 1 Lakh. New light posts and an assortment of plants were planted and the wellspring was restored to its previous brilliance. The nursery today adds to the scenery and provides relief for the eye in this swarming, traffic-blocked circle. 

The third nursery is situated at the intersection of Madame Cama Road, toward the south of Oval Maidan. The rejuvenation was carried out at an expense of Rs. 1.5 Lakhs and a nursery was added to it. 

6 Lessening CO2 Emissions: Developing Bijlee

The Bijlee is inventive, home developed, first-of-its-sort electric three-wheeler. It was  India’s first attempt at creating a battery worked vehicle. The Bijlee is an imaginative “Kind to Man” innovation, which was developed via Mahindra & Mahindra’s exchange fuel program.

It is a zero outflow electrically fueled vehicle that keeps running on a 72 volts DC engine. The Bijlee‟s 12 batteries enable the client to do 80 km at a speed of 35 km/hour. With a substitution battery on board, the vehicle can run without stress for almost 120 kms. The electric vehicle has roomy insides, with abundant space for a whole family. It has no motor, gearbox radiator and no silencer, which makes it a clamour free vehicle. 

Bijlee gives quality yield without stifling the earth and is supported by governments and foundations, which lay the spotlight on preserving the earth. 10 Mahindra Bijlees were given over to clients in 2006 by the Chief Minister of Pondicherry.

7 Encouraging Art and Culture

The Mahindra Group fosters excellence in film, theatre, and music as a major aspect of its more broad objective to advance craftsmanship in the nation. The Mahindra Excellence in Theater Awards, Mahindra Blues Festival, and Mahindra Lucknow Festival are well known throughout India. Likewise, many programmes are conducted out to offer help to scholars, experts in different fields and sportsmen by helping them go to workshops and gatherings abroad via sponsorships.

8 Public Health Initiatives

Under the aegis of Rise For Good, the Mahindra Group has conducted several public health drives. These initiatives include:

  1. Blood Donation Camps – Total 14 camps directed with 797 contributors 
  2. Eye Donation and Awareness Camps –Eye donation and awareness camps were organized. While many people registered for donation, efforts were taken to raise awareness about the importance of donating eyes post-death.
  3. Eye Check-Up Camps- Many people are offered free eye testing 
  4. Surgical Camps – With the assistance of the Rotary Club, surgical camps were organized to help over 300 people from tribal areas. One hundred and seventy-five surgical procedures were performed for free.  
  5. Health Check-Up Camps– A special activity camp, here 115 Railway Porters working at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai were given wellbeing cards after registration. Similarly, 170 policemen were also given wellbeing cards.
  6. HIV/Aids Awareness Camps– The Mahindra Group has also conducted many camps in both rural and urban areas to raise awareness on the issue of HIV/AIDS.

Under their public health initiative Lifeline Express, the Mahindra Group has provided care to 110,000 patients in remote areas. They have also constructed public toilets, organized vaccination camps and built 5000 washrooms in government schools across India under the Swachh Bharat- Swachh Vidyalaya scheme.

9 Environmental Initiatives: #CutTheCrap

The Mahindra Group, as is well known, has many facilities. Hence, to mitigate emissions and to achieve its sustainability checkpoints, under the “Rise For Good” initiative, it adapted sustainable processes and eco-friendly technology that reduced wastage. 

Under the #CutTheCrap project, 11 facilities have gone Zero-Waste-to-Landfill certified (by Intertek). The industrial units recycled, reused & composted over 140,000 tonnes of waste in 2018 alone. World-over, the Mahindra Group is looking at making its offices plastic-free. 

10  Hariyali Programme

To add to its sustainability initiatives, the Mahindra Group also invested in the Hariyali programme. This focuses on planting trees and has been active since 2007. Since its inception, Hariyali has planted over 16.4 million trees all across India. 

11 Groundwater Recharging

No environmental initiative can disregard water, and under Rise For Good, the Mahindra Group has undertaken several projects that look at cleaning water bodies and preserving them. Their Integrated Watershed Management Programme in Damoh, Madhya Pradesh, is recharging the groundwater table and positively impacting 32 villages.

12 Empowering Women Leaders

The Women Leaders Programme (WLP) is an 18-month developmental programme that targets women in middle management. The programme aims to create a pipeline of female leaders and change agents for the Mahindra Group. This is the Group’s step towards creating a more gender-inclusive workplace and providing equal opportunities to women. Till date, over 54 women have been trained under the WLP. 

Moreover, at the Swaraj facility, 70 women are now working on the floor. This not only creates a more inclusive space but also give women newer avenues to explore while opening doors to fields that are regarded as “men only” even today.

In Conclusion

The Mahindra Group has been associated with many CSR activities, which has earned it great market goodwill. By bringing the CSR activities of their different companies under the unified umbrella of Rise For Good, they have streamlined their initiatives. This has enabled the Mahindra Group to act with greater efficiency, and also manage and track their CSR activities better.


  1. Bijayalaxmi Dah

    Good works returns to you as blessings…Proud of you as an Indian company for imparting an indispensable role in progress of India.But it will be incredible if you engage youths in agricultural activities and small scale cottage industry at Village this migration will be reduced.Please think over it.It’s not charity it’s Socialwork i.e. ‘ help them to help themselves’
    Thanks and regards

  2. Avinash Shivaji Salunke

    Dear Sir,
    I am Avinash Salunke working in the newspaper induatry Pune. Due to covid 19 the newspaper vendor Suffering finincial problems. They really required need of support. In Pune 2500 vendors are working as in major societies newspaper are stopped by reader from almost last 2 months.
    I am requesting you to give a groccery kit to all vendors through CSR activity.
    Kindly give me the contact no and address where I personally come and give the reality of the situtaion.
    My mobile no -9822393398/9021001652

    Sir,hoping for your positive response. Kindly do the needful.

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    around 9500 framers from shani shingnapur, ahmednagar district registered farmers producer co under company act 1956, today working in rural area in seed production of wheat & pulses .this has increased yield production of farmers.we can do project in farm machinery with m&m csr .in 2013 hon rajan wadhera, in csr donated one mah vec to shani mandir on my pl do needful. mob no 9130842200. thanx.

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    Hello Sir i am student of msw from bhu,I want to do job in mahindra csr department ,

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      Please connect with Mahindra Group directly.


        Hello Avinash sir
        I’m Tushar pawar from satara Maharashtra, I’m international player I try for CSR since 2019 I send more emails but no reply from ur side please read my achievements then help me

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      3. Dr Bhera Ram Jany

        I am doctor and want to serve poor people by giving health service to them by stabilized health care centre of multispeciality in desert area of rajasthan
        , so i want your company’s CSR activities fund

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    Hi sir I have run NGO so my area poor people

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    संस्था का हॉस्पिटल है । जो गरजू और गरीबो के लिए स्वास्थ का काम करता है। आप के जरीए CSR फंड की जरूरत है । आपको सब पेपर वर्क सादर कर देगें । धन्यवाद

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    We do work on transgander development our foundation register under section 8 co. And 12a & 80g as well as register csr 1 if possible plz give csr for completing that project.

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    I am working with a well recognised Engineering College situated in Navi Mumbai. As myself belongs to Mechanical Engineering department, we would like to work in CSR projects. We have ample sources in terms of CNC machines, general workshops, software laboratories etc.
    Involve us in your team.


    Hi sir I have run old-age home for old age people. We do work old age home and poor children development program. and woman tailoring training. And my ngo name is VISHWA JYOTHI EDUCATION AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY registered under the Karnataka societies registration act 1960 (Karnataka 17 of 1960) and 12A &80G as well as registered CSR If possible please give CSR for completing that project. Thanking you. Judson Hosamani 9945756791 , 8123675443

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    i have gone true you CSR profile which is really best, we are attach with Aborigine NGO for many years i am serving as president of this NGO since 2018 as it was registered on 09/03/2009, we have 12A, 80G & CSR certification, we where first to host online dance, Photograph & Drawing Competition for last 3 years. we have to travel a lot as our Tribal Community are residing in jungle and they keep on travelling can you support as a part of your CSR Project
    Umesh Upasrao Uike
    President (Aborigine)

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    Respected Sir/Madam

    We hope this note finds you well. We are writing to introduce you to an upcoming event that we are organizing to raise funds for a noble cause. Our aim is to bring awareness and help for the visually impaired in our community.

    The event is a car rally that will be navigated by individuals who are visually impaired.

    This rally will be a unique experience as blind person having pre defined route written in braille will assist the drive to navigate the the path.

    It will be a one-of-a-kind event, and we believe it will go a long way in not only raising funds but also spreading awareness about the challenges that individuals with visual impairments face daily.

    The funds raised through this event will be used to provide blinds for individuals who are visually impaired in our community.

    All donated proceedings raised through this will be donated to
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    Thank you for your time and generosity.

    Soch Sayani
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    We planned to increase and improve Water Literacy among the Children and Youth through Education, Seminar and Workshop by 3000 persons in 3 years in Tamil Nadu. Kindly guide us to contact your officials.


  14. Vidhaigal Trust has been working for rural poor people, in the field of Education, Environment and Women Empowerment & Entrepreneurship. Presently we are looking CSR funds for our ongoing projects and upcoming projects. Therefore I am requesting you to support the way of possible.

    Thank You
    Vidhaigal Trust
    Karir District

  15. Jagveer Singh

    You are doing amazing work, I am nothing to suggest you but still I putting my request on your table that pls increase activities relating to ground water recharging, managing and developing common property resources, environmental restoration and all these leading to resilience to Climate Change and creating adaptability of poor farmers and pastoral communities and general poor families.

  16. Sandeep Pentapati

    I am a Mahindra Employee and I’m really proud of what Mahindra is doing in CSR, even though I’m an employee I’m having 2 GVT registered NGOs which only aim to help people in their education and live fully, I am great and proud to work in this organisation.

  17. Exploring Collaboration for Social Impact:
    TSEWCT and Mahindra and Mahindra’s Shared Vision
    Introduction to TSEWCT for Mahindra and Mahindra :
    “The Safa Educational Welfare & Charitable Trust (TSEWCT) is a distinguished non-profit organization dedicated to sustainable development in Hyderabad, India. With a decade of impactful work, TSEWCT focuses on a comprehensive range of programs, including education, livelihood, food and nutrition, disaster risk reduction and emergency response, healthcare, women empowerment, skill development, and solid waste management. Our transparent and inclusive approach aligns with Mahindra and Mahindra ‘s values, presenting an opportunity for meaningful collaboration to drive positive change and social impact. Join us in our mission to uplift communities and build a better, more equitable future.
    Learn more about our initiatives at TSEWCT.”

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    I am Dr.T.Kumuthavalli, Associate Professor of Department of Lifelong Learning, Bharathidasan University, Khajamalai Campus, Tiruchirappalli -23. we are offering MA HRM, M.Phil HRM and Ph.D. in HRM Programmes. Our department is in need of Water, Seating and Classroom furniture s etc. We are accountable for every single rupees. So kindly consider our request for having further contacts and the needed actions please

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