What is Digital Marketing & Why you need Digital Strategy

What is Digital Marketing & Why you need Digital Strategy

When we use the word “Digital Marketing”, we are actually referring to online marketing efforts from a brand. Therefore, if you are asking what is Digital Marketing, here is your answer: Digital Marketing is advertising messages delivered through online channels such as websites, mobile apps, search engines, social media and emails. It helps a brand […]

What is domain authority and page authority

What is domain authority and page authority? How to increase it?

Have you ever googled the keywords related to your brand, and seen some other company rank for them? You must be wondering why they get on top of Google’s search results. Well, one reason for that can be that they have a better domain authority and page authority. So, what is domain authority and page […]


Local SEO and the Art of Growth Hacking a Neighbourhood Business

People want quick solutions these days. Can your business show up at the exact time when your local customer is searching for a service or product related to your industry? Well, a good-structured local SEO can help you do just that and help you reach your customers fast, when they want and wherever they want. […]

Jack Ma – Alibaba Owner : alibaba Founder

Jack Ma – The incredible story of Alibaba Owner / Founder

Rags to riches story like no other, we are showcasing none other than Jack Ma, the founder of the multinational tech conglomerate, Alibaba group. Who is Jack Ma? When you think of e-tail in China, Alibaba is among the first names to pop-up in our mind. At the helm of it was Jack Ma, the […]


The Flipkart story- A Timeline of Funding since 2007

What better time to dive into some juicy details about Flipkart, one of the biggest online platforms in India, than now. As you wrap up at home with a cup of coffee for a good read, here’s a tale of ambition, success, turbulence and the downhill ride of this giant. The Flipkart story and everything […]


Top YouTubers in India

If there ever was a cure for boredom, it has to be YouTube. We look at the top YouTubers in India to find out why they click. YouTube, the free video streaming platform, has held its head high through the years. It has even stood tall when many other giant competitors entered the landscape ferociously. […]

Remote Work From Home Tips For Small Businesses Struggling During The Lockdown

Remote Work From Home Tips For Small Businesses Struggling During The Lockdown

The pandemic of the century, COVID19 has taken the world by storm. A majority of the workforce shift to work from home. It is a global state of emergency that occurred so suddenly that it left us all gasping. We are still trying to come to terms with the uncertainty. While tech industries and business […]

what is a slug in seo and how to optimise a slug in wordpress

What is a Slug and How to optimize it?

  In SEO, a slug is a part of the page url that helps you identify an unique page. If you can optimize your slugs, they can definitely help you with improved SEO and get you more traffic for your website. So, let us learn, what is a slug, and about ways to optimize them. […]

All You Need to Know About Hosting a Hybrid Networking Event

All You Need to Know About Hosting a Hybrid Networking Event

Hybrid networking events are the best of both worlds, the excitement, engagement, and participation of an in-person event with the convenience, interactivity, and cost savings of a virtual event. The best hybrid events integrate online activities before, during, and after the main in-person event. This type of program results in increased attendance, greater engagement, and […]

Remote work- Is there a possibility it becomes the future

Remote work- Is there a possibility it becomes the future?

We know you must be reading this as you shift between tabs of work as you are about to complete/completed a month of working from home. COVID19 has us all doing remote work at our homes today since we rushed on the last day at the office, scuffling for the laptop, charger and essentials. The […]

What is an Influencer

What Is An Influencer?

The emergence of social media has drastically influenced the way people live. Take a look around and you will find at least five people clicking photos and shooting videos hoping their posts would go viral. Most of these people want to be an influencer. Wondering what is an influencer, read on. Out in a fancy […]

How can brands use influencer marketing

How can brands use influencer marketing?

“Don’t speak about your brand yourself; Let good people speak good about it to make the world believe the good in it.” Mark Zuckerberg once said, “People influence people.” This seems to be true enough when it comes to marketing. We see many advertisements on various channels but rarely do we rush to buy a […]

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