Reliance Industries CSR Activities in India

Reliance Industries CSR Activities in India

Reliance Industries Limited is an Indian multinational conglomerate that is committed to innovation and expansion. As anybody would know, RIL, since the very beginning, has been a critical catalyst in driving India towards growth. The company offers 150+ product and service catalogue to its customers. It has grown to its full potential and is in its full prowess. Also, with great power, comes great responsibility. And RIL has welcomed that responsibility with open arms with a strong CSR game. In this article, we will talk about Reliance CSR activities.

RIL has impacted the society and community through its responsible actions, at large. In alignment with the Companies Act 2013, RIL established the Reliance Foundation RF. This foundation takes care of corporate social initiatives of RIL. The significant tangible impact has been created in India through CSR activities of RIL.

CSR Activities of Reliance Foundation

Reliance Foundation (RF) is a not-for-profit organization established by RIL to bring about changes in Indian society seamlessly.

RF is a committed player in improving the quality of life of the underprivileged by zeroing in on different focus areas – education, disaster response, sports for development, rural transformation, arts culture and heritage and urban renewal.

Established in the year 2010, the Reliance foundation is led by Mrs Nita M Ambani. The foundation and its philanthropic initiatives have created a positive impact on more than 12 million people in 10500 villages across India.

Corporate Social Responsibility at the RF – Reliance aims to align its business goals and priorities with social commitments.

The strategy is to provide as much holistic development to people and local communities as possible.

They improve the quality of lives of the underprivileged sections of the society by taking initiatives proactively.

CSR Policy of Reliance

Reliance foundation concentrates on Reliance CSR activities by focusing on the three pillars – 

  1. Endless direct engagement with the society and community, 
  2. Creating relationships, partnerships and collaborations with institutions and
  3. expanding and using the power of IT

The CSR activities of Reliance are also in conformity of the Sustainable Development Goals that are outlined in the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

The key philosophy of RIL behind all their thoughtful CSR activities is guided by three core commitments:

  1. S-Scale 
  2. I-Impact 
  3. S-Sustainability

Reliance Industries CSR Report

All the qualifying Indian companies are supposed to spend 2% of their three years average profit on CSR activities.

In the financial year 2016-17, the RF spent INR 659.20 crores of INR 620.41 crores prescribed. Following that year in 2017-18, the Reliance Foundation spent INR 745.04 crores of the expected INR 703.08 crores.

And in the year 2018-19, the RF spent INR 849.32 crores on CSR activities, out of the INR 811.16 crores prescribed on initiatives of RIL.

Reliance has always been dedicated to spending more than the prescribed budget. Their estimated prescribed CSR budget is INR 892.46 crores.

According to the Annual Report of CSR expenditure by the Reliance foundation of the FY 2014-15 – INR 126.33 crores were spent on rural transformation and INR 608.25 crores on healthcare projects.

INR 21.8 crores were spent on educational initiatives and INR 0.42 crores on greening activities. INR 3.78 crores were spent on other miscellaneous activities of CSR.

In the FY, RF spent INR 195 crores on rural transformation, INR 148 crores on healthcare and INR 373 crores on education according to their annual report. They also spent INR 50 crores on sports for development, 34 lakhs on urban renewal and four crores on disaster response.

Reliance Foundation CSR Activities

Rural Transformation

RIL works diligently and tirelessly towards bridging the gap between ‘India’ and ‘Bharat’. Here are some of the initiatives of RIL that have been making a difference:

  1. Water conservation and harvesting projects: Reliance Foundation has engaged with over 500 villages to provide water security. They help rural communities secure water for drinking purposes along with agricultural needs. RF has created over 10,000 structures like wells, farm ponds, check dams, earthen dams and masonry dams. They’ve also created ‘water use groups’ for farmers for effective water management.
  2. Building Institutions: Reliance Foundation has participated actively in a time of crisis. They have helped over 86000 rural households in over 1200 villages across 12 states in India during times of crises.
  3. Alternative Rural Livelihood and Entrepreneurship: RF offers and promotes alternative sources of livelihood to protect against uncertainties. If farm-based activities and sources of livelihood are affected due to catastrophes, Reliance helps small farmers start poultry, nurseries, goat-rearing and vermicomposting. Till date, they have helped over 10000 rural families.


Reliance Industries CSR works closely on educational activities with educational institutions all over the country. They aim to provide better quality education, scholarships, sports development and access to higher education. Few of their projects:

  1. Dhirubhai Ambani Scholarship Programme: Initiated in 1996, the Dhirubhai Ambani Scholarship Programme aims to empower the youth by providing scholarships to meritorious students. The scholarship is offered to class 12th students to carry on their higher education for courses like medical and engineering. Of all the 10921 students selected, half of them are girls and one-fourth are specially-abled children.
  2. Reliance Dhirubhai Ambani Protsaham Scheme: The Reliance Dhirubhai Ambani Protsaham Scheme enables financially disadvantaged meritorious students of class 10th to attend junior college. 12000+ students have received the benefit out of which 2263 were differently-abled.
  3. Early Intervention and Rehabilitation Centre in Thallarevu, Andhra Pradesh – Through this educational institution, Reliance Industries offers education for specially-abled children. They facilitate the development and growth of children with speech and hearing disabilities. 
  4. Jio Schools – Intending to improve the quality of teaching and learning process for quality education, Reliance Foundation has set up Jio Schools. In association with the Department of Education, Government of Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat, they’ve promoted education with the help of Jio technology.
  5. Reliance Foundation Jr, NBA – In order to promote sports for development, the Reliance Foundation Jr, NBA has been established. It is a school-based basketball programme. It has touched the lives of 28 lakh youth since its inception in 2013. 
  6. Young Champs Programme: Reliance believes in promoting sports for development to its full potential. Young Champs is yet another sports-based programme. It provides for development scholarship for a full-time residential football plus education programme. Through this programme, 23 children were allowed to develop their football skills, 34500+ footballs were distributed in 6520 villages and youth clubs to promote football.

Health Care

Reliance Foundation has set up static and mobile medical and healthcare units across Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh Uttarakhand, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh. They have eight fully-functioning and equipped mobile medical units and four static medical units.

Other medical and health care projects and initiatives:

  1. Women’s Health Care:
    • The ‘Adolescent Girls’ Holistic Development Programme’: This initiative includes workshops and interactive learning sessions with girls on once-taboo topics like intimate hygiene, menstruation, healthy diet, etc.
    • Mother and child initiative: Reliance Foundation works on women’s health in rural and urban areas to educate them about nutrition, anaemia, along with pre and post-pregnancy care.
    • Healthcare awareness camps were organized for pregnant women and lactating mothers. Sessions on pre- and post-natal care and early childhood education along with protection against the spread of seasonal diseases were held.
    • Over 1,000 pregnant women were provided with antenatal and post-natal care services. One hundred sixty-nine high-risk pregnancies were identified and referred to higher facilities for the management of the respective complications. 8,480 women were screened for anaemia. 3,165 women were diagnosed with anaemia and received the following treatment for it.
  2. Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital: The Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital located in Lodhivali near Patalganga provides free or subsidized healthcare services and facilities to disadvantaged local communities
  3. Specialized Health Care for HIV/AIDS patient and Tuberculosis: The Community Care Centre and Reliance AIDS Care Hospital has state-of-the-art technology to provide diagnostic and curative services to HIV/ AIDS patients. Their services are available in Hazira, Gujarat. Over time, about 4,500 infected patients have been admitted to this hospital.
  4. Drishti: Drishti is Reliance Foundation’s corneal transplant initiative is in partnership with the National Association for the Blind. It is spread across a network of 59+ hospitals. It has done 14728+ corneal transplants by FY 2015-16.
  5. Mission Zero Malnourishment Project: RF  established a public-private initiative to eradicate malnourishment in children in Nagothane. Pediatric health check-ups were performed in about 22 villages. Medication and nutritious food support were provided accordingly.

Disaster Response: Mission Rahat 

When nature takes unleashes its fury, RF-managed team ‘Mission Rahat’ comes to the rescue. The unit comes forward in times of need when any natural calamity takes place. 

  1. Mission Rahat – Tamil Nadu: When the dreaded monsoons created havoc in Tamil Nadu, 200+ volunteers from the RIL team assembled relief kits containing food for 15 days, utensils, blankets, and necessary toiletries. They supplied these kits to the victim residents. 85,000+ victims were supported with these relief kits. 
  2. Mission Rahat – Marathwada: The Marathwada region in Maharashtra is drought-prone and infamous for farmers committing suicide. The Reliance Foundation-supported Mission Rahat, through its disaster response work, has helped 25 villages in Kaij block and touched the lives of 28000 people.

Arts, Culture and Heritage

  1. Abbaji Annual Concert – Through this initiative, the RIL family extends its support to the annual concert “Abbaji” by Ustad Zakir Hussain. This concert is held in the memory of Ustad Allah Rakha Khan and features renowned musicians who pay tribute to the legend.
  2. Art Tech 2016 Velvi Art for Autism Festival – RF  brought the Art for Autism festival to Mumbai, India. Seventeen autistic children participated in this festival and learned photography and painting skills. 
  3. 8 Prahar – Reliance Foundation also backed 8 Prahar – An event that promotes Indian Classical music. This event was supported by Art and Artistes and Pancham Nishad. This event featured fantastic talent in the field of classical music. It also featured Padma Vibhushan Sangeet Martand Pandit Jasraj.

Other CSR activities of Reliance

  1. Animal care and welfare – Reliance CSR also extends its unconditional love, care and support to animals through ‘People for Animals’. This great initiative takes care of street animals and birds. They spread awareness on vegetarianism and animal welfare. They have impacted 46500 livestock and treated about 75000 livestock animals through 300+ camps.
  2. Craft Training Centres – Set up in Jamnagar, Gujarat, Craft Training Centre has been set up that teaches rural people skills like welding, scaffolding, grinding and fitting. As per FY 2015-16, about 24965 people have been trained since its inception. 
  3. Reliance Foundation has also set up skill development centres in Allahabad that offers computer education to students absolutely for free. 
  4. They have also set up a skill development programme for youth appearing for pre-examinations for army, navy and police services. They provide training facility to ambitious youth and help them secure a reputable job and future.
  5. Skill India Campaign – Through this programme, skill development training are provided to the youth in rural areas. In the beginning, 100 young people were trained as retail assistants. Sixty-nine of them were employed. This was followed by training for 1000 students. They were provided English lessons as well. Eleven stitching centres were set up in villages through which 200+ women were trained.
  6. Plant Clinic: The Reliance CSR also provides technology-driven preventive as well as curative crop care. To reduce costs and support farmers, plant clinics were set up. Through these clinics, Indian farmers gained excellent technical advice on managing and protecting their crops. 100+ mobile plant clinics were set up.  These mobile clinics were available across seven states and helped 2728+ farmers. With the advanced technological support, Jio Chat App was set up. Through this app, farmers could send pictures of their diseased and damaged crops and receive advice and inputs from agricultural experts to save them.


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    Our Lions Cancer Detection Centre was established in 1972.rendering treatment to poor and needy cancer patients relentlessly since 50 yrs .We are planning to build a spacious multistory building with a Modular operation Theatres, more OPD,ICU Laboratory,Indoor facilities. In order to establish comprehensive cancer treatment hospital with latest equipments at surat and to pay its establishment expenses,we need total approximately Rs.150 crores. We humbly appeal to your esteemed organisation for sizeable amount of CSR funds.We solicit donation or CSR funds as we are registered under CSR 0017933

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    Youth Personality Development Organization ( NGO) has been working in the community since last 12 years,
    Our community is JJ Colony in which there are 3 Indira Gandhi Camp Hair, Kilokari Village, Hari Nagar Ashram, Bhagwan Nagar, Siddhartha Basti, where the pay beneficiary is high for those who do not have money for vocational training. In the last few years there is a recession due to covid.
    Along with education, vocational courses should also be mastered, for which the beneficiary develops the personality, so you are requested Vocational training course in the community is to run on good level , for that Youth Personality Development Organization need financial assistance for women and child.
    Where computer courses, beauty parlors, cutting and trailing courses can be taught free of cost, along with life skill improvement, they can get a good job or self-employed
    I hope you will consider the matter and give us the opportunity to run a vocational training center

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    We, Malabar Foundation, a registered trust established in 2009 with the vision of providing quality and value based education for women. Thousands of students are trained since 2009 and contributing their knowledge to the process social, educational and cultural development of the region, and the country.
    We are also the training partner of Ministry of Rural Development of India and National Skill Development Corporation. We have trained around 150 candidates under the skill development program called DDU GKY and Yuva Keralam. Among these there around 130 candidates are placed with reputed companies. We are not just providing the training but molding the candidates to achieve the caliber to be a successful professional.

    We would like to get CSR projects from Corporate, so could you please help us for that?

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