Tips To Create Effective Video Ads

Tips To Create Effective Video Ads To Promote Ecommerce Business

Every customer who purchases a product online wants to see what they will be getting. You might have posted many images and content about the product, but did you consider creating videos, as there is nothing better than making a video and promoting your product from every angle and mentioning even the smallest detail.

This will undoubtedly help create trust among the audience about your product, plus they will be motivated to take a step further. Even better than this is opting for video advertising for promoting your product as they have the best conversion rate. In today’s time, a lot of e-commerce businesses are using video ads as it is more engrossing and helps win the confidence of your audience.

Here Are Some Tips To Create Effective Video Ads To Promote Your Business

Below-mentioned are some of the most effective techniques you can use to create incredible videos ads, which will definitely help promote your e-commerce business. Let’s get started.

1. Use a Video ad maker

The first thing you need to do is opt for one of the best video ad maker tools, so that you will be able to edit your videos within just a couple of minutes. While choosing the ad maker, you need to ensure that you select the one as per your requirements, do not opt for the ad maker which is trending.

Check every factor such as usability, interface, features, customization options, price, and value for money. A good ad maker will give a professional touch to your video ads, plus it will also eliminate the need to hire video experts to edit your videos.

2. Make the first few seconds count

In the first 10-15 seconds, you need to grab the attention of your viewers. This is why it is always recommended to talk about the benefit of buying your product, addressing a common issue, or what is unique about it.

This way, the customer gets excited and wants to know more about it; it will lessen the chances of potential customers skipping your ads.

Remember that various people check videos on mute; hence, it is essential for you to begin the video ad with fantastic visuals to persuade the viewer to watch it until the end.

3. Tell a story that stimulates emotions

In your video ad, you can keep a good storyline as that can help make your video more fascinating. These days, in video ads, many brands are using emotional stories to get their customers’ attention.

Therefore, use an ad maker and create a beautiful, emotional video that evokes your audience’s emotions and motivates them to buy your product.

4. Collect user data

The next important thing you need for creating an excellent video ad to promote your e-commerce business is to know your audience. Before making the video ad, understand your customer’s interest, preference, age, demographics, etc.

This way, you will be able to use tailor-made ads for every user and different platforms. Collating user data is essential as it helps add interchangeable elements in your video ads, such as CTA, tagline, product image, etc. The type of data that can help you create video ads are:

  • Products that potential customers have added to their shopping bags but have not ordered yet
  • Details on the IP addresses to understand your target audience’s geographic location. You can create video ads based on their location and language
  • You can also create digital ads by getting data about customers’ previous shopping history
  • From the social media profiles of your customers, get information about their interests as that will help you get more personal and valuable information

5. Highlight the significant points

You need to shout out about the unique thing about your brand and product. So in your video ad, do highlight what makes your company different, share your achievements, include testimonials and feedback.

Adding these things helps gain trust in your brand plus makes your relationship better with the customers. Your video ad will be more effective if you add the benefits of your brand plus the product you are selling.

6. Create entertaining videos

Just imagine yourself as a customer and think about the type of content or videos you like? The video ads you create for your e-commerce business should be exciting and entertaining.

Keep them engaging and make the suspense last till the end, as this way, the customer will watch your complete ad. Plus, it will help get more likes, views, and comments. You will need to work more on the creativity part for making entertaining videos, which might be slightly time-consuming but will be worth it.

7. Add music to your video ads

Create a video ad with voiceover as it helps get customers’ attention. However, you can also use music if you don’t want to use voiceover; adding music sets the mood right of the viewers and it can make them more interested in your ad and brand.

But, you need to ensure that the music or sound you choose should go in harmony with your ad content. Also, keep in mind that the sound of the music should always be less than the sound of the voiceover otherwise, you will not be able to deliver the product details successfully to the viewers.

You will have to use a video maker for adding music, plus you cannot use anyone else’s music piece in your ad; hence, opt for a license-free music library.

8. Timing your video ad

Do not create a lengthy ad of 3 to 4 minutes; keep your ad to a maximum of 1 minute or less than that. Usually, online video ads are about 30 seconds; thus, keep in mind the length of your ad while thinking of the script and shooting it.

Longer videos are effective if you create videos for brand positioning, not for promotion. Therefore, you need to remove unnecessary content and keep your video ad brief and crisp. No one likes watching big ads as people tend to lose interest; if your ads are short and exciting, the chances of getting more views and sales increase.

9. Mobile-friendly videos

While creating the video ads, you need to remember the mobile users as well and create mobile-friendly videos. You can create mobile-friendly videos within minutes by using a video ad maker. The majority of people use smartphones today, and many people watch videos on their phones.

Hence, target mobile phone users as they can help you get more views and conversions.

10. Add a CTA

Do not forget to add a catchy Call-to-action at the end of your video ad. It helps motivate people to buy your product and makes it easy to connect with you. You can either write a catchy line, add your link, or just swipe up to direct them to your site.


These were some of the best tips that you can use for creating the most effective video ads for promoting your e-commerce business. Use them and see how it increases your views and sales within no time.

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