Wipro CSR Activities in India

Wipro CSR Activities in India

Wipro, the Indian IT giant, is one of the most respected names in CSR today and commands enormous market goodwill due to its various social initiatives. In this article, we will talk about Wipro CSR Activities in India.

According to the amendment in the Companies Act 2013, companies that have a net worth of INR 500 crores and more, or net profit of INR 5 crores and more, or an annual turnover of INR 1000 crore and more HAVE to spend 2% of the 3-year average profit on CSR activities.

Indian organizations have always been quite generous when it comes to corporate social responsibility. But since the 2013 amendment, the 2% is mandatory for any company. Of course, companies are more than welcome to contribute more. Wipro is one such Indian company that carries out its CSR activities with utmost heart and soul. 

Wipro CSR Activities

Wipro established Wipro Cares in 2002 to take care of Corporate Social Responsibility. The umbrella of Wipro Cares CSR activities includes projects like education for underprivileged children and children with disabilities, healthcare facilities for disadvantaged communities, environmental conservation projects and a lot more. 

Apart from its CSR projects, Wipro explains that their first and foremost responsibility is to run its all business functions in compliance with the law and ethics. They make sure that they stand firm on their ground at all times.

CSR by Wipro Cares

Wipro is India’s leading information technology consulting services company that has set up a foundation that takes care of its CSR needs. Wipro Cares is a non-profit trust that channelizes its efforts in community service, education and societal development. They believe no social program can run without strong ethical principles, proper management and good governance. It was initiated in 2002. It focuses on developmental issues of the underprivileged society. 

CSR Approach of Wipro

Their sustainability and social responsibility approach is based on three pillars: 

  • The Strategic: They choose domains to engage with that bring out social change as well as sustainable development. Their areas of engagement with society are a merger of their business agendas and a social purpose.
  • The Systemic: They take up systemic issues that need deep and meaningful involvement. To bring social change, they are ready to commit for the long term.
  • The Deliberative: Their deliberative approach is focused on expanding their social programs. 

Want to know more about the CSR strategies adopted by Wipro in different areas of development? Read along.

Educational CSR activities and  initiatives by Wipro:

Wipro is a firm believer of the fact that education is the most significant enabler of social change a gateway for a better society. Over the years, they have partnered with a vast network of 118 educational organizations in India. They have set up about 181 school improvement initiatives and educational projects. 

Here are some of Wipro CSR Activities and flagship projects in the field of education:

Through educational CSR, Wipro has proactively reached out to state and central government educational reforms to make contributions at various levels. Their work makes lives of 50000 children better across Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai.

  • Magic Bus, Bangalore – Commenced in the year 2013, the Magic Bus project is making a positive impact on children in Sarjapur, Banglore. This project has taken up the sensitization of 500 children in the area on the importance of gender issues, education and personal health and hygiene. It has also brought up 20 youth leaders from the community that would be trained to take up leadership roles. The project enables a few of the world’s low-income families to come out of poverty. The project is based on a mentoring model and has a sports-based curriculum.
  • Every Child Counts Campaign, Pune – The campaign runs on the agenda of enrolling children in the age group of 6 to 7 in schools in Pune. An NGO working for the education of children of marginalized communities at construction sites for over 20 years, Door Step School, noticed that there’s a large number of children who were out of school. Them, along with Wipro Cares came up with Every Child Counts Campaign to address this alarming concern.
  • Towards Future, Kolkata – Wipro Cares, in association with an NGO called Towards Future, set up learning and schooling opportunities for urban poor. Through this educational CSR by Wipro, they aim to make children go to regular schools and they also provide them with nutrition supplements. This learning centre is called ‘Back to the Future’ and helps children of immigrant labourers, brick kiln workers and various other marginalized communities. This is based in Kalikapur in Kolkata.
  • Ashray Akruti, Hyderabad – Wipro Cares work with Ashray Akruti, a non-profit school for people with hearing disabilities, by providing them trained school staff. The school also supports the education of underprivileged children. The teaching staff provided by Wipro is prepared to meet the needs of children with hearing disabilities. They’ve supported about 200 such students and helped them become independent and contributing citizens of India.
  • ROCKFund is an employee-initiated project established in 2001. It was set up by the Wipro employee with the intent to contribute to the education of girls. The initiative supports deserving girl students from economically challenged backgrounds and supports them financially through class 10th.
  • Ananda Vidyalaya, Gurgaon – Based on the ‘Right to Education’ bill, this CSR by Wipro takes care of underprivileged children, their education and holistic development. It supports more than 100 students who were their right to education for various reasons. It serves children coming from all religions, race, gender and ethnicity.

Healthcare CSR by Wipro:

Wipro Cares is dedicated to providing primary health care facilities to the underprivileged communities. More than 75000 people from 75 villages have benefited through its many health care services across Andhra Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Karnataka and Maharashtra. 

  • Amalner Health Care Project – The project commenced in the year 2012. Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting Group (WCCLG) plant is located in Amalner. Amalner is a drought-prone area, and merely 3% of the land is fertile. Five villages that were selected for this project didn’t have the necessary and adequate health care infrastructure. Through this project, Wipro aims to provide and increase awareness about already existing and new healthcare facilities.
  • Mysore Healthcare Project – For this project, Wipro selected households of people from scheduled castes (70%) and other backward castes (30%). People there majorly work as construction workers, agricultural labourers and coolies. Sanitation was a major concern. This project provided preventive health care facilities to this community through regular health care camps and health care awareness. They also focused on issues like control and prevention of contagious diseases along with women hygiene.
  • Project Sanjeevini – Launched in November 2009, Project Saneevini is based in Waluj (Maharashtra) It covers nine villages with population 300-150 that are about 20-25 km away from Aurangabad. They look after the health care needs of this community by its health care services and awareness programs. 
  • Tumkur Health Care Project – In association with ActionAid and Narendra Foundation, Wipro takes care of the rural area that comes under Arikere Panchayat. This is a backward and drought-prone area, and the project provides primary health care services and check-up services to the people living here.

Environmental sustainability Wipro CSR activities:

  • Less Plastic For Me – Through “Less Plastic For Me”, Wipro Cares collaborated with malls, supermarkets and shops to create awareness about not using plastic bags. They educated staff and customers through this initiative. They also set up common collection centres for plastic waste and used plastic in schools, residential areas and supermarkets for recycling. They also worked closely with educational institutions to motivate reducing and rejecting the use of plastic products on campus, and in their lives as well.
  • Save the Planet – TIST Program aims to empower and educate farmers across countries such as Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, India, Honduras and Nicaragua. TIST India takes care of the TIST program in India. Along with Wipro Cares, TIST India encourages farmers to plant 25000 trees in their own land. This initiative also trains the farmers about activities to use their property more productively and efficiently.

Disaster rehabilitation initiatives by Wipro:

Time and again, Wipro Cares has taken action when in need. The following are some disaster rehabilitation projects and initiatives by them:

  • Unnati  – In June 2013 initiatives taken up by Wipro during the Uttarakhand Floods included addressing systemic socio-economic concerns. This was done through strengthening alternate sources of livelihood and income and dependence on tourism. Some of them were organic farming, bee-keeping and dairy farming.
  • Bihar Floods – In 2008, when river Kosi changed her course, about 2.3 million lives were affected by the floods. Wipro Cares came forward and helped the victims by partnering with UNDP.  They built eco sanitation and rainwater harvesting awareness. They also built eco-san toilets, dug wells, shelters, road construction, etc.
  • Karnataka Floods – When floods struck in 2009 in Karnataka, Wipro Cares helped in 111 houses in villages Hosurapaidoddi. They also reconstructed 428 houses in Naregal.
  • Tsunami Project in Tamil Nadu – In 2004, when the Tsunami hit the coastal area, it left many homeless and snatched away loved ones in front of people’s eyes. It killed more than 230000 people. Wipro Cares helped victims of Tamil Nadu by giving them livelihood support. They also helped in the reconstruction of schools. They also constructed 35 earthquake and cyclone proof houses in Naluvedapathy.

Wipro CSR Activities for Women Empowerment – 

  • Santoor Women’s Scholarship – As an initiative by Wipro Customer Care and Wipro Cares, the Santoor Women’s Scholarship provides financial support for education to girls. They provide education and financial aid to women who want to pursue education after 12th. Launched in 2016, they offer 900 scholarships in Telangana, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Some other corporate social responsibility initiatives by Wipro

  • Wipro Applying Thought in Schools – Through the “Applying Thought in Schools” initiative, Wipro Cares aims to improve the quality of education in schools across the country. They have worked with around 2000 schools, 11000 educators and 800000 students across 17 states in India since 2007.  What’s different about this initiative? By partnering with various educational institutions, they wish to move students away from rote memorization and encourage them to apply their knowledge. Through these schools, they promote value education.
  • Mission10X – Wipro CSR activities like Mission10X focus on making the youth of India more employable. Mission10X is a non-profit trust of Wipro and was established in 2007. This initiative aims to enhance the employability skills of engineering graduates in India. In order to achieve this goal, they use innovative teaching techniques and help in the application of learned concepts.

Collectively, Wipro Cares has provided health care services to 75000 people in over 53 villages. Through their education initiatives, they have provided educated 47000 children. They have over 24 education projects in 8 Indian states. For environmental sustainability, they’ve planted over a lakh tree. 

As a part of their disaster rehabilitation, Wipro Cares Foundation has given a helping hand to people affected by Tsunami, hurricane Sand, Karnataka and Bihar floods, Philippines cyclone, Uttarakhand floods and Odisha floods. Their approach to corporate social responsibility is not the ‘check-list’ approach. Their purpose is to engage directly in different areas of development. 


  1. Sandip A Tambat

    Respect Sir !
    I am working in gov School in rural area
    ie ZP School Shahapur Banjar Talukas Gangapur Dist Aurangabad. Maharashtra.
    We are needed education funds for Wipro CSR.
    Our School needed Pavour Blocks in School Ground area as well as developing Children’s Park’s Toys and equipments purpose for the demands for quality education and health of children’s.
    Kindly think and guidance to us .

    Sandip Tambat.
    email- satglobal99@rediffmail.com

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  3. Dr. Fazila Patankar

    Dear Sir
    The wonderful work done by WIPRO CSR is well known and going through the numerous initiatives under your umbrella, I am taking the liberty of putting forth an appeal for help to tide over the current CoViD crisis.
    Helpers of the Handicapped, Kolhapur, Maharashtra and Handihelp Welfare foundation under the leadership of Ms. Naseema Hurzuk has been working for the upliftment of the physically disabled over the 30 last years.
    They are well known and their work is well recognised both here in India and abroad. As you are aware contributions from donors are the mainstay for any social organisation.
    2019 -2020 have witnessed severe floods in Kolhpur and the current CoViD crisis has made the situation worse. Income generating activities are at a standstill on account of the lock down and the handicapped staff and the trainees of the organisation are facing an immediate threat of losing their jobs on account of salaries not being paid.
    Even with a paycut of 50% we are in need of 650000/- per month to pay thesalaries of 212 staff and trainees.
    I appeal to the WIPRO CSR to contribute towards their salaries to help the institute survive this present crisis.This institute has stood the test of time over the years and emerged stronger and more dedicated than ever to their cause.
    It would be a shame if they are unable to recieve the help they deserve and cause their handicapped staff the chance to earn their livelihood with dignity.
    Once gain I strongly urge you to verify the facts for yourself and keep up the good name of WIPRO.
    Dr. Fazila Patankar
    email: fazila patankar@yahoo.com

  4. Ashok Kumar Singh

    Dear Mr Avinash,

    Great to know the CSR initiatives in the field of Education by Wipro.
    I am an Army Officer, have privilege to serve as Director Education of 750 EDMC, Delhi primary schools. Together we are endeavouring to achieve national mission but yet miles to go.

    In the mission set forth by “Wipro Cares” for out of school students and quality improvement in school education, I wish to contribute and leverage my experience through your CSR program.
    Will be delighted to join the mission. On your response, I will forward my resume for consideration please.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Yours Sincerely,

    Lt Col Ashok Kumar Singh
    Mob No. 9697200126
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    Dear Sir/Madam

    We are an NGO by name John Paul Slum Development Projects, working for the uplifment of the community.

    The main reason of contacting your CSR is that we need support for COVID -19

    We are working for People Living with HIV/AIDS.

    We are working throughout Pune for Commercial Sex Workers ( CSW), especially in Red Light area.

    At Red light area the the CSW daily earning is totally stop, similarly the CSWs known as Street Base , Private Base and lodge based are suffering without any earning.

    The Street Base , Private and Lodge base are mostly residing in the slums and are starving.

    At the same time People living with HIV/AIDS are also without job and are starving.

    Herewith We would request support from your good office .

    You may contact me on 9822014471 Dr. George Swamy,


    Dear Mr Avinash, it was great to read your blog and getting to know about WIPRO’s contribution under its CSR umbrella. I Cdr Tarun Saxena, an Indian Navy Veteran, presently working with DESMI EnviRo-Care group as Head of India Business , would like to work on environmental sustainability project with WIPRO. We manufacture equipment for collection of marine debris from water bodies such as lakes, rivers,sea and even wide drains. It will be pleasure to discuss some plan with WIPRO in this regard. Cleaning of Bellandur lake in Bengaluru may be one such idea.. May I request you to kindly facilitate the relevant contact number or e-mail to take this further. Warm Regards

  7. vaishali kulkarni

    I have total 23 years of experience in helath and social sector. Can I get any career opportunity in any project of CSR of WIPRO?

  8. Vinod Mall IPS

    I went through the activities of WIPRO under CSR. It is very impressive. I belong to a group called Buddha Se Kabir tak .
    Objectives of Buddha Se Kabir Tak Movement:
    1. To work towards strengthening and propagating our social values based on diversity, pluralism, secularism, equality and multi-multiculturalism.
    2. To spread understanding about the values, philosophy and thoughts of Buddha and Kabir, take pride in the legacy of both the great personalities.
    3. To understand the relevance of teachings of Buddha and Kabir for contemporary society, which is ridden with caste and communal conflicts, hatred, aggression and discrimination on the basis of gender, language and ethnicity.
    4. To regain the common ground of togetherness which is disappearing fast due to rigidity and increasing lack of will to accept others..
    In last 2.5 years we have organized
    1. Seminars
    2. Buddha se kabir Tak yatra (5)
    3 Musical and cultural programs to propagate the values of Buddha Se Kabir Tak movement
    4. Programs on composite culture of India
    5. We are a group of creative people with presence mainly in UP and Gujarat but also in many other states who work for social and communal harmony through creative tools.
    We wish to associate with WIPRO through CSR progam to make a better society.

    Vinod Mall IPS

  9. B.M.Chandrashekara

    our’s is a rural training institute located in chamarajanagara district.it is JSSRUDSETI sponcered by MORD New delhi. we are imparting training to the school drop outs and make them to entrprineur or providing wage employment. Till today we have trained nearly 45000 in different trades.
    Now we are planing to set up rural incubation centre in our campus to provide centre to setting up new unit in inour training centre.Hence we need csr funding supports we are waiting for your reply.
    with regrds
    B.M. chandrashekara.Project officer,jssrudseti,mriyaka.my hone number is 9663757266

  10. Screenings Upadhyay

    Under corporate social responsibility can you conduct an essay competition on

    “How to end communal riots and vote bank politics”

    And award the best essay and publish it

  11. The Andhra High school

    HOw to apply for CSR FUND from Wipro..
    Please help us..

  12. Munna Lal Rao

    We have been working on various social issue since 2000. we identified , 250 girls are out of school under primary education in 6 villages of Tonk & Sawai Madhopur distt. of Rajasthan. we llike to work. Please suggest us on Email .
    Samuhik Vikas Sansthan ( 21 Years)
    Newai Distt. Tonk Rajastahn

  13. Rehabilitation of mentaly- retired population is very important


    Hi sir I have run old-age home for old age people.
    We do work old age home and poor children development program and my ngo name is VISHWA JYOTHI EDUCATION AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY registered under the Karnataka societies registration act 1960 (Karnataka act 17 of 1960) and 12A & 80G as well as registered CSR If possible please give CSR for completing that project.
    Thanking you
    Judson Hosamani
    9945756791, 8123675443

    1. Gagan Singh Pathania

      Sir ji jai Hind. Iam Gagan Singh Pathania Chairman Meghraj Education Committee Amlela Teh. Nagrota Surian Distt. Kangra Himachal Pradesh.Sir ji our NGO working in envoriment field but without crs funding not proper done.Our NGO Already runing community radio station in our village for communites. Please help us.

  15. Gagan Singh Pathania

    Sir ji jai Hind. Iam Gagan Singh Pathania Chairman Meghraj Education Committee Amlela Teh. Nagrota Surian Distt. Kangra Himachal Pradesh.Sir ji our NGO working in envoriment field but without crs funding not proper done.Our NGO Already runing community radio station in our village for communites. Please help us.

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