What is a Meta Description

If you want to extract maximum benefit from your SEO efforts, you must know about the meta description. Wondering, what is a meta description and why should you pay attention to it? Let me tell you, a good meta description is essential if you want your web page to consistently rank high on the search […]

How can brands use influencer marketing

How can brands use influencer marketing?

“Don’t speak about your brand yourself; Let good people speak good about it to make the world believe the good in it.” Mark Zuckerberg once said, “People influence people.” This seems to be true enough when it comes to marketing. We see many advertisements on various channels but rarely do we rush to buy a […]

what are long tail keywords

What Are Long-Tail Keywords

Well, As the name suggests, long-tail keywords are keywords that are long. As these keywords are long, generally the long-tail keywords perform better in terms of conversion as a user is able to communicate his intent with the usage of a long-phrase. Long-tail keywords, when used properly can help you rank higher on search engines […]

what is the difference between blog and website

What is the Difference Between a Blog and a Website?

In order to understand the basic difference between a blog and a website let us first understand what the two are: What is a Blog? Blogs are logs on the web that are catered to by individuals, groups or organisations with regular entries in the scape of write-ups and visuals, commentaries, personal diaries, social and […]

What is a Domain Name and How do you get it?

What is a Domain Name and How do you get it?

If you are looking for authoritative control over the Internet with your own name and space. Your Domain name is your identity- an identification subset that puts up your select space out there. So what is a domain name, if that is a question in your mind then read on. Domain Names are very important […]

Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai for Business Growth

Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai for Business Growth

Digital marketing has turned the game of marketing upside down. It’s not that old businesses are failing and shutting down because they’re old. That is why you need one of the best digital marketing agencies in Mumbai for your business growth. It is only because they can’t or refuse to give up traditional methods of […]

What is Content Marketing & How to Make it Work for your Business

What is Content Marketing & How to Make it Work for your Business

Everyone wants to sell their products on the internet. But very few succeed. Marketers face this challenge every day, especially when it comes to marketing for small businesses and startups. How can you sell your wares better? If you get past all the jargon and complex theories, it boils down to one simple thing- you […]

future of ecommerce in india

The Future of eCommerce in India

Ecommerce in India is booming. Everywhere you look, brands and businesses are setting up websites or creating apps and selling their products and services online. The statistic shows that the retail e-commerce sales compound annual growth rate from 2019 to 2023 for India will be 17.8%. India will rank first in terms of B2C ecommerce […]

how to create backlinks for seo

How to Create Backlinks for SEO

If you are starting to work in the field of search engine optimisation, or are building your website, or are writing online content, you have undoubtedly come across the term “backlinks.” In simple words, backlinks are links outside your website that link to your website. While they may seem inconspicuous, getting backlinks to your site […]


SEO Content Writing Tips for Content Creators

For every content writer, the ultimate goal is to get good traffic on her blog and see her blog or website feature at the top of Google search rankings.  But in an increasingly populated blog-o-sphere, how does one beat out the competition? The answer is: by incorporating some SEO tactics. In this article, I am […]


Biggest Social Media Marketing Companies in India

Social media is an integral part of our lives. For any company or brand, it is a crucial area of importance. Social media plays a significant role in locating and engaging with customers. It will not be an exaggeration to say that if you are a contemporary player if you do not engage with your […]

Biggest SEO Mistakes that Small Businesses make.

Biggest SEO Mistakes that Small Businesses make

SEO Mistakes that small businesses make and how to avoid them: Biggest SEO Mistakes in Digital Content Production Content devoid of keywords: Understand you cannot market everything to everyone. Find out relevant keywords and optimize your content accordingly to get more hits for your website. Ignoring mobile optimization: More people are searching via mobile, so […]

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