10 Strategies to Voice Search Optimisation with Voice Search SEO techniques

10 Strategies to Voice Search Optimisation with Voice Search SEO techniques

Looking for a better alternative to search on your mobile phone, Then you must try voice search on Google. It’s always a better alternative to search for something on Google using voice instead of typing. No wonder we are seeing voice searches becoming popular globally. In voice search, an AI-equipped device is used to recognize […]

Redirects - The Role of 301 and 302 Redirection for SEO

Redirects: The Role of 301 and 302 Redirection for SEO

Redirect means – To change the course or direction. In digital marketing, redirects or redirection is the way to send users and search engines to a different URL instead of the one they originally requested. In the internet world, there is an address to each web page, called a URL, which stands for ‘Uniform Resource […]

What is Gutenberg in Wordpress

What is Project Gutenberg in WordPress

If you have worked on WordPress, you must be familiar with its classic editor. However, if you want to build a website with good content, you must check out the Gutenberg Editor. Gutenberg editor will help your website to perform well, therefore you must master this new WordPress feature. The classic editor plugin will be […]

Types of Keywords in SEO & Google Ads

Types of Keywords in SEO & Google Ads

Who doesn’t dream of being featured on page 1 of Google? Here’s a secret- topping search rankings is a lot of smart work. If you use your keywords right- you can get up there as the top result. But do you know what keywords are good for YOU? Let us have a look at the […]

What is a sitemap, and how to use an Online XML sitemap generator

What is a sitemap, and how to use an XML sitemap generator?

Ever struggled to find specific content, service, or a web page on a website? When people usually don’t find what they are looking for in the dropdown menus, they turn to sitemaps for guidance. Sitemaps help website visitors navigate through your website as well as help search engines and crawlers discover web pages on a […]

Readability & Transition Words and How it Impacts your Position in SERP

Readability & Transition Words and How it Impacts your Position in SERP

We come across a lot of content on the internet in our day-to-day lives. But are they all worth a pleasant read? Do they all rank #1 in search rankings? Definitely, not! So, what do you think might be the reason behind their poor engagement or ranking? Well, there can be several answers to this. […]

What is a Permalink?

What is a Permalink?

Digital competition is indeed at its rage. Today, every brand wants to be at the top. Each one of them is looking for proven SEO techniques that can help them be at #1. However, SEO professionals often overlook certain small tricks that can help to do so. Permalink is one such SEO tactic that can […]

What is Anchor Text in SEO with Example

What is Anchor Text in SEO with Example

Anchor texts have gained much relevance when it comes to the process of improving search engine optimization. This article covers the important aspects related to anchor text in detail. Ready to explore and learn?   Anchor Text Meaning in SEO Anchor text is the visible and clickable text in a hyperlink that links a webpage […]

What is Schema in SEO

What is Schema in SEO – The Best Kept SEO Secret to Rank on Google

Of the many evolutions in SEO, one of the most undervalued, perhaps under-used offerings is the Schema Markup. Despite the significance it has in boosting SEO, many website owners aren’t even aware of what Schema is. So, let us learn the concept of Schema markup and how you can use it to boost your website […]


What is Technical SEO and How to Audit with Checklist?

If you are reading this article, I am sure you are wondering what is Technical SEO. Well here is an analogy to help you understand it. Would you prefer living in a home with a beautiful building but a weak foundation or architecture? Definitely NOT! Because… such a house is sure to collapse one day. […]

Enhancing Page Experience with New Google Ranking Factor - Web Vitals

Rank #1 with New Google Ranking Factors – Core Web Vitals

I could have surfed 10 other websites in half the time this crap took to load! Your Anonymous Website Visitor If you’re tired of getting such slams from your visitors, probably this is because you haven’t considered your Page Experience seriously yet. But now you will HAVE TO! Google has finally arrived at making page […]


16 Amazing Keyword Rank Checker and Ranking Tool for SEO Success

You have set up your website, and now you want to start blogging. A Keyword rank checker is your key to writing effective blogs and website content. But there are so many rank checkers and keyword ranking tools. Which one to choose? Fret not. We have you covered. What is Keyword ranking? Keyword ranking is […]

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