What is a Domain Name and How do you get it?

What is a Domain Name and How do you get it?

If you are looking for authoritative control over the Internet with your own name and space. Your Domain name is your identity- an identification subset that puts up your select space out there. So what is a domain name, if that is a question in your mind then read on.

Domain Names are very important if you are thinking of building your own website. Domain names are formed by certain rules and guidelines laid over by the Domain Name System (DNS). If you have a name registered in the DNS, yours is a Domain Name.

Domain Names are used for networking and setting up your address purposes. Domain Names also represent your IP address (Internet Protocol)- the personal computer that is accessed for the DNS setting, the webserver that is hosting your website or as a matter of fact any other service-connected / communicated via The Internet.

“In Q2 2019, 357.4 million Domain names have already been registered.”

Domain Name Sold in The World as on Q2 2019

What is a Domain Name?

Your website’s name that you pick is your Domain Name. It is an official address which can be used to access your website.

Your website is tracked with your IP address on which your website’s server is located, the IP address is a series of numbers. It is very difficult to remember the number series, thus domain names were formulated to make the entire process easy and accessible.

Your Domain name is anything that is a combination of numbers and alphabets/words. It can be used in any combination of Domain list provided such as .com, .net, .co.in.

Your domain name should be registered before usage. Domain names must be unique and no two websites can have the same domain name.

Fully Qualified Domain Name

A complete domain name for a computer or a host on the Internet is called Fully Qualified Domain Name. A Fully Qualified Domain Name would consist of a hostname and a domain name, for example, www.brandloom.com – here, brandloom is the domain name and www is the hostname. This is an example of an FQDN!

Domain Name Registration

If you are interested in this part, then it means that you already have a name in mind for your website. To search if that particular domain is available as a domain name you need to head to a domain name registrar such as GoDaddy.

How to do Domain Name Search

Time needed: 1 day.

How To Do Domain Name Search Availability

1. Choose a Domain Name

To reach the registration process, you will first have to figure out the name of your domain. Make sure it is compelling, easy, relative to your brand concept and unique.

2. Choose a TLD appropriate to your business or industry

You will have to find out then what TLD do you want your site to be. TLD or Top Level Domain is a part of your domain name that comes at last- .com, .net, .co.in and various other TLDs are available depending on your requirement and availability of the domain name.

3. Choose a Domain Name Registrar

You will then have to find a suitable registrar to register your domain name on the web hosting server for your website’s registration and accessibility.

4. Go to the site of Domain Name Registrar online

Open the site of your preferred domain name registrar or search for one online. You can also choose GoDaddy or Name.com or Domain.com for the same.
Find out about the list of most suitable registrars here.

5. Enter your preferred domain name in the search box.

Find domain name availability on your web registrar’s search bar to check if your desired name is available or not. You will also find suggestions in lieu of the name if the name of your choice is not available. Enter your preferred domain name along with preferred TLD such .com or .in or .cn or .net.

popular domains for sale in the world
Popular domains for sale in the world

6. Click Search

The Moment you will click search the registrar will start scanning the database and will show you the availability of your preferred domain name. If the domain name is available it will also show you a buy button. if not it will show some more options with other TLD’s.

7. Look for alternative Domain Name Suggestions

There are many web hosting servers that would give you ample name suggestions to work out with. You just have to keep a theme in mind and an example of what exactly it is that you need your name as to be.
You can look below in the article for some domain name generator websites under the section “Domain Name Generator”.

8. You can use Random domain name Generator

Getting a domain name has become quite tricky. You will get name suggestions on some web registrars like GoDaddy as well but you can always use name generator tools available online for free. Here are some cool random domain name generators for you:
– Shopify
– NameBoy
– Domain Puzzler
– NameMesh

9. Choose the Domain Name you Like

You can choose the appropriate domain name from the above or if you are not happy with the options available you can do an alternate search until you are satisfied.

10. Choose the price you want to pay

You can totally check your domain name availability on various web host’s websites, you just have to type in the name you have in mind in the search bar and you will see the costs of related to different extensions.

If you are looking for cheap domain name registration here is how to buy domain name cheap. The best cheat way to get a fairly cheap domain name is to first tab on a name that you think would suit your website’s identity. Search it on the search bar of the web registrar. Some of them will show you the available options plus suggestions of a cheaper name instead.

11. Create an account and buy your preferred domain name

To buy the domain name, you need to create an account with the domain name registrar and pay for the domain name. Charges for domain name varies from TLD to TLD. For example .com domain names will be available for US$10/year and .in domain might be available from US$ 1.5 to 3/year.

12. You are the proud owner of a domain name.

Now you are a proud owner of a domain name.


What is Domain Name System in Computer Networks

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical and decentralized naming system for computers, services, or other resources connected to the Internet or a private network. It associates various information with domain names assigned to each of the participating entities. (Source).

It is an Internet’s equivalent of a phone book that maintains a directory of domain names and translates it into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

Domain Name System is necessary because domain names are easy for people to remember, unlike computers or machines which accesses websites based on IP addresses.

What is a Domain Name Registrar?

A domain name registrar is a company that allows you to purchase and register domain names as well as the assignment of IP address for those domain names.

All domain name registrars are accreditated by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), a non-profit organization responsible for managing domain names.

Domain names make the internet easy to use for everyone. Without domain names, you’ll have to enter long strings of numbers called IP addresses to visit websites.

Domain names solve this problem by allowing websites to choose addresses using easy to remember words, for example, brandloom.com or google.com.

The most popular and searched for a website is for domain name registration is GoDaddy. Find the Domain Search link here.
Simply write the name that you have in mind in the search bar and results will be displayed of availability.

How to get a Free Domain Name Registration?

Though you will encounter many online ads and emails promising free domain name registration in India, however just like everything else in life there no such thing as free domain name registration.

Wondering why, because every domain registrar is required to pay a minimal fee to ICANN for every registration.

Every renewal and every purchase is also accounted for. Thus, you can only receive free domain names, if you are in the mood to purchase a web hosting plan from the hosting company. Here you can receive a domain name for free with the package.

Or you can look into free website making tools like Wix who provide you with free domain names too!

How to Create Free Website with your own domain name?

You can create your own free website with your own domain name with the help of some website builders. Here are some website builders that you can explore further:

– GoDaddy: GoDaddy offers 30 days free trial along with excellent editing options with 24*7 support.

– WordPress.com: Offers hundreds of plugins along with many templates of the website available both free and paid, More than 75 million sites are built on WordPress.

– Weebly: Weebly is excellent for first-timers. It is user-friendly and has some amazing built-in marketing tools.

– Site123: Site123 offers free images gallery along with SEO tools.

– SiteBuilder: Sitebuilder has a free Blog Add on and offers a free custom domain along with drag and drop Editor.

How to Buy a domain name in India?

You can buy a domain name from anywhere in the world. The only prerequisite is that you generally need to have a credit card or a paypal account. These two payment gateways are acceptable with almost all website vendors.

How to Buy a Domain name from Google?

You can totally buy a domain name from Google at a not so pricey price. Your domain name says a lot about you and you must carefully pick a name. Google Offers domain names at a range starting from $12. You can then create a site from one of those Website Builders, you can check out Wix for free website building.

How to create a Domain name?

To create a domain name, you must first have a name in mind. Don’t know yet? Do not worry, web registrars like GoDaddy provide you with suggestions in relation to the keyword that you put in.

Once you check the availability of the domain name, look out for a Web Host. It doesn’t matter if you do not have one. You can always get your domain name parked by the web registrar on a temporary website.

The domain name is registered by a web registrar to ICANN for official registration. Some web registrars do not charge any money for this, but you will have to pay some minimal amount for a good website!

Who owns a domain name?

Many people would want to know as to who owns a particular domain. You don’t even have to know the exact domain name, just type in some keywords and the answer will be shot back at you with relevant information.

Simply go to https://whois.net/ and type the domain name. You will receive results in less than a second. You will see the name and the contact details of the registrar and when was the website created, email & phone number, domain status etc.

How to identify Creative Domain Name Ideas?

To find an apt domain name for your website, you will have to clear the clutter first. Do not seek help from many sources, it will confuse you. You should first draw a brand picture in your head and then start searching for names, this way you will have a direction as to where to head.

You can also choose from the unconventional method of contrast, a name that has absolutely no meaning whatsoever in relation to your brand identity, but you weave a story connecting the dots. Be creative!

What is a Domain Name Server?

It is very simple to understand the need for Domain Name Server or DNS, it acts as a directory of words and number. People generally have trouble remembering Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and computers work well with numbers.

So your domain name is basically for your memory benefits and identification amongst the Internet world. These domain names are converted to IP addresses by DNS for the computers to locate the website you are looking for.

Which are the first 10 Domain names registered in the world?

The first 10 domain names sold in the world were:
– symbolics.com -15/03/1985
– bbn.com – 24/04/1985
– think.com -24/051985
– mcc.com – 11/07/1985
– dec.com – 30/09/1985
– northrop.com – 07/11/1985
– xerox.com -09/01/1986
– sri.com – 17/01/1986
– hp.com – 03/03/1986
– bellcore.com – 05/03/1986

What was Sex com domain name sale price?

Sex com domain price was US$13 Million. The domain was sold in Oct 2010. Way back in 2006, the earlier owner of sex.com sold it for US$12 million. (source)

Which are the most expansive domain names in the world?

Here is a list of the top 10 most expensive domain names, according to the Domain Name Journal: (source)
– Sex.com, $13 million
– Fund.com, $9.99 million
– Porn.com, $9.5 million
– Diamond.com, $7.5 million
– Slots.com, $5.5 million
– Toys.com, $5.1 million
– Clothes.com, $4.9 million
– Vodka.com, $3 million
– Candy.com, $3 million
– Shopping.de, $2.86 million
– CreditCards.com, $2.75 million

What is the meaning of domain?

Domain meaning in the computer world is very simple. An area or a territory set aside in your name in the Internet world. A Domain basically is bought by a web registrar which acts as your personal space for the creation of your website or email accounts or both. A domain has its own personalised name that is used to distinguish it from other domains in the Internet world. It is important that you choose your domain name very accurate and unique as a good domain name is perhaps the first marketing tactic that you shall be using. Websites are associated with IP addresses which are very difficult for humans to decode and remember, thus domain names create feasibility in this context.

What is a Domain Name?

A Domain name is the unique name of your domain/would be the website or email account or both. It is very important that you think of your domain name very intricately as there are many players in the world of Internet out there. A domain name is basically the human-friendly approach to remembering the addresses of websites. Domain names can be purchased by web registrars like GoDaddy, Bluehost.

What does domain authority mean?

Domain Authority is developed by Moz to check the search engine ranking of a particular website, especially on Google SERPs. The Ranking that is developed depends on various factors like root domains, backlinks etc. The Ranking developed is developed also on a logarithmic scale which means that it would be easier for a website to reach from 30 to 40 than to go from 50 to 60.

What is map a domain meaning?

A feature wherein you can use multiple accounts to point to our primary hosting account. It can be mapped anywhere, say into your blog page.

What does domain name server mean?

Domain Name Server (DNS) is online domain directories. DNS translates the domain name into Internet Protocol (IP addresses). Domain names are easy for people to understand and remember, however, the computers need their own numeric access which is the IP address.

What does the active directory domain services mean?

Developed by Microsoft for Windows domain network, Active Directory is a directory service. Included in most of the Windows Server Operating Systems, active directory is only in charge of centralised domain management.

What does it mean to park a domain?

When you keep your website creation on hold, a temporary webpage is seen by any visitor who looks for your domain name. Buying a domain and keeping it on hold for some time is basically what Park a Domain means. You can learn more about any domain that fascinates you, it would not mean that you can have it but you can find real stories behind these domain names!

What are the various types of domain extensions meaning?

● io domain meaning- Originally assigned for British Indian Ocean Territory, this domain is a rage with startups today due to the availability of easy and small names.
● in domain means- .in is the Internet country top-level domain for India. It was developed in 1989 and is under NIXI.
● org domain meaning- Operated by the Public Interest Registry and one of the originally developed generic domain name, .org is truncated by the term organisation.
● xyz domain meaning- A top-level domain name that was proposed to be the new generic TLD came out on 2014.
● com domain meaning- There are 51 million domain names under the .com registration. It is one of the most recognised presence on the Internet.
● co uk domain meaning- The Internet Country top-level domain for the countries of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. It is one of the most popular TLD’s out there.
● to domain meaning- Internet Country code developed for the kingdom of Tonga. The government sells its ccTLD to any interested parties.
● edu domain meaning- Institutions having an affiliation to any US institution for higher education can use this domain name.
● ac domain meaning- An Internet Country code ccTLD for Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha.
● cc domain meaning- An Internet country code ccTLD for Cocos (Keeling Islands) in Australia.

What are the various types of Domain names Available today?

Eminent domain meaning– Eminent Domain is a right that can be exercised by any government due to the context of its superiority to take up any private domain for public usage. It is of international law in the UK whereas in the US, it is of Federal and state governments.

Global domain meaning– As the name suggests, if you aspire your website to have the first look as global- go for a global domain. It is self-explanatory and it shows that you are more forward-looking. A Global Domain would connect you to an international audience in a go and the fact that many scripts and special characters understand the terminology of Global makes it a universal domain by logic. Find your global domain name here! (https://go.global/)

Space domain meaning– Space Domain Name is for enthusiasts and the passionate artists out there. If you are ready to carve your presence online, get a space domain. It is mostly for self-starters who are definite about spreading creativity and are keen on sharing their talents with the outside world. Find your Space domain name here! (https://get.space/)

Live domain meaning-
Live Domain is one of the top-level domains (TLD) in the domain name system on the Internet. If you host live streams on your website, go for Live Domain. However it is not restricted to live streaming only, bands and groups often get a live domain to pass information about their tours and performance dates.

Work Domain meaning– It clearly means that anything related to employment, a new space for business domains to stand out. Find your work domain here! (https://in.godaddy.com/tlds/work-domain)

Business domain meaning– Sometimes your business needs a special recognition and that you can achieve by Business domains like .ads, .company, .biz, .corp etc. It also makes you preferential in Google’s object-oriented searches. Find your Business domain here! (https://www.enom.com/domains/business-domains)

Multi-domain meaning– A multi-domain means that you can host more than one domain on your website. For instance, if you have 5 websites, you can get a multi-domain website instead of one hosted under one roof. Find your multi-domain here! (https://www.digicert.com/multi-domain-ssl/)

What is Premium domain meaning?

Premium Domain Names are short, easy to remember and end with popular extensions like .com. They cost a tidy bit much but have a high traction value.

What does Top-level domain mean?

Top-level domains are the last segments of the domain name. The part that comes after the dot ‘.’, like .com, .co.in, .eu etc. There are two types of TLDs- generic and country-specific.

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