16 Amazing Keyword Rank Checker and Ranking Tool for SEO Success

You have set up your website, and now you want to start blogging. A Keyword rank checker is your key to writing effective blogs and website content. But there are so many rank checkers and keyword ranking tools. Which one to choose? Fret not. We have you covered.

What is Keyword ranking?

Keyword ranking is one of the most crucial elements to watch in content marketing. Imagine your website sells a product, and you are writing about it. You have used certain words in your content that resonates with what the audience is searching for. These are the keywords—the gist of your content. Now, there may be a thousand sites that have the same product, so you have to choose the right keywords that will get you clicked on, in Google search.

How do we do that? We look at keyword rankings in SERPs. Keyword position or rankings shows where your site is ranked in search engine results for a keyword. This will directly impact your web traffic, lead generation and conversions.

We all know that we most probably click on the results only on the first page of Google search pages. So, our aim is to be on top of
the first page to boost the chances of our page being found. So, the higher you rank on SERPs, the better off your page will be.

Why do you need a keyword ranking tool?

You can use your intuition to find out a couple of keywords that are prominent to your site. Better yet, a keyword ranking tool
gives you accurate statistics of the search volume of each keyword. It will also tell you if you’re focusing on the right keywords for your website/product.

Good keyword tools help you with personalized keyword suggestions to enrich your content. Most often, the keywords that you assume for your content are generic and is used by everybody. So, if everybody is bidding on the same keyword, chances are a better website will score over yours.

It may not even be related to your genre of products. This is where you may need to ditch the popular keywords and find keywords that are truly relevant to your business (long-tail keywords).

For optimum traffic, it’s always best to capture and secure the coveted first top 3 positions in SERPs. For this, you will need to
know what your current position is and who has the best positions right now and do better than them.

How To Use Keyword Position Checker Tool

Most Google keyword position checker tools are very user friendly. But here’s a rough plan of how to get started on them. The steps may be slightly different for each platform, but you will get the hang of it easily.

Steps to use some of the Best keyword position Checker Tools

Step 1: In the tool, enter your URL (it may be your own or that of your competitor) on the “your domain” space provided. This is
the website whose position you would like to know.
Step 2: Select which search engine you want to check the keyword ranking. Most commonly used one is You can also target based on the country of interest.
Step 3: Enter the keywords whose positions you want to check in the “keywords” space.
Most checkers allow up to 20 keywords per check.
Step 4: Once you’re done, click “Check Position” to start the process. In a few seconds, you will get the ranking of the
website and can know it’s position in SERPs.

How Does The Search Engine Position Tool give you the numbers?

When you run the keyword through the Google keyword rank checker tool online, it scans the search engine results for your keyword or keyphrase. The result will be shown as a list. Here, if it shows “1” in the results, it means the website (your’s or competitors’) that you entered sits in first the #1on Google in the selected country and device. This is our ultimate aim. But if it says “100,” it means you are in the hundredth position in search results and needs improvement.

Let’s find out about some of the best keyword rank checker tools online in the market. Here are our top picks.

Best Website Search Engine Ranking Checker Tools

  1. DYNOMapper Keyword Ranking
  2. SEMrush keyword checker
  4. AccuRanker
  5. Ahrefs
  6. SERPWatcher
  7. SERP’s Keyword Rank checker
  8. SEOCentro Rank checker

Read on to find out why we love them!

1 DYNO Mapper Keyword Rank checker tool

dynomapper best free google rank checker
DYNO Mapper

DYNO Mapper stands out as being the only software that has a visual sitemap generator and keyword tracking tool. It creates a sitemap of your website first. Then the DYNO Mapper’s keyword tracker automatically pull keywords used in your page. It allows you to track individual keywords phrases filtered by search engine and can target based on location as well.

DYNO Mapper has the bonus of being integrated with Google Analytics. Thus, it gives information on your internal links, content inventory and lets you do accessibility testing. By this, you can find out which pages are your highest ranking ones.

This information is crucial when planning your posts for the future. You can also depend on this data to tweak and edit existing content for higher rankings. If you are thinking of redesigning your site, a look at this data will be a game-changer.

Dyno mapper lets you keep a close eye on your competitor’s performance. This is important for you to keep up with current trends and ride over the competition. DYNO Mapper sends you notifications regularly on your site’s performance. The information includes sitemap comments, weekly or monthly content monitoring and daily keyword ranking.

Pros of Dyno mapper

  • Daily tracking capability
  • Ranking is available by device and location.
  • Can look into search volume and CPC
  • Weekly notifications and Rankings Graph

Cons of Dyno mapper

  • Customer service is a bit of a lag

2 SEMrush: Google Keyword Rank Checker Online

semrush free seo keyword ranking report

One cannot talk about keywords and SERPs position without a mention of SEMrush and its google keyword ranking tool. This software has been hailed as one of the top SEO keyword ranking tools currently available. It is a favourite among the SEO community because of its highly sophisticated options and accurate results. To check for keywords and your ranking for each of them, simply enter your website URL or the URL of a blog post that you have in mind. It will show you for which keywords you are ranking for right now.

The software supports both Google and Bing search. For Google, you can select Google Search based on your target geography also. It has search engine position tracking and keyword research with longtail keyword capability. The Keyword Magic Tool for keyword ideas and SEO writing assistance is a great help when blogging frequently. SEMrush is an easy to use professional software which may be a bit intimidating at first with a densely populated dashboard and many tools.

It offers you bonus capabilities like advertising research to know ad budgets and specific keywords. You can also do competitor research and traffic analytics on it.

Pros of SEMrush

  • Competitive organic research with competition website ranking, insight on what keywords they bid on and what display ads they use.
  • Prompts for related terms to a specific keyword.
  • You also get its estimated volume, historical trend of the volume and “difficulty” scores.

Cons of SEMrush

  • Keyword and traffic volume accuracy is a bit off.
  • Too many tools, but too little explanation of its capabilities.

3 SEO Profiler: Search Engine Rank Tracker

SEO Profiler seo keyword rank tracker
SEO Profiler

SEO Profiler is yet another popular and powerful keyword research tool. It is marked by an incredibly easy to use interface. It also integrates Google Analytics to make a more effective profile of your website.

SEO Profiler is best to keep a tab on your competitors and their keywords. This way, you can use them in your content to score better. The next best thing is that you get notified about keyword opportunities. It shows potential keywords that have not yet ranked 1, but can do so, if used well. This gives you an added edge over your competition. Since you were the one to assist the keyword in rising to popularity, you will have an added advantage in your site’s ranking and traffic.

Pros of SEO Profiler

  • Google, Yahoo and Bing Ranking Checks
  • Mobile Ranking Checks
  • Keyword Ranking Monitor with worldwide and city rank checking capability
  • Competitor Monitoring

Cons of SEO Profiler

  • No free trial

4 AccuRanker Google Ranking Tool

Accuranker keyword position tracker

The next best contender for keyword checker tools is the AccuRanker. It is a fool-proof paid keyword position checker. Unlike SEMrush, this one has a more intuitive and cleaner dashboard. It’s easy to get started on. Here, you can search for your keywords ranking on Google search and as well as Bing search and Yandex. AccuRanker is one of the few Yandex keyword monitoring tools and is very popular.

Accucheck allows for checking keyword position based on your target country or city. This is very important for businesses who are targeting a particular geographical location. You can even set more than one location on this software. The results here are fast and very accurate. The result page is also clear and brief in its data. This one is especially great for digital agencies because they show a preview of the result which you can screenshot and used to show the ranking to the clients.

You can start Accucheck by using their 14-day free trial. If you like it, choose from various plans based on the number of keywords you want to track.

Pros of AccuRanker

  • An intuitive dashboard that’s easy to navigate.
  • It is the most accurate rank tracker.
  • It gives the highest quality data for its low price.

Cons of AccuRanker

  • Even small batches of keywords can take time to process.

5 Ahrefs: Keyword Search Ranking Tool

Ahref seo keyword rank checker tool

Ahrefs is another top dog in the SEO tools race. It is actually a pretty cool software with some great keyword ranking tools. The software has a lot of features. The best part is it automatically detects what keywords your page is currently ranking for. You can even specify ranking based on the country of your choice. Ahrefs lets you tracking the rank of your website as well as your competitor’s website. You can get a sneak at what external links your competition have and get to know their top pages and IPs.

Ahrefs is also well known for their excellent customer service. Keyword checkers can sometimes have effective tools, but you may not know how to use them. So good customer service is always appreciated.

What about the other great features? Ahrefs analyzes your site regularly and sends localized reports. Location is more important than you think. Many people don’t know that you’ll probably rank better in your country than worldwide. It also features alerts for backlinks, mentions, and new keywords. You have a site explorer to see search traffic, a keyword explorer for best results and a site audit for finding SEO issues.

Pros of Ahrefs

  • It has a clean design and is user friendly.
  • Shows you if you made it to ‘featured snippet’ or ‘rank ‘0″‘
  • You can add as many domains as you like.

Cons of Ahrefs

  • Inability to see the ranking evolution in the overview.
  • Expensive as there are no plans with less than 1000 keywords available.

6 SERP’s Google Rank Tracker

Authority Labs google search rank checker
Authority Labs google search rank checker

If you aren’t keen on putting money into rank checking, SERPs is a good and free Keyword rank checker tool. It not only shows the search engine position, but you can also know the CPC and search volume data for any keyword or phrase. You can also narrow down the keyword rank area by selecting the search engine location & also desktop or mobile device option of your choice. This tool can be used for checking one or multiple keyword ranking.

Pros of SERP’s Keyword Rank checker

  • It has a keyword generator and suggestions.
  • It shows keyword performance, market analysis and gives a keyword report.
  • Competitor keyword analysis capability.

Cons of SERP’s Keyword Rank checker

  • Low accuracy on keyword rankings.

7 GeoRanker: Best Website Search Ranking Tool

keyword tracking software Georanker

It is one of the best keyword research tools for local businesses. As the name suggests, it is a completely local keyword ranking tool and may not have so much feasibility on the international realm.

It supports Yahoo, Bing and Google. You can also track your keyword ranking according to devices as well as for videos and images. The tool also provides backlink suggestions and reviews on the keywords that you are targeting.

Pros of GeoRanker

  • Localised keyword ranking capability
  • Supports Google, Yahoo and Bing

Cons of GeoRanker

  • History of fraudulent activity but is now given the all-clear.

8 SERPWatcher: Search Engine keyword Ranking Software

SERPWATCHER google seo ranking checker

SERPWatcher by Mangools is another super cool keyword rank checker tool. It offers a relatively easy to use dashboard and lets you track keyword position for any domain. What’s more? You can track keyword ranking based on geographic location & devices(desktop and mobile) separately. All you have to do is insert the keywords, enter the ‘tracked domain,’ i.e., which domain you want to search for the keyword ranking. In the advanced options, you can pick the location and device preferences. Their paid plan lets you track more number of keywords. It’s not a hefty price to pay for the keyword tool that is easy to use and accurate.

Pros of SERPWatcher

  • Ergonomic design due to its limited features.
  • High discounts if you sign up for a yearly plan.

Cons of SERPWatcher

  • No featured snippet view.
  • No free trial available.

9 Moz Rank Tracker for Keyword Rank Monitoring

Moz search rank tracking software

Moz Rank Tracker comes from Moz, a leading SEO firm in the world. It has the advantage of having a very potent rank tracking tool. It can be used to track keywords on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Moz provides various reports on your site’s performance. As with many other keyword ranking tools, you can also find your rankings based global, countrywise and even at a local scale.

The most Moz rank tracker lets you compare ranks for different platforms(mobile or desktop). It gives you a heads up about issues on your site that can be detrimental to crawlers indexing your page.

Pros of Moz keyword ranker
– Compare results with competitors
– Prompts link building opportunities

Cons of Moz keyword ranker
– Very restrictive keyword ranking option
– Too many options in the interface making it difficult to remember which one to use.

10 Wincher Keyword Position Tracker

wincher search engine positioning software
Wincher Search Engine Positioning Software

Winter is another keyword ranking tool that is a favourite among the SEO folks. It allows you to monitor multiple keywords as well as domains. You can compare your website performance with that of your competition. It gives you an extra edge because if at any point the competitor ranks above you, they will send you a notification. This helps you to precisely analyse where you went wrong and what you should be implementing to improve your rank.

Another very useful part of Wincher is the Wincher plugin which can be used along with your content management system. If you are using WordPress or similar softwares, the plugin makes certain functions easy to access

If you are a Digital Marketing firm and have to present keyword research data to your client, Wincher has the option to give you analytic reports that can be obtained on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Pros of Wincher
– Notifies if your competitor outranks you.
– Wincher plugin makes content writing easier.

Cons of Wincher
– It only allows keyword ranking for Google

11 Advanced Web Ranking Keyword Position Tool

advanced best rank tracking software
Advanced best rank tracking software

The main advantage of this keyword ranking tool is the unlimited number of websites that you can track. This is unlike other tools where you have to choose a set number of competitors to monitor and let go of the rest.

Advanced web ranking is both available on desktop as well as a cloud-based tool. The tool also allows an automatic updation of reports which means if you have a report of your website performance, you can schedule it to be updated so that you don’t have to manually fill in the data. This is very convenient when you are presenting a business pitch/ updating your client on your digital marketing endeavours.

Pros of Advanced web ranking
– Can keep an eye on an unlimited number of sites
– Schedule the updation of website tracking reports
– Four different packages available

Cons of Advanced web ranking
– Not free

13.Woorank: One of the Best Rank Checker Tool

Woorank search engine ranking software
Woorank search engine ranking software

Woorank has a very clean dashboard which gives detailed technical information about your site. You can go to the review option to see your site’s ranking. You will also get feedback on your site performance and pointers on where you need to improve. It allows you to review your site ranking many times so that you can see how your changes have affected the ranking.

You can also monitor competitor URL and keywords that they are using. Woorank is great for writing content. It gives suggestions about the keywords to be used and also reminds you of the keywords you have been using that are now missing from your content. Apart from prompts, you can also manually add keywords to the tool to check its rank.

Pros of Woorank
– In-depth SEO analysis of the website
– Targeted keyword tracking according to geo-location
– Ability to track rank changes over time

Cons of Woorank
– Not free
– It only has a pro plan limited to one project or a premium plan at a hefty price difference.

14. Similarweb Page RankKeyword Tool

SimilarWeb ranking check software
SimilarWeb ranking check software

More than being a Keyword ranking tool, this one can give insights on your website traffic. Once you enter your URL, the tool will generate a report of your website based on your global and category wise ranking. The website has a colourful interface using graphs to represent the number of site visits you have got. This can be monitored from a week’s data to the last 6 months.

Similarweb gives information on the traffic and where it is coming from, which will let you use your keyword more efficiently. It is a great tool to keep competition at check. You can add competitors you want to keep an eye on and it will even suggest to you which other competitors you should be watching for better rankings. That’s one hell of a tool, isn’t it?

Pros of SimilarWeb
– Discover new competitors that you haven’t thought of
– Know exactly where your traffic is coming from

Cons of SimilarWeb
– A basic account cause $99 per month

15 Traffic Travis Google Rank Checker

Traffic Travis google ranking software
Traffic Travis google ranking software

This is a free desktop tool that you can use to keep track of your keywords and find their rankings. It has the ability to rank on the basis of location too. You can enter a URL, and get the ranking for the page and know the backlinks that are being used. It also has capabilities for you to research keywords and analyse your competitors’ performance.

A useful feature of this one is that, it gives you warnings if any of your pages are down in ranking or not ranking as well. One can say that Traffic Travis is an excellent SEO management software too, since it analysis your website automatically from time to time.

Pros of Traffic Travis
– The free version allows 500 keywords and 5 projects
– Loaded with features

Cons of Traffic Travis
– Cannot be used by Mac users

16 Cocolyze One of the Best Page Rank Checker

Cocolyze serps keyword rank checker
Cocolyze serps keyword rank checker

Cocolyze is a real performer among SEO tools. You can start with the home page by simply entering the keyword you want to find the ranking of. Once the initial setup is done, you will get a full overview of the position of the keyword in search engine rankings. It can also compare your website with that of competitors in ranking is also analysis all the SEO actions that have been taken on your page. It further gives you detailed advice on what is impacting your rankings. Cocolyze suggests how to use your keywords and SEO for better rankings. It is known for its simplicity, peculiarly useful tools and clarity of data.

Pros of Cocolyze
– Fast and reliable results
– Gives daily tracking of competitors page rankings
– It has an SEO value indicator which tells you why a keyword is more important than the other, even if it may be ranked lower.

Cons of Cocolyze
– Not free


By using these tools, you can easily track and know your keyword ranking in SERPs. This gives you an insight on how to target your audience better and meet objectives. Once you are armed with the right keywords and key phrases, you can start blogging. Here are some tips to keep your website performing well in the long run.

  • Regularly publish good quality and useful content.
  • Always do keyword research before you start writing.
  • Find and build high-quality backlinks.
  • Regular SEO audits on your website is essential.

It only takes a couple of minutes to search for keywords on the above tools. But the advantages they bring are too many. The trick is to think like the user or your potential clients. What would they be typing into Google? How do they get to your brand? What are they curious about? With keyword research and proper SEO, you can positively grab the front row seats in SERPs for the niche keywords that define your brand. Catering to a niche audience and using longtail keywords and keyphrases is the key to higher conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to check website keyword ranking?

    In order to check website keyword rankings please follow the below steps:1. Choose your keyword ranking tool and open it.2. In the keyword ranking tool, enter the URL that you want to check. It can be that of your website or your competitors’. 3. Next, select the search engine on which you want to check the keyword ranking. Most ranking tools allow Google and Yahoo search engines. Some even let you specify the location you would like to target.4. Now, enter the keywords you are focusing on and click on “Check Position” to get the ranking of the website.

  2. How to find search engine ranking for keywords?

    You can use any search engine ranking tools given above to find the ranking of keywords. Simply enter the keywords (most ranking tools allow you to enter more than one keywords at a time) and the website whose ranking you need to know. You will get the results instantly.The ranking of ‘1’ shows that your website is ranking first in the search engine results page(SERPs) for that keyword. Make sure that the ranking tool is compatible with the search engine that you want to check the keywords on.

  3. How to track keyword ranking?

    You can search for the ranking of specific keywords for a particular website on the keyword ranking tools. The website that comes up as position ‘1’ is the top ranking site.Keyword ranker tools like Ahrefs lets you enter your keywords and your competitors’ URLs after which they will regularly send you updates and tracking data so that you can look at the trend of your ranking for keywords as compared to your main competitors.

  4. How to check website ranking on google?

    It’s easy to check your page ranking on Google. Google Search console gives a descriptive idea of how your website is ranking for your specific keywords. 1.Log in to your Google Search Console. 2.Click on the name of your website if it has been loaded earlier. Or else, add your website’s URL by using the ‘Add Site’ option. 3.Now find the ‘Search Traffic’ button on the in the sidebar on the left and then go to ’Search Analytics’. 4.Here you will find impressions, clicks, CTR and your ranking for specific keywords of your choice.

  5. How to check keyword ranking online?

    If you are an amateur in SEO and website monitoring, you can start by checking your keyword ranking online to get a feel of it. You can check your keyword ranking by inputting your particular keywords and website URL to a keyword ranking tool. The easiest tools to use are AccuRanker and SERP’s Keyword Rank checker.But we definitely recommend getting on board an authentic and trusted keyword ranking tool for accurate results and watching the trend.

  6. Which are the best free keyword rank checker?

    DYNOMapper Keyword Ranking is the best keyword rank checker followed closely by SEO profiler.DYNO Mapper come with the advantage of being integrated with Google Analytics. This means you get information on your internal links, content inventory and can perform accessibility testing. Therefore you can find out which pages are your highest ranking ones and tweak your content accordingly.SEO Profiler is also a great platform to watch your competitors and their keywords to gain an edge over them.

  7. Which are the best free keyword ranking tool?

    Google Search Console is the best free keyword ranking tools available if you want to check your own sites search position.

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