How to promote YouTube videos for free

How to promote YouTube videos for free

YouTube is a video giant that is home to a diverse range of content. The platform today is brimming with videos that make it necessary for creators to create an identity, promote YouTube videos, and not get lost in the clutter. Here is how to promote YouTube videos free

However, promotions can sometimes get overwhelming and even costly. Here’s a guide that will help you with the promotion of YouTube videos for free and make your job easy.

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How to promote YouTube channel for free?

How to Promote YouTube Videos Free?

This is a question that is asked by many but only a few have managed to get a solution. There are several ways to promote youtube videos for free. However, promoting your content can be a daunting task. Here are a few tips and tricks:

1 Curate intriguing Titles to promote youtube video free online

Titles are an important part of your presentation. They either make or break a video and its performance. Therefore, it’s imperative to craft a title that is engaging and tells the viewers what the video is about right from the time they see it.

An important point to note: do not create titles that are misleading! It not only creates a bad impression but also lowers the chances of viewers returning to your channel. Make sure to incorporate the necessary keywords in your title and keep it crisp and compelling.

2 Make SEO your Best friend: One of the easiest ways to promote a youtube video

As technical as it may sound, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is one of the easiest ways to get your videos to rank higher. YouTube today is the second largest search engine that provides answers to several questions and queries just like Google. Therefore, it’s important to optimize your videos in terms of tags, titles, descriptions, keywords, and more.

To bubble up to the top, it’s important to abide by some of the key practices of YouTube SEO:

  • Descriptions: In addition to adding keywords in your titles, it’s important to sprinkle your description with essential keywords as well. Make sure to give it some personality that reflects your style.
  • Tags and Categories: Both of these allow YouTube to get a better understanding of your content and makes them easily accessible to search engines
  • Engagement: Videos with high engagement (likes, comment, share) tend to rank higher in search.

While writing anything mentioned above, make sure to give it your touch that makes people resonate with you and your content. Do not just add keywords for the sake of it but add them where they are required.

3 Personalize your Thumbnail: best way to promote your youtube video

Creating a custom thumbnail is one of the easiest ways to promote your YouTube video effectively. Your thumbnail describes your content and tells people what the video is about in a snap. YouTube generally tends to take a screenshot from the video for a thumbnail. Sometimes, it may not be an appropriate snap that would do justice to your video.

Personalizing your thumbnail makes your video appealing and also dictates your dedication and professionalism. You don’t have to be all fancy while creating a thumbnail, being consistent with a particular theme, font or style would also do the work.

4 Promote Youtube Video by being Consistent

Video content today is reigning social media when it comes to performance and engagement. Therefore, you are required to be consistent with both your videos and promotion. Make sure to update other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and more every time you upload a new video. This will not only attract new viewers but also act as a reminder for the existing ones.

It is also important to ensure that your video graphics, video intro, channel art and more go hand in hand. If it isn’t, it makes your content appear all over the place. Make sure to follow a particular theme- colour combination and be consistent with it. It not only helps to create an identity but makes it easier for people to retain your brand.

5 Create better Engagement

Engagement is one of the most important practices that will help you rank higher. There are several ways through which you can create better engagement:

  • Conduct a giveaway or contest. It’s something that the viewers love to participate in and also results in excellent engagement.
  • Don’t be shy and ask your viewers for engagement. Simple practices like asking the viewers to give answers in the comment section or just to check out another video can lead to excellent engagement. Make sure to link your videos or provide an external link to your videos or site as a form of a Call to Action.
  • Live streaming is currently one of the biggest trends on social media. Going ‘live’ has become the new norm for content creators as it allows you to generate better interaction, provide insightful information and just be yourself.

6 Collaborate with other content creators

Collaboration is one of the effective tactics used by a majority of huge YouTubers. It opens the door to a whole new set of audience that is likely to subscribe since you’re collaborating with a creator that they like and trust. It’s important to partner with the right creator that works on the same line as yours which eventually makes you appear more authentic.

7 Promote video in youtube by creating Playlists

Creating a Playlist is important as it helps to collate all your videos in one place. Besides, it makes it easy for the viewers to easily navigate your uploaded videos. It aids in organizing your content, gives you the opportunity to add in more keywords, and caters to the user’s binge-watching tendencies with auto-play.

8 Make use of an Intro and Outro video

Creating an identity is an important aspect of promotion which you can achieve seamlessly with the help of an Intro and Outro video. An Intro video is usually 3-5 seconds that plays at the start of the video. An outro video plays at the end where you can mention related videos or ask people to like and subscribe to your channel.

9 Make use of Call to Actions- Best YouTube video promotion tactic

What is the purpose of a video if a viewer just views it and leaves without liking it or subscribing to a channel? YouTube offers several ways through which you can include CTA in your video and encourage the viewers to like, share and subscribe:

  • Host Mentions: This is a style wherein the host talks directly to the camera and tells people to either like, share, subscribe, comment and more. It’s an easy way to create better interaction and connection with the viewers.
  • Video Description: A video description is not just limited to providing information about the video. You can also add links to other related videos or your different social accounts. There are several things that you can mention in the description box that makes your video even more descriptive and detailed.
  • End Cards: These are like cards that usually appear at the end of the video and are clickable. You can add in other related videos from your channel which makes it easy for people to view.

10 Allow Others to Embed your Videos

When you upload a video, YouTube provides you with the option of embedding. You are required to allow others to embed your videos. This means that other people can publish your video or content on their channel or website. It is one of the best techniques to promote your video. Embedding allows you to gain access to a wider audience. However, an important thing you need to make sure of is that the publishers give you the credit for the video.

To get access to the feature, click on Video Manager, click on the chosen video, and under it, you will find an Edit option, click on it. Later, go on to the Advanced Settings and ensure that you have given access to the embedding option.

11 Make use of the best sites to promote YouTube videos free

Social media has gained immense popularity over the years and therefore it’s important today to cross-promote. There are several websites apart from YouTube that can help you promote your content. Promoting your content on different social media platforms reduces the chances of people missing your video and may also help in expanding your audience. However, it’s important to market your content in the right manner and at the right place. Here are a few answers to all your social media promotion queries:

11.1 How to promote YouTube video on Twitter?

With the right hashtag and words, you can promote your videos effortlessly on Twitter and might find a spot in the Twitter views. Make use of appropriate hashtags and make sure to add a link of your video in the post.

11.2 How to promote my YouTube video on Facebook?

You can announce the release of your video on Facebook via a post. A link that takes the viewers to your YouTube channel can be provided as well. There is also space for the video title, description, and additional content that can lead to better engagement and add better value. You can easily embed the link to your video on your Facebook page that allows viewers to view the video on Facebook.

11.3 How to promote YouTube videos on Reddit?

Reddit is an easy-to-use platform wherein you can just start uploading videos and tags. It’s the best site to promote YouTube videos. One important part of Reddit is the subreddits that are like sub-communities on Reddit. Search for subreddits that share the same interests or videos and actively participate. Comment, upvote, and downvote to generate engagement and interaction.

11.4 How to promote youtube video on Instagram?

Another budding place to gain maximum attention is Instagram. Make use of the right hashtags and also currently trending ‘Insta stories, Reels, Live streaming’ and more. This can be used to promote your content, yourself or both.

12 Create Appealing Series

The most efficient answer to the question ‘How to promote my YouTube video?’ is creating a series. It may be a weekly or monthly series, but it gives the viewers something that they can look forward to. If the viewers are aware that a certain topic will be discussed on a particular day, then there are more chances of them to subscribe. Make sure to discuss or give the users a glimpse of the next video that you will be posting. This will keep the interest intact and lead to better interaction.

13 Don’t Neglect Your Old Videos

Content creators usually make this mistake of completely forgetting about their former videos. They create a video; get some interaction done and then neve turn back to them. It is essential to re-optimise the old views and breathe some life into them as they aid in getting more views. However, there are very limited options to the changes that you can make in an uploaded video. But you can make changes to the following features of a video which include:

  • Thumbnail
  • Descriptions
  • Title
  • Tags

You can also upload your former popular videos that will keep the viewers visiting your channel over and over again. Popular videos that never go out of style usually involves- A guide, statistics, tips and tricks, tools lists and more. Such content has the potential to rank well, bring in more traffic and escalate SEO.

14 Promote your Video through Email

Promoting your video on social media platforms may be the new norm but nothing can surpass the charm of an email. It’s one of the best ways to garner maximum eyeballs to your content. You can promote your video by first curating a newsletter that defines and states the importance of your video. You can then mention how the video can be helpful and simultaneously link the video. You can link your video either by directing people straight to your YouTube page or by embedding the video in a blog post and then sending the blog to other people.

15 Promote YouTube video for free by building a Blog

It is essential to understand the importance of a blog. It can do wonders both for a business as well as a personal brand. Over the years, it has become very easy to embed a video which makes blogging even more rewarding. Blogs give you the opportunity to explain a particular topic in depth which sometimes might not be possible in a video. With the to-the-point titles, one can get an idea of all the topics covered. A blog helps to fill in the gap as search engines like Google sometimes find it difficult to understand videos in depth. You can easily add in your YouTube channel promotion video and provide further detailed information, which gives the audience the best of both worlds.

16 Leave Your Mark on Other Channels

Leaving your mark here essentially means dropping in a positive and helpful comment in other creators’ YouTube channels. This allows the YouTuber’s audience to notice your channel. Posting in a positive comment creates better engagement and also increases the chances of people viewing your channel and watching your videos.

This also enables to generate a better relationship with other content creators. A positive comment tends to leave an impact and definitely increases the chances of collaboration.

The best way to attract more audience to view your channel is to have an appealing Channel Icon. A channel Icon is present right next to your comment that defines you and your content. So make sure you have a professional and unique one.

17 Figure out what works for you

YouTube Analytics can help you gain insights and create an understanding of your audience. It allows you to understand how old your audience is, the language they prefer, the video style they enjoy and more. It’s important to keep a track and optimise your content accordingly.

The data present gives you first-hand information about your channel, your viewers and their preferences thus making it easy for you to comprehend what’s working and what isn’t.

18 Promote your channel too

Content creators often tend to focus majorly on the promotion of their latest videos via youtube video promotion service and more. However, the one important thing to keep in mind is that in addition to your videos, it’s essential to promote your channel as well. Look out for opportunities where you can promote your complete channel and videos too. This increases the visibility chances and also helps the video to rank higher on search engines like Google and YouTube.

Climb the ladder of search engines and rank higher with the above given points that help you to promote YouTube video for free and effortlessly.

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