What is domain authority and page authority

What is domain authority and page authority? How to increase it?

Have you ever googled the keywords related to your brand, and seen some other company rank for them? You must be wondering why they get on top of Google’s search results. Well, one reason for that can be that they have a better domain authority and page authority. So, what is domain authority and page authority, and why are they important?

These terms have gained a lot of relevance of late in the world of digital marketing. Domain authority can be described as a metric that measures a website’s or domain’s chances to rank on search engines. And, page authority can be described as a comparative metric that predicts how well a particular page will rank on SERP.

They are both considered as important factors in measuring your ranking strength.

Let us discuss in detail what each means and why you should pay attention to them.

Authority matters!

Have you ever wondered what can bring your brand to the top of SERPs? Well, better domain authority and page authority can help you achieve what you wish for. Let’s delve deep into these two concepts one by one. Stay here. Keep reading!

What is domain authority?

Domain authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score that predicts a website’s ability to rank on search engine result pages. Domain authority ranges from a score of 1 to 100. The higher the score, the higher the ranking of your website. Domain authority as a concept was developed by Moz.

Domain authority can be used for comparing websites. This way it is used as a comparative metric. Domain authority is also used for tracking the strength of your website over time. It is a good indicator of the scale and quality of your site. Also, a strong domain authority can attract more organic visits to your site.

Basically, a domain authority can give you a quick insight into a domain’s value as a link. It helps you to identify the value of a site in terms of its quality. Domain authority gives you an idea of how likely a site can outperform other sites.

What is a good domain authority?

  • Domain authority score is affected by factors like external links and inbound links. For example sites with a large number of high – quality external links are at the top of the domain scale. On the other hand, small businesses and websites with fewer inbound links have lower domain authority scores. New websites, generally, start with a DA score of one.
  • But having a high DA score should not be the only goal. You can keep a track of the DA scores of your competitor websites. Using the information, you can aim to have a higher score than them. Thus, a domain authority can be best used as a comparative metric.
  • There is no specific number for good domain authority. There aren’t definite “good” or “bad” DA scores. A domain score of 55 may appear bad while a domain score of 85 may seem good. But this is not true. Having a score closer to 100 does not mean a good DA. Domain authority is more of a comparative metric.
  • Example: Suppose, all your competitors have DA scores between 40 and 50. Then, your aim should be to achieve a domain authority score between 55 and 60. This will help you have a higher ranking in search results for your website.

What is domain authority in SEO?

The concept of domain authority has gained a lot of relevance when it comes to SEO and SERPs. The higher your domain authority, the better are your chances to earn a higher search engine ranking.

It can be said that your domain authority is a good way to measure your SEO techniques and efforts. Domain Authority can help you compare the strength of your website to your competitor’s site. It will also allow you to judge the overall performance of your website.

Domain authority can be regarded as the best SEO solution. One of the points that you need to keep in mind is that you should always leverage your page authority in SEO into something efficient so that your potential customers are attracted to your website. Your page authority also has a role to play here.

How to increase domain authority of website Fast and quickly?

There are many ways through which you can increase your domain authority. Increasing your domain authority can increase the possibility of a higher ranking of your website. Do you want to increase your domain authority? Well, all you need is a good strategy.

  1. Focus on identifying a good domain name
    • You should always choose a domain name that is relevant to your website. Example: If you have a bakery shop named “Sara’s Bakers”, you can use the keyword baker or Sara’s in your domain. It should be easy to remember so that visitors don’t face difficulty returning to your site.
    • If you already have a domain, make sure to renew it for at least three to five years.
  2. Quality content is your key to ultimate growth
    • SEO is important for your domain authority. You have to write unique and quality content to achieve a good DA score. So, you have to optimize all your on-page code including your image alt tags and title tags.
    • You can use GIFs and videos to make your content more attractive. Try to keep your articles lengthy and informative. Make proper use of synonyms.
  3. Concentrate on your on-page SEO
  4. Feature high-quality links
  5. Remove all the toxic links on your site.
    • You should always go through your link profile carefully. Look out for any backlinks that have a low-reputation and have the potential to hamper your status. If you find any bad link, you should remove it immediately.
    • Get rid of toxic links that can block your growth.
  6. Your internal linking pattern should be strong.
    • Not many are aware of the fact that internal linking plays a vital role when it comes to improving your domain authority. Now, internal links direct visitors to what they are exactly trying to find. So, internal links tend to enhance their user experience.
    • Your internal links will prevent your visitors from leaving your site. With the help of internal links, they will find it easier to switch from one information to another.
    • In a nutshell, internal links make it easier for search engines to index your website.
  7. Make your website mobile-friendly.
    • Owning a mobile-friendly website is indispensable. This is because mobile searches are generally more when compared to desktop or laptop searches. This is because mobile phones are handy. If your website will be mobile-friendly, your visitors will be more satisfied.
    • Not possessing a responsive website may have a negative impact on your overall domain authority score.
  8. Build your page speed and improve your web vitals
    • Your web page speed plays a crucial role in improving your domain authority. You should always focus on improving your web page speed. It will make your user experience better. Moreover, it will also give you better sales, leads, and signups.
    • So, start building your page speed today.

Follow the above relevant points and gain command over a better domain authority. These points can, certainly, help you improve your domain authority.

Domain Authority Checker Tools

If you want to measure the domain authority of your website you can use various domain authority checker online tools. Below is a list of some popular tools:

  • MOZ domain authority checker
  • Ahref domain authority checker

If you are doing competitor analysis and want to do bulk analysis. Below are some bulk domain authority checker tools:

What is page authority?

Page authority (PA) can be described as a score that is developed by MoZ. The page authority suggests how well your page will rank on the search engine result page. The page authority score ranges from 1 to 100.

It must be noted that page authority is a comparative tool. It does not involve the notion of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ score. The page authority depends on the quality of your page’s link profile. If you gain enough strong links, your page authority may reach the level that you want.

Let’s dive deep into the concept of page authority.

What is a good page authority score?

Many people have been curious regarding the concept of good page authority. To know about a good PA score, you also need to understand what constitutes a good page. The main factors concerning page authority are the authenticity and validity of your page.

The page authority score is made up of combined metrics and each of the parts have a relevant effect on the score. Therefore, you should comprehend the fact that page authority works best as a comparative metric instead of an absolute score. It does not necessarily have a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ score.

How to increase page authority?

If you need to attract a decent amount of traffic to your web pages, it is essential to possess the best possible search engine ranking. And if you want to rank, you would be needing a better page authority.

Let’s try to understand the facts that can help you increase and improve your page authority. Please stay here:

It is important to know your competitors.

  • There can be numerous pages that are ranking higher than yours. And this is, certainly, because they have better page authority. It is very essential to figure out what they are doing to get at the top. You need to adopt similar strategies while projecting your uniqueness. You can click the top-ranked results for the keywords you want to optimize for.
  • You’ll get to learn what kind of content your competitors are using or what are their sources or how long is their content. Once, you can figure out these things, you will be able to determine what you should focus on to attain a better page authority.

Try to build links to the pages you wish to optimize.

  • Did you know, link building is the cornerstone of good SEO? It is indispensable for building a strong page authority. Try to increase the number of backlinks to your pages. You can always reach out to other websites for a backlink. You can consider adding your pages to local directories and also claim ownership for listings.
  • Another way would be to try to create popular content that people want to engage with. For instance, list articles, infographics, and videos. Try linking to reliable sources within your content. Search out for mentions of your web pages or products. You can also consider writing guest posts for other websites.

Your content is your game changer.

  • You should always focus on creating high-quality content. Your content should never be repetitive. It’s a universal fact that people want to link to such content that helps them dig deep into a specific topic in which they want proper comprehension.
  • Therefore, you should always try to come up with relevant content through which your reader can attain maximum satisfaction. The length of your content matters too. Try to keep it as detailed as possible.

Quick tips to enhance your content

  • The readability and visual appeal of your content matter. One thing that you should always keep in mind is that your website should be mobile-friendly. Try to use visuals that are informative and can make your content look interesting.
  • You should be using subheadings, bulleted or numbered lists, and break up your content to make it more scannable.
  • Try to select fonts and background colors that are pleasing to the eyes. You can also use block quotes to mark relevant points.

Also, keep promoting your content as it will provide you with a better chance to earn more links. You can always reach out to influencers and bloggers to showcase your content.

Get rid of bad links.

  • You must understand the fact that not all links can help you improve your page authority. You readers might judge you on the fact that you use bad links. So, avoid it at all costs.
  • Now, before linking to your page, any content creator will search you and your site. If they will get to learn that there are links to your site that have low-reputation, they may not give you backlinks. This way you can lose the advantages of having good links to your site.

Keep in mind the above-mentioned points and you are set to progress towards increasing your page authority. Start working on the key points today!

Page Authority Checker Tools

If you want to measure the page authority of your webpage you can use various page authority checker online tools. Below is a list of some popular tools:

If you are doing competitor analysis and want to do bulk analysis. Below are some bulk domain authority checker tools:

Page authority vs Domain authority

To compare page authority and domain authority, we first need to get an idea of ‘authority’ as a concept. Now, authority is defined as the qualitative measure of any web property that affects the property’s overall visibility and search engine rankings.

Now, when it comes to defining page authority, it can be said that it measures the ranking strength of a single page. On the other hand, a domain authority measures the ranking strength of the entire domains or subdomains. However, it must be noted that the metrics are calculated using the same methodology.

Let’s delve into both of them separately! Read on!

Different strategies related to Domain Authority

There are numerous ways that you can utilise to improve your domain authority. You must note that it is not feasible to increase your domain authority suddenly. It takes some time. Some useful tactics can help you improve your position gradually. Let’s have a quick look at them:

  • Try to create lots of high-quality content on your site. You can also try a strong internal linking structure for that.
  • You should make sure to earn multiple high-quality inbound links that should be associated with both external source authority and link relevance.
  • Make sure to remove any kind of bad links that are pointing to your website or any of your pages.

It is essential to give yourself some time as domain authority increases slowly and steadily. But once your domain authority has increased, you will gain a higher chance of ranking for relevant search queries.

Strategies related to page authority

Let’s dive into some of the ways that can influence page authority:

  • You have to make sure that the content which you select for your page is highly relevant, detailed and also 100% original.
  • Your web page should be completely functional and optimized for SEO.
  • Make sure that your page includes internal linking properly.
  • Also, you need to ensure that no bad links are pointing to your page.

Did the strategies for domain authority and page authority look similar? Well, as a matter of fact, all the rules that apply to domain authority can also be applied to page authority. It’s just that on the page authority, it is on a smaller scale.

Domain authority and page authority enjoy a mutually beneficial kind of relationship. If you build more links to your individual pages, it will raise your domain authority. And, when your domain authority rises in general, it will increase the page authority for your individual pages.

Both domain authority and page authority hold relevance but it can be said that your domain authority deserves more attention. This is because it is a long time investment. Try to build your brand overall.


To summarise, I would like to say that you should focus on both page authority and domain authority to bring your brand into the limelight. Both of them are equally relevant. After all, different parts make a complete whole. It’s time to get both your essential parts in place to build your brand and progress towards growth.

It’s time to boost your authority! Long live your authority!


  1. What is domain authority and why is it important?

    Domain authority can be considered as the most appropriate representation of search results. It can be said that there is a direct relationship between higher DA scores and better rankings. Also, domain authority is a way of measuring how well a particular website will rank on search engines. A lower DA score means that a website is weak. In a nutshell, it can be described as an authority that measures the predictive ranking strengths of domains and subdomains.

  2. What is a good domain authority?

    Domain authority is said to be scored on a scale of 1 to 100 and this involves using an algorithm that is designed by MoZ. Generally, a DA score between 40-50 is considered as average. A score between 50-60 is considered as good and above 60 it is considered to be excellent. However, it must be noted that possessing a score closer to 100 does not mean a good domain authority. You must comprehend the fact that domain authority is a comparative metric. It cannot be particularly ‘good’ or ‘bad.’

  3. What is page authority and why is it important?

    Page authority can be explained as a score that offers suggestions on how well a particular page will rank on a search engine page result. Page authority involves the data concerning one particular page. Page authority is important because a page with higher PA scores has better chances of ranking when compared to other web pages in the same arena.

  4. How do I increase page authority on my website?

    There are multiple ways to improve and increase your page authority. Some of them are learning about your competitors in a better way, creating high-quality content, getting rid of low-reputation links, building new links to the pages you are trying to optimize and many more. These factors can help you increase your page authority scores.


  1. Valuehits

    Domain Authority. Whereas Page Authority measures the predictive ranking strength of a single page, Domain Authority measures the strength of entire domains or subdomains.

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