Small Manufacturing Business Ideas in India with Low Investment

Small Manufacturing Business Ideas in India with Low Investment

Are you bitten by the entrepreneurial bug? If you are worried that your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur will never see the light of the day because you don’t have a million bucks to support it- relax.  Not every startup needs a hefty investment. In this article, we will talk about some small scale manufacturing business ideas that you can start in India with a small investment.

What is manufacturing?

Manufacturing means production- it intends to make or produce goods to sell in the market. Starting a manufacturing business means you are going to deliver products to sell in the market so that you end up earning profits.

It’s ideal to start a small manufacturing business before you move on to bigger things. This way, you can test your product without much investment and will end up minimising your losses. We have seen good growth in the manufacturing industry in recent years, and this growth is also expected to increase in the coming years.

Can Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas be profitable?

Small scale manufacturing business offers a lot of advantages compared to large scale manufacturing business. Such as:

  1. Small scale manufacturing business provides continuous raw materials to the large scale manufacturing business, which is necessary for their day to day production. It requires a constant supply, and it ensures your product is always in demand.
  2. With your efforts and proper planning, you can convert small startups into big business units as well.
  3. Small scale manufacturing businesses also play a significant role in the growth of the country’s economy by generating many employment opportunities

Why Should you Start Small Manufacturing Business Ideas that cost little to start?

It would be better if you start on a small scale and then expand it. Because when you start a medium or large scale business,  you may end up facing huge losses if the company does not turn out to be a success.

If you are ready to venture out as an entrepreneur but are having difficulties in figuring out some excellent ideas, then you are in the right place. Here we are going to provide you with some solid business ideas to start your small manufacturing business which can be done with a small investment.

Isn’t it cool, earning profits without even much investment?. The best part of all is you are going to be your boss. Who doesn’t want that? So if you’re going to learn some business ideas for starting your manufacturing business, keep reading.

New Manufacturing Business Ideas:

There is no limit as to how many business ideas for starting your business. You have to make sure which one to choose- according to your skills, knowledge, and interest. If you select a random business idea without giving it much thought then it might cause a lot of problems later in its management and functioning and also in terms of financial losses.

Small Manufacturing Business Ideas in India With Low Investment:

They are further sub-divided under two headings that are ‘home manufacturing business ideas’ and ‘food manufacturing business ideas’.

Home Manufacturing Business Ideas in India:

1 Bindi Making: Home-based Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

This is one of those businesses which require the least investment. The only thing you will need is a velvet cloth and a suitable adhesive. It is in demand among a lot of women both in rural as well as urban areas because designer bindis have replaced the old, traditional way of applying bindi by using kumkum. Bindis are available in a lot of different shapes, sizes, colours, and designs and is a very profitable business.

The project plan for Bindi manufacturing, click here.

2 Candle Making:

India is a country with a lot of different cultures, and hence, candles are needed for different occasions, festivals, and celebrations. Not to mention, frequent power cuts everywhere to ensure that candles are always in demand. This is another such low investment business in which you only require some skills and can also start it from the comfort of your home and end up making profits. This business also does not require much time to invest- you can even start it on a part-time basis.

The project plan for candle manufacturing, click here.

3 Chalk Making:

Chalk is a round shape stick which usually comes in white colour and also sometimes in other different colours. Chalks are still in demand in developing countries and all their educational institutions. It is also demanded by tailors, construction workers, and furniture makers for using it as a temporary marker while doing rough designing in their own works.

The project plan for chalk manufacturing, click here.

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4 Cotton Buds Making:

Cotton buds are necessary for people when it comes to their hygiene-related uses. It is also used for cosmetic purposes. It is in high demand because of its disposable nature. The amount of investment to be made in starting such business is low as we all know all that is required is mostly cotton, which is so cheap and also a short spindle.

The project plan for cotton buds making, click here.

5 Rubber Band Manufacturing:

This is another such business which requires very little startup capital and this even anybody can start from anywhere. A rubber band is a necessity these days both for household and official purposes.

The project plan for cotton buds making, click here.

6 Soap Manufacturing business:

This is another such necessity for both the rural as well as the urban population. Everybody takes a bath every day, and hence everybody needs soap to clean themselves. So obviously it will be demanded a lot throughout the year, and its production process is again very simple and cheap.

The project plan for cotton buds making, click here.

7 Incense Sticks Making:

Incense sticks which are known as Agarbattis in India are used a lot in the households while performing poojas and other religious and social functions. It also has antiseptic and insecticidal properties. When they are burnt, they spread fragrance all around.

8 Coconut Hair Oil Production:

It is a very low capital startup business. Hair oils are a staple in every household, especially coconut hair oil, which is used widely in India since generations. It is used both for cooking as well as for oiling our hair. It is another low-cost small scale manufacturing business idea.

9 Carton Crates Manufacturing:

This is another business that requires low investment and can also be started from home. Cartons are widely used for packaging of products, and with the advent of e-commerce, more and more packages are required for packaging. Crates are mostly used in the case of exporting business.

10 Tissue Paper Making:

Tissue papers are needed anywhere and everywhere. It is one of the trending business ideas nowadays. This again requires very little investment. Very simple machinery is needed for its production.

11 Designer Saree Making Business:

Designer sarees are always in demand among Indian women no matter where they live. Sarees are regular wear in both rural and urban areas. Saree helps you make a fashion statement, and its appeal has not faded. All this business requires is knowledge about the latest fashions and a little investment. You can source sarees from weavers and suppliers, and then make them designer by working on them.

12 Envelope Making:

You can start this business by just investing in a manual or automatic machine. Paper envelops are required in households, offices, and all the educational institutions.

13 Drinking Straw Making:

This is another such business which anybody could start with a very little investment. It is considered as a micro manufacturing opportunity.

15 Toys Making:

Toys will also be in demand as long as the human race exists. Kids love toys, so to make them happy, their demands are always met by their parents. The production process is not at all complicated and straightforward machinery, and very little investment is required.

16 Production of Packaged Drinking Water:

People care for cleanliness and hygiene these days a lot. They want every product with good quality and proper sanitation. Thus, the demand for clean and pure packaged drinking water has increased to a great extent, and it requires very little investment as well.

Small Food Manufacturing Business Ideas in India:

17 Bakery:

The bakery is one such sought after business which you can quickly start sitting at home or if possible, by taking a shop or place on rent. It would be better to start from the comfort of your home initially and later on, when you start to earn, you can always switch to a proper shop. Only things which are required for starting this business are your skills and some raw materials which will be used for baking.

18 Chocolate Making:

Who doesn’t love chocolates? I guess everyone from the younger generations to adults. Sweets are replaced these days with chocolates, and people gift more chocolates these days on festivals and other occasions for celebrations. You can arrange for the raw materials according to the taste and flavours of the chocolates you want to produce.

19 Pickles Making:

Pickle is high in demand both domestically as well as for exporting it outside the country. Indian food is incomplete without a pickle or chutney. Making pickle is quite an easy task which was taught to us by our grandmothers, and it’s going on generations after generations without fail. So you can quickly start this business from your home.

20 Fruit Juice Production:

Nowadays, fruit juices and squashes are highly in demand because no one has the time to have them fresh. Also, it may not be possible always to unpeel and have fruits when you leave home, but you can still have fruit juice on the go. Especially during summer, fruit juice helps you stay cool. People have become more health-conscious these days, so the demand for fruit juices has also increased.

21 Flour Production:

Indians cannot live without their bread. Their food is incomplete without their breads or chappatis. So the flour production business will be a massive success because of its high demand. This business can also be started on a small scale with simple machinery. Only milling of the food grains is required.

22 Dalia Production:

This production doesn’t need any significant licensing to start. Nutritional and ready to eat foods are in huge demand these days. Dalia does not require much time or effort in cooking, so it has become a popular food among those who have 9-5 jobs. Its production is also quite simple, with very simple machinery.

23 Biscuit Making:

Although there are a lot of automatic biscuit-making plants of large capacity, people still like to buy biscuits from the bakery as they are much cheaper and even tastier and are available in large varieties. A very little investment is again required to start this business.

24 Production of Condensed Milk:

The only thing necessary to invest in this business is milk. Condensed milk, which is sweetened has an excellent market opportunity both in domestic as well as international markets. Anyone can start this business with substantial capital investment.

25 Pappad/Potato Chips Making:

Pappad is a thin wafer-like product which is traditionally eaten in India with other food items. It is either fried or roasted. Since it is so crunchy and tasty, hence it is demanded by all. Same is the case with potato chips. Who doesn’t loves them?. It is another profitable business idea for small scale manufacturing, which requires very little investment.

26 Noodles/Pasta Making:

There is a massive demand for these two products among the youth these days. The production process is also quite cheap and straightforward, requiring little investment and minimal skills. The expansion of the foodservice sector, exceptionally fast foods, has to lead to an increase in the demand for pasta and noodles.

27 Sugar Candy Manufacturing:

This is another item which is always in demand among children. Candies are available in a lot of variety and flavours, and you can make them with a straightforward, easy and cheap production process. You can see candies being available in orange, pineapple, strawberry, mango, mint, and many other flavours. It is a trendy and profitable food processing business idea.

28 Rice Mills:


If you are planning to start a small scale manufacturing business, then you can choose an idea from the ones we listed. These businesses are easy to start and require a small investment. Pick a business idea according to your knowledge, interest, skills and also the availability of raw materials in your area relating to the business you are planning to start.

Also, do not forget to take note of the demand for product manufacturing which you are going to start because at the end it is only the profits that motivate everybody to work further. So go ahead with it without wasting any more time. We wish you all the best for your entrepreneurial venture. !!!!

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